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World War I Casualty Lists - May 13, 1918

Gen. Pershing Reports 38 Missing in Action, The Largest Total Listed on Any Single Day

Washington, May 13. - The War Department today made public a list of 96 casualties in the American army abroad, bringing the total from the beginning to 5,489. The list contains the names of 38 missing in action, making the net total missing in action 124 men. This is the largest number of missing given out in one day, and is interpreted as meaning that the department is feeding into the daily casualty list the names of men whom the Germans profess to have taken prisoner in the recent battle at Seicheprey.

The department also announced today that Captain R. M. Deming of Balston Spa, N.Y., previously reported as missing, was now reported as a prisoner. The names of three other commissioned officers appear in the list. Lieutenant Guy Raymond Forbes of Minneapolis died of disease. Lieutenant Walter T. O'Donohue of Hartford was wounded slightly. Lieutenant Joseph P. Burke of Pittston, Penn., is missing in action.

Summary of Army Casualties to Date

May 13
Killed in action ..............................451 10 451
Killed by accident ............................231 2 233
Died of disease ...............................1,036 5 1,036
Lost at sea ...................................238 0 238
Died of wounds ................................159 9 168
Gas and other causes ..........................64 1 65
Civilians .....................................7 0 7
Killed or prisoner ............................1 0 1
   Total Deaths ............................2,172272,199
Wounded .......................................3,075313,106
Captured .......................................590*60
Missing .......................................8738*124
   Grand Total ............................5,393965,489

* Captain R. M. Deming, previously reported missing, now reported prisoner; involving shift of one from Missing to Prisoner column, without shanging the grand total.

Army Casualties Reported May 13.

Army casualties reported today, including next of kin and emergency addresses, are as follows:

Killed In Action - - 10


Cotter, Martin; Mrs. Catherine Cotter, 3,627 Sheffield Av., Chicago.
Sagle, Lewis W.; Mrs. Mertle Allwood, 11 Madison St., Zanesville, Ohio.


Clark, Clyde; Mrs. Sarah Clark, R.F.D. 19, Atlanta, Ind.


Koth, Christ; John Koth, Hersey, Wis.


Bailey, Albert G.; W. L. Bailey, Arvilla, N.D.
Brady, Philip H.; Miss Mary Brady, 1,330 State St., New Haven, Conn.
Dalton, Leonard Leo; Sadie Dalton, 399 Suydam St., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Forrester, John W.; G. B. Forrester, Mountain City, Tenn.
Kreck, Cyril; Mrs. Fannie Kreck, 414 East 86th St., New York.
Miller, Elmer D.; Mrs. Phillip Lettenville, 230 West Penn St., Hoopston, Ill.

Died of Wounds - - 9


Rhodes, William C.; George Rhodes, 1,321 McCullock St., Wheeling, W. Va.
Tierney, James J.; Mrs. M. E. Tierney, 14 Central Av., Chelsea, Mass.


Dickson, Arthur Vivian; George Winston Fickson, 2d Hill, New Milford, Conn.
Leblanc, Edmond; John Marie Leblanc, 96 Lock St., Nashua, N.H.
Murphy, John W.; Mrs. C. A. Murphy, 6 Alden Place, Jamaica Plain, Mass.
Ort, John A.; Joseph Ort, 1,306 3d St., Omaha, Neb.
Schuster, Sol; Isadore Schuster, Afton, Wyo.
Sitteletta, John; Dominick Sitteletta, 305 Oradell Av., Endicott, N.Y.
Toothman, Kenneth R.; Mrs. Delstia Toothman, Apple Alley, Cumberland, Md.

Died of Disease - - 5


Forbes, Goy Raymond; Mrs. Grace Swift Forbes, 2,941 Pleasant Av., Minneapolis, Minn.


O'Rourke, Victor Hugh; Mrs. Fannie Easter O'Rourke, Mountain Dale, Ore.


Davis, Paul C.; Andrew Davis, Elk River, Minn.
Dukes, Green; Idel Johnson, R.F.D. 1, Campton, Ga.
Gullo, Sam; Mrs. Carmela Gullo, Linguaglossa, Cantania, Italy.

Died of Accident - - 2


Black, Henry G.; Mrs. Isabella Black, Montezuma, Col.
Kubicki, Alojzy; Mrs. Lucia Wocichska, 25 Warsaw Av., Manchester, N.H.

Died - Other Cause - - 1


Renaud, Pierre P.; Miss Regina Renaud, Fall River, Mass.

Wounded Severely - - 12


Johnson, John I.; Mrs. E. T. Johnson, Preston, Kan.
Nugent, Francis; Mike Nugent, Box 7, Washburn, Iowa.


Allen, Paul; R. E. Allen, 81 Rodney St., Worcester, Mass.
Carroll, Thomas A.; James J. Carroll, 531 Carmalt St., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Stack, Thomas N.; T. N. Stack, Still River, Conn.


Castle, Tira N.; A. B. Castle, Alger, Ohio.
Hardy, Walter W.; John Hardy, 435 East 34th St., New York.
Knight, Grady W.; Mrs. Anna Knight, Oglethorpe, Ga.
McAuley, Samuel A.; B. W. McAuley, 59 West St., Windsor Locks, Conn.
Mich, Sam; Charles L. Mich, care Soo Line Railway, Sawyer, N.D.
Mitchell, Charles W.; Mathew C. Mitchell, 1,103 Sheridan St., Holdrege, Neb.
Reinhardt, Carl; Anna Mintz, 400 Konton Av., Detroit, Mich.

Wounded Slightly - - 19


O'Donohue, Walter T.; Mrs. M. O'Donohue, 87 Hawthorn St., Hartford, Conn.


Peters, Newton; A. Peters, R.F.D. 8, Elyria, Ohio


Miller, Tracy; Mrs. Martha Miller, 9 Butler Av., Ticonderoga, N.Y.


Lasky, Edwin J.; Mary J. Lasky, 263 Spruce St., Manchester, N.H.


Bartles, William; John M. Bartles, Waterloo, Ohio.
Clymer, Gale B.; E. M. Clymer, Rawson, Ohio.
Cole, Thomas W.; Mrs. Etta A. Tarr, Howard St., Springvale, Mo.
Guenther, William L.; Oscar F. Guenther, Lisbon Falls, Me.
Hanlin, Wilfred R.; Ozlas Hanlin, 21 Carter St., Chelsea, Mass.
Hendrickson, Benj. H.; Miss Agnes Hendrickson, Scranton Av., Valley Stream, N.Y.
Hyam, Clinton C.; Philip H. Hyam, 61 Gregory St., Marblehead, Mass.
Inskeep, Victor B.; Mrs. Mary Inskeep, R.R. 2, East Liberty, Ohio.
Kelley, Vincent L.; Mrs. Mary Kelley, 2 Pine St., Mayhard, Mass.
Ketchum, Victor H.; John C. Ketchum, 25 Tremont St., Penacook, N.H.
Kristof, James E., Mike Kristof, 219 Reeb Av., Columbus, Ohio.
Leach, Herbert; Albert Leach, 968 Columbus Av., Columbus, Ohio.
Maxwell, William A.; Mrs. Hattie Lowrey, 28 Federal St., Brunswick, Me.
Roix, Leo L.; Mrs. Michael Roix, Limestone, Me.
Wolf, Harry D.; Mrs. Margaret Wolf, 159 East Mount St., Circleville, Ohio.

Missing in Action - - 38


Burke, Joseph P.; Oliver B. Burke, 39 South Main St., Pittston, Penn.


Smith, Frank L.; Mrs. R. I. Smith, 21 South Av., Revere, Mass.
Tucker, Harold W., Z. R. Tucker, 6 Villa Av., Providence, R.I.


Carlson, Melvin R.; Martin Carlson, 55 Paul Gore St., Jamaica Plain, Mass.
Damon, Franklin J.; Mrs. A. N. Damon, 43 St. Stephen's St., Boston.
Lee, Eric A.; George Lee, 189 Massachusetts Av., Providence, R.I.
Woods, Henry E.; William O'Brien, 224 West 16th St., New York.


Waters, Nelson F.; Mrs. Amanda Waters, 1,238 Dixwell Av., New Haven, Conn.


Bardinella, Tony; Joseph Bardinella, Portland St., Middletown, Conn.
Barnes, Percival; Miles Barnes, 604 2d Av., West Haven, Conn.
Butler, Frank; Alfred Butler, 245 Shelton Av., New Haven, Conn.
Cardell, William S.; Mrs. Mary Cardell, 19 Homestead Av., Cranston, R.I.
Charrette, Clyde D.; Dr. H. A. Sintor, South Deerfield, Mass.
Collins, Elijah C.; R. F. Collins, Warwick, R.I.
Daly, Frank; Mrs. H. E. Daly, 66 Garfield St., Hyde Park, Mass.
Decsi, Albert; Paul E. Desci (sic), 812 Putnam Av., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Elliott, Oliver T.; Oliver C. Elliott, 17 Davis St., Boston, Mass.
Fortin, George N.; William O. Fortin, 433 Dexter St., Central Falls, R.I.
Gagnon, Antoine; Antoine Gagnon, 4 Manschausen Av., Nristol, Conn.
Garand, Albert; Mrs. L. Paro, 29 Maple St., St. Johnsbury, Vt.
Gillespie, Frank; J. N. Gillespie, 683 Columbia Road, Dorchester, Mass.
Goodwin, James I.; Henry Goodwin, 201 Vine St., Everett, Mass.
Hager, Fred; John Hager, R.F.D. 2, Prospect, Conn.
Hall, Fred; Leon M. Hall, 84 Hyland Av., Middletown, Conn.
Hall, Herbert; Mrs. H. D. Hall, Guilford, Conn.
Heon, Arthur P.; Napoleon Heon, 10 Rairoad St., St. Johnsbury, Vt.
Hier, William R.; George W. Hier, Box 158 Bristol, Vt.
Litchfield, Lloyd W.; Lamont Litchfield, 3 Coulton Park, Needham, Mass.
McDermott, Michael J.; Margaret McDermott, 18 Rosett St., New Haven, Conn.
Mielewski, Eugene C.; John Mielewski, 18 Eden St., Providence, R.I.
Moreau, Hermand F.; Mrs. O. Moreau, 34 Cabot St., Providence, R.I.
Penda, Anthony L.; Michael Penda, 97 South Elm St., Bristol, Conn.
Quinn, William L.; Martin L. Quinn, 47 Hillside Av., Swampscott, Mass.
Rodgers, Earl C.; Samuel Rodgers, Danville, Vt.
Rowe, Dascomb P.; E. L. Rowe, Barnot, Vt.
Sutcliffe, Frank; Joseph Sutcliffe, Fair Haven, Mass.
Wall, Patrick; Miss Bessie Wall, 25 Stevens St., New Haven, Conn.
Woods, Ezra; Mrs. Carey Woods, R.F.D. 1, New Milford, Conn.

Prisoner, Previously Reported Missing


Deming, R. M.; Mrs. J. Henry Deming, 80 West High St., Baliston Spa, N.Y.

Source: NY Times, May 14, 1918

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