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USS Arizona Casualty List

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    FALLIS, Alvin E. PHM2c USN California
    FANSLER, Edgar Arthur S1c USN Oklahoma
    FARMER, John Wilson COX USN Tennessee
    FEGURGUR, Nicolas San Nicolas MATT2c USN Guam
    FESS, John Junior F1c USN California
    FIELDS, Bernard RM3c USNR
    FIELDS, Reliford MATT2c USN Florida
    FIFE, Ralph Elmer S1c USN California
    FILKINS, George Arthur COX USN Minnesota
    FINCHER, Allen Brady ACK USMC Texas
    FINCHER, Dexter Wilson SGT USMC Oregon
    FINLEY, Woodrow Wilson PFC USMC Tennessee
    FIRTH, Henry Amis F3c USN
    FISCHER, Leslie Henry S1c USN Washington
    FISHER, Delbert Ray S1c USN Wyoming
    FISHER, James Anderson MATT1c USN Virginia
    FISHER, Robert Ray S2c USN California
    FISK, Charles Porter III Y1c USN California
    FITCH, Simon MATT1c USN Texas
    FIRZGERALD, Kent Blake PVT USMC Utah
    FITZSIMMONS, Eugene James F3c USN Illinois
    FLANNERY, James Lowell SK3c USN Ohio
    FLEETWOOD, Donald Eugene PFC USMC Iowa
    FLOEGE, Frank Norman MUS2c USN Illinois
    FLORY, Max Edward S2c USN Indiana
    FONES, George Everett FC3c USN Washington
    FORD, Jack C. S1c USN California
    FORD, William Walker EM3c USN Kentucky
    FOREMAN, Elmer Lee F2c USN Indiana
    FORTENBERRY, Alvie Charles COX USN Mississippi
    FOWLER, George Parten S2c USN Texas
    FOX, Daniel Russell LTCOL USMC California
    FRANK, Leroy George S1c USN Arkansas
    FREDERICK, Charles Donald EM2c USN Louisiana
    FREE, Thomas Augusta MM1c USN Texas
    FREE, William Thomas S2c USN Texas
    FRENCH, John Edmund LCDR USN Washington, D.C.
    FRIZZELL, Robert Niven S2c USN Alabama
    FULTON, Robert Wilson AMSMTH1c USN Missouri
    FUNK, Frank Francis BM2c USN Missouri
    FUNK, Lawrence Henry S1c USN Wisconsin

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