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USS Maine Casualties and Survivors - February 15, 1898

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    List of those on board of USS Maine, when that vessel was wrecked in the harbor of Havana on February 15, 1898.

    Last NameFirst NameRankBranchCasualty / Survivor
    SaffordClarence E.gunner's mate, first classNavyCasualty
    SalminMichael E.ordinary seamanNavyCasualty
    SchoenJosephcorporalMarine CorpsCasualty
    SchroederAugustordinary seamanNavyCasualty
    Schwartz?ship's cook, first classNavySurvived
    ScottCharles A.carpenter's mate, second classNavyCasualty
    ScullyJosephboiler makerNavyCasualty
    SeeryJosephfireman, first classNavyCasualty
    SellersWalter S.apothecaryNavyCasualty
    SheaJeremiahcoal passerNavySurvived
    SheaJohn J.coal passerNavyCasualty
    SheaPatrick J.fireman, first classNavyCasualty
    SheridanOwenfireman, second classNavyCasualty
    ShillingtonJohn H.yeoman, third classNavyCasualty
    SigsbeeCharles D.Capt., commandingNavySurvived
    SimmonsAlfredcoal passerNavyCasualty
    SmithCarl A.seamanNavyCasualty
    SmithNicholas J.apprentice, first classNavyCasualty
    StockH.E.privateMarine CorpsCasualty
    StrongmanJamesprivateMarine CorpsCasualty
    SugisakiIsawardroom stewardNavyCasualty
    SumanE.B.privateMarine CorpsCasualty
    SuttonFrankfireman, second classNavyCasualty
    SuzukiKashitaramess attendantNavyCasualty

    Source = Appendix to the Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Navigation, 1898 (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1898).

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