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USS Arizona Casualty List

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    AARON, Hubert Charles Titus F2c USN Arkansas
    ABERCROMBIE, Samuel Adolphus S1c USN Texas
    ADAMS, Robert Franklin S1c USN Alabama
    ADKISON, James Dillion S1c USN Texas
    AGUIRRE, Reyner Aceves S2c USN
    AGUON, Gregorio San N. MATT1c USN Guam
    AHERN, Richard James F1c USN California
    ALBEROVSKY, Francis Severin BMKR1c USN California
    ALBRIGHT, Galen Winston S1c USN Indiana
    ALEXANDER, Elvis Author S2c USN Arkansas
    ALLEN, Robert Lee SF3c USN Texas
    ALLEN, William Clayborn EM1c USN California
    ALLEN, William Lewis SK2c USNR Texas
    ALLEY, Jay Edgar GM1c USN
    ALLISON, Andrew K. F1c USN Missouri
    ALLISON, J. T. F1c USN
    ALTEN, Ernest Mathew S2c USN California
    AMON, Frederick Purdy S1c USN
    ANDERSON, Charles Titus CM2c USN California
    ANDERSON, Delbert Jake BM2c USN Minnesota
    ANDERSON, Donald William SM3c USN
    ANDERSON, Harry S1c USN California
    ANDERSON, Howard Taisey F1c USN Maryland
    ANDERSON, James Pickins Jr. S1c USN
    ANDERSON, Lawrence Donald ENS USNR
    ANDERSON, Robert Adair GM3c USN Missouri
    ANDREWS, Brainerd Wells CCMP USN Vermont
    ANGLE, Earnest Hersea F2c USN West Virginia
    ANTHONY, Glenn Samuel S1c USN California
    APLIN, James Raymond CWTP USN California
    APPLE, Robert William F1c USN Illinois
    APREA, Frank Anthony COX USN
    ARLEDGE, Eston SM2c USN Louisiana
    ARNAUD, Achilles F3c USN Louisiana
    ARNEBERG, William Robert F2c USN
    ARNOLD, Claude Duran Jr. F3c USN Louisiana
    ARNOLD, Thell SC1c USN Arkansas
    ARRANT, John Anderson MM1c USN Florida
    ARVIDSON, Carl Harry CMMP USN Washington
    ASHMORE, Wilburn James S2c USN Louisiana
    ATCHISON, John Calvin PVT USMC Missouri
    ATKINS, Gerald Arthur HA1c USN Nebraska
    AUSTIN, Laverne Alfred S1c USN New York
    AUTRY, Eligah T. Jr. COX USN Arkansas
    AVES, Willard Charles F2c USN
    AYDELL, Miller Xavier WT2c USN Louisiana
    AYERS, Dee Cumpie S2c USN

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