Roster of the First Regiment Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry

The following roster has been extracted from the publication "History of The First Regiment of Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry in the Great War of the Rebellion," by W. R. Carter, Company C, published 1902, Gaut-Ogden., Printers and Binders.

The First Regiment Tennessee Cavalry (Union) was originally organized in March, 1862 as the Fourth Regiment Tennessee Volunteers by Colonel Robert Johnson of Greenville at Camp Garber, KY, mounted and equipped for cavalry service in November, 1852, mustered as the First Tennessee Cavalry for a servie of 3 years, and mustered out at Nashville Tennessee, April and June, 1865.   Men were principally from counties of Bradley, Knox, Union, Grainger, Jefferson, Greene, Hawkins, and Hancock.

The Regiment consisted of 82 commissioned officers and 1.370 men.   Of these officers and men, 65 were killed or died of wounds received in battle, 238 died of disease, 15 died in captivity, 29 were transferred out, 56 deserted, 43 were discharged for wounds and other reasons, and 4 were killed accidentally or by suicide.

The command structure for the First Regiment consisted of the following:


  • COLONEL ROBERT JOHNSON. Enrolled Feb. 28, 1862. Resigned on account of ill health May 31, 1863, at Triune, Tenn. After resigning he went to Nashville, where for a short time he assisted his father, who was then Governor of Tennessee. He was a kind officer and good to his men. Died at Greeneville, Tenn., April 22, 1869.

  • BREVET BRIGADIER-GENERAL JAMES P. BROWNLOW. Enrolled April 1, 1862. Elected Captain of Company C at its organization. Elected Lieutenant-Colonel Aug. 1, 1862. Promoted to Colonel on the resignation of Colonel Johnson. Captured at Fairgarden, Tenn., Jan. 27, 1864; made his escape soon after and rejoined the regiment. Led the First Brigade from the disastrous field near Newnan, Ga., July 30, 1864, after the separation of General Croxton from his command. Severely wounded at Franklin, Tenn., Sept 2, 1864. Was appointed Brigadier-General by brevet by President Lincoln March 13, 1865. This promotion was for gallantry and meritorious service during the war. Was present and mustered out with the regiment, his time having expired. Appointed Captain in the Eighth United States Cavalry, July, 1866. Resigned in March, 1868. Died at Knoxville, Tenn., April 27, 1878.

  • LIUEUTENANT-COLONEL. C. M. DYER. Enrolled July 12, 1862. Elected Lieutenant Company H, July 12, 1862. Promoted to Major, Aug. 4, 1863 ; Lieutenant-Colonel, Sept. 19, 1864. Commanded the regiment after Colonel Brownlow was wounded at Franklin, until it returned to Nashville to be mustered out. He was killed by a colored soldier in Knoxville, Tenn., Feb. 13, 1866. Colonel Dyer was attending a sale of government property and on entering the building was shot dead by the soldier who was on guard. His only excuse for the dastardly act was that a white officer resembling Colonel Dyer, he claimed, had offended him. The culprit was captured by Colonel Dyer's friends shortly afterward and hung.

  • MAJOR JAMES O. BERRY. Enrolled April 15, 1862. Appointed Adjutant of the regiment April, 1862. Promoted to Major May 15, 1862. Resigned Jan. 6, 1863. Address, Denton, Texas.

  • MAJOR M. T. BURKHEART. Enrolled April 1, 1862. Elected First Lieutenant Company C at its organization. Promoted to Captain August, 1, 1862; to Major, Nov. 1, 1862. Resigned Aug. 4, 1863. Died April 11, 1902.

  • MAJOR W. R. TRACY. Enrolled Oct. 12, 1862. Elected Major Nov., 1862. Resigned June 22, 1863.

  • MAJOR ABRAHAM HAMMOND. Enrolled Aug. 6, 1862. Elected Captain Company I at its organization. Promoted to Major May 21, 1863. Resigned June 22, 1863. Address, Indianola, Neb.

  • MAJOR RUSSELL THORNBURGH. Enrolled Aug., 1862. Elected Lieutenant Company K. Promoted to Major Aug. 5, 1863. Wounded in right arm at Dandridge, Tenn., Dec. 24, 1863. Was the ranking officer left on the muster-out of the regiment, and commanded the recruits until the final muster-out in June, 1865. Died in 1899.

  • MAJOR H. C. FLAGG. Enrolled April 1, 1862. Elected Captain Company E at its organization. Promoted to Major Aug. 6, 1863. Address, Whitesburg, Tenn.

  • MAJOR BURTON SMITH. Enrolled Aug. 1, 1862. Elected Captain Company K at its organization. Promoted to Major Sept. 22, 1864. Died at Red Clay, Ga., June 29, 1888. Widow's address, Sherman Heights, Tenn.

  • P. W. LOGAN. Appointed Surgeon by Colonel Johnson April, 1862. Resigned Dec. 29, 1862. Address, Milledgeville, Ky.

  • FIRST ASSISTANT A. J. TAYLOR. Enrolled 1862. Resigned, date unknown. Died in 1902.

  • SECOND ASSISTANT JNO. T. JONES. Enrolled Nov. 1, 1862. Appointed First Assistant Surgeon on resignation of Taylor; Surgeon, on resignation of Dr. Logan. Died at Nashville, Tenn., 1885.

  • SECOND ASSISTANT JAS. H. JONES. Enrolled Nov 1, 1862. Appointed Second Assistant Surgeon on resignation of John S. Jones. Resigned June 22, 1863. Address, New Albany, Ind.

  • W. F. GREEN. Enrolled Aug. 15, 1863. Elected Surgeon in Sept., 1863. Business address, No. 3 Noel Block, Nashville, Tenn.

  • FIRST ASSISTANT JOHN L. REED. Enrolled March 30, 1863. Appointed First Assistant Surgeon in 1863. Died at Content, Texas, date unknown.

  • SECOND ASSISTANT W. T. RANKIN. Enrolled Nov. 1, 1862. Appointed Second Assistant Surgeon Nov., 1863. Resigned on account of ill health Feb. 18, 1865. Died at his home in Jefferson County, Tenn., date unknown.

  • CHAPLAIN JOHN P. HOLTSINGER. Enrolled Aug., 1862. Elected by the officers of the regiment and mustered as Chaplain, with rank of Captain. He was the first Chaplain of the regiment and held that position until final muster-out. He was a Cumberland Presbyterian minister, and was from Greeneville, Tenn. Was a brave man and a true Christian of the highest order - the idol of his men. Died at his home near Greeneville, Tenn., Oct. 26, 1875. The survivors of the regiment have erected a beautiful monument to his memory.

  • ADJUTANT JAMES O. BERRY. Enrolled April 15, 1862. See Field and Staff.

  • ADJUTANT JOHN HALL. Enrolled April, 1862. Appointed Adjutant May, 1862. Resigned on account of ill health, date unknown. Afterwards joined the navy and was lost at sea; no record of date or place.

  • ADJUTANT JAMES BUNCH. Enrolled 1862. Appointed Adjutant. Resigned a short time after his appointment; no record of date.

  • ADJUTANT CHAS. H. BENTLEY. Enrolled Nov. 1, 1862. Appointed Adjutant Nov. 4, 1862. Resigned July 18, 1863. Died since close of war; date unknown.

  • ADJUTANT JOHN M. HARRIS. Enlisted Nov. 1, 1862, as private in Company C. Appointed Adjutant on the resignation of Chas. H. Bentley. Was final adjutant of the regiment. Was severely wounded at Rigg's Cross Roads, Tenn., April 16, 1863. In this engagement he received three wounds. The one in the right lung was considered mortal, but with careful nursing and a strong constitution he recovered. Address, Fountain City, Tenn.

  • QUARTERMASTER ROBERT HOWELL. Enrolled April 1, 1862. Appointed Quartermaster by Colonel Johnson at Flat Lick, Ky., in April, 1862. Accidentally killed at Portland, O., by being thrown from a buggy as the regiment was on its way to Camp Dennison to be mounted; date unknown.

  • QUARTERMASTER JOHN H. JAMES. Enlisted Nov. 6, 1862, as private in Company F. Promoted to First Lieutenant and regimental Quartermaster, Nov. 7, 1862. Discharged July 25, 1864, to accept promotion in the Quartermaster s Department at Nashville, Tenn.

  • QUARTERMASTER E. D. FILLMORE. Enrolled July 26, 1864. Appointed Quartermaster to fill the vacancy caused by the discharge of Lieutenant James. Address, Au Sable Forks, N. Y.

  • COMMISSARY I. B. SELF. Enlisted July 14, 1862, as private in Company I. Promoted to Lieutenant and Commissary of Subsistence Jan. 6, 1863. Severely wounded at Franklin, Tenn., Sept. 2, 1864. Address, Bakersfield, Cal.

  • SERGEANT-MAJOR M. C. WILLIAMS. Appointed Sergeant-Major in 1862. Promoted to Second Lieutenant Company G in Nov., 1864. See roster of Company G.

  • SERGEANT-MAJOR FRANK HYBARGER. Enlisted Aug. 1, 1862, as private in Company I. Appointed Sergeant-Major to fill place made vacant by the promotion of M. C. Williams. Died at his home in 1897.

  • QUARTERMASTER-SERGEANT DANIEL S. Fox. Enlisted March i1, 1862, as private in Company F. Appointed Quartermaster-Sergeant March, 1863. Promoted to Second Lieutenant Company B, 1863; to First Lieutenant Nov. 1, 1864. See roster Company B.

  • QUARTERMASTER-SERGEANT GEO. ARMITAGE. Enlisted Dec. 8, 1862, as private in Company I. Appointed Quartermaster- Sergeant to fill place made vacant by the promotion of D. S. Fox. Address, Albany, Tenn.

  • OLIVER O NEAL. Enlisted April 15, 1862, as private in Company D. Appointed Hospital Steward Nov. 1, 1862. Address, Bybee, Tenn.

  • S. H. HENDRIX. Enlisted Nov. 1, 1862, as private in Company L. Appointed Hospital Steward Aug. 4, 1863. Captured on the McCook raid, July 31, 1864. Confined in nearly all of the Southern prisons; exchanged the following spring. Address, Watauga, Tenn.

  • W. F. SELF. Enlisted Dec. 1, 1862, as private in Company I. Appointed Assistant Commissary Sergeant; no record of date. Address, Greeneville, Tenn.

  • JULIAS E. THOMAS. Enlisted March i, 1862, as private in Company F. Appointed Chief Bugler Nov. 1, 1862. Address, Stratford, Conn.

  • W. P. LIFORD. Enlisted July 29, 1862, as private in Company G. Appointed Saddle Sergeant in 1863. Address, Stinesville, Ind.


  • W. J. BISE. Enlisted April 1, 1862, as private in Company C. Appointed Wagonmaster Nov. 1, 1862. Died at Strawberry Plains, Tenn., Oct. 7, 1886.

  • D. A. BROOKS. Enlisted April 1, 1863, as private in Company C. Appointed regimental Postmaster in 1863. Address, Smithwood, Tenn.

    Company Commanders


      • Captain Charles L. Barton
      • First Lieutenant John H. Trent
      • Second Lieutenant Moses Wiley


      • Captain Richard M. Baldwin
      • First Lieutenant Gideon Wolf
      • Second Lieutenant George Odom


      • Captain James P. Brownlow
      • First Lieutenant Morgan T. Burkhart
      • Second Lieutenant Elbert J. Cannon


      • Captain Alfred J. Lane
      • First Lieutenant W. R. Willoughby
      • Second Lieutenant George W. Cox


      • Captain Henry G. Flagg
      • First Lieutenant Charles H. Burdick
      • Second Lieutenant William Thurman


      • Captain Thomas J. Capps
      • First Lieutenant Robert A. Wooten
      • Second Lieutenant John A. Gray


      • Captain John A. Gray (promoted from second lieutenant Company F to captain Company H)
      • First Lieutenant Calvin M. Dyer
      • Second Lieutenant Edward Simpson

Company Rosters

Company rosters can be viewed by clicking on appropriate page numbers below:

Page #Company / Surnames in order they appear, not in alphabetical order
Page 01Company A / Barton, Hunter, Trent, Wilay, Wolf, Brooks, Fowler, Brooks, Gibson, Trent, Smith, Williams, Goins, Ferguson, Owens, Collins, Collins, Collins, Nichols, Anderson
Page 02Company A / Arnold, Berry, Bean, Bellamy, Biggs, Blakely, Brown, Bruner, Bussick, Butcher, Campbell, Chittum, Collins, Dezearn, Dooley, Dudley, Fields
Page 03Company A / Fields, Frost, Goodman, Goins, Hensley, Hill, James, Johnson, Jones, Long, Martin, Maxey, Minton, Muncery, Munday, Owens
Page 04Company A / Payne, Pearson, Pratt, Pulliam, Rednours, Rice, Roberson, Roberts, Robinson, Shiflet, Simpson, Smith, Snider, Yempleton, Trent, Tyfle, Ward
Page 05Company A / Ward, Williams
Page 05Company B / Baldwin, Barner, Wolf, Brooks, Wolf, Turnmire, Mathis, Henry, mathis, Hopkins, Trent, Wolf
Page 06Company B / Sutton, Marsh, Stubblefield, Seal, Allen, Hopkins, Henry, Lawson, Montgomery, Winegar, Antrickson, Bates, Bare, Bell, Booth, Black, Bray, Clarkson, Comer
Page 07Company B / Cook, Dotson, Dooley, Fugate, Gill, Gibbs, Gipson, Green, Hammons, Hatfield, Heart, Hicks, Jackson, Jarvis, Kyle, Lawson, Lee, Long, McGhee, McCamey, Maise, Mannon, Manis
Page 08Company B / Marsh, Mason, Males, Mayes, Montgomery, Riley, Russell, Seal, Stevenson, Stubblefield, Trent, Vansel, Vick, Wolf, Weir
Page 09Company C / Brownlow, Burkheart, Cannon, Lones, Roberts, Smith, Peters, Skeen, Dyer, Clapp, Adair, Carter, Miller, Storm, Geasland, Snodderly
Page 10Company C / Witt, Davis, Chanaberry, Grubb, Parham, Miller, York, Skeen, Carmichael, Potter, Major, Miller, Adair, Baysinger
Page 11Company C / Bell, Beal, Bise, Blain, Bradley, Brooks, Butler, Campbell, Cannon, Cardwell, Carmichael, Carson, Carter, Carmichael, Carnes, Chambless, Cox, Davault, Dodd, Dunnigan, Elkins
Page 12Company C / Elkins, Farrow, Foust, Franklin, Gallion, Gault, Harris, Haun, Heddon, Henderson, Henry, Hixon, Hickey, Hodge, Hooker, Ingram, James, Jett, Johnson, Jones, Kirk, Lones
Page 13Company C / Larimore, McCarty, McClanahan, McDonald, Merritt, Miller, Mincey, Mitchell, Monday, Neal, Newman, Peay, Roberts, Riggs, Ritchie, Robinson, Ryan, Skeen, Sherrod, Sheppard, Smith, Spoon, Sterling, Story
Page 14Company C / Swaim, Tharp, Thornhill, Trout, Vandegriff, Walker, West White, Whitehead, Wilds, Witt, Wolfinbarger, Wyrick
Page 14Company D / Lane, Willoughby, Cox
Page 15Company D / Gahagan, Tweed, Davis, Harbour, Sinard, Meyers, Lee, Doud, Witt, Evans, Horner, Nichols, Cook, Pangle, Trobaugh, Henderson, Wells, Hale, Haun, Beckner, Cortney, Hill, Wampler, Bull, Willoughby
Page 16Company D / Solomon, Arnold, Bales, Berry, Branson, Brewer, Brown, Brooks, Bunch, Burchwell, Burge, Campbell, Carter, Chandler, Coffee, Cox
Page 17Company D / Cox, Dawson, Davins, Day, Dean, Dyer, Davins, Earls, Everhart, English, Franklin, Fry, Givins, Gooden, Griffin, Hale, Harbour, Haun, Hays, Henderson, Hendrix, Hensley, Hill, Holder
Page 18Company D / Hughes, Kirkpatrick, Lady, Lowrey, Legg, Maloney, Manis, Marshall, Maze, Mosier, Morelock, O'Neal, Pickering, Read, Rednours, Riccle, Robertson, Rose
Page 19Company D / Rush, Sweeny, Shannon, Shelton, Short, Solomon, Stanesberry, Staples, Talley, Thompson, Turner, Tweed, Wallace, Williams, Witt, Wright
Page 19Company E / Flagg, Burdick, Thurman, Henry
Page 20Company E / Sanderss, Linkous, Arnold, Wallace, Beal, Edens, Bray, Ripley, Beal, Dooley, Peters, Davis, Bigley, Henderson, Thomas, Carr, Thacker, Mabe, Reynolds, Bailey, Schrade
Page 21Company E / Roouse, Carey, Cattern, Arrington, Anderson, Bacon, Baldwin, Barnard, Beal, Berry, Biggs, Bolin, Brenton, Brooks, Campbell, Caraway, Catron, Chester, Clerges, Cooper, Culverson, DeBoard
Page 22Company E / Dempsey, Denard, Edens, England, Fields, Fisher, Finchman, Flenor, Fletcher, Franklin, French, Gilbert, Glascow, Goins, Gross, Harless, Hawkins, Heard, Howe, Howard
Page 23Company E / Johnson, Jones, Kersey, Leewis, McNeally, Mannis, Moore, Newman, Ottinger, Owens, Palmer, Rainwater, Reynolds, Rouse, Sailor, Scarlett, Shanks, Silvius, Smidney, Solomon, Sizemore, Smelser, Smith, Stapleton
Page 24Company E / Tackett, Thurman, Underwood, Vaughn, Watts, Wallace, Wells, White, Williams, Willisford, Winchester
Page 24Company F / Capps, Blount, Wooten, Winters, Gray, James, Haworth, Mitchell
Page 25Company F / Higgs, Steel, Randolph, Cook, Haworth, Randolph, West, Lowe, Chirely, Black, Long, Calfee, Roach, Samsel, McKeethan, Thomas, Lay, Oullifer, Brogden, Tucker, Flora, Daniel, Airheart, Bacon
Page 26Company F / Ballinger, Barns, Bates, Bell, Biird, Black, Bradley, Brown, Brogden, Burns, Capps, Caldwell, Cameron, Campbell, Cardwell, Carson, Cartright, Cawood, Clingham
Page 27Company F / Copeland, Colier, Cockrum, Couch, Coil, Culliver, Daniel, Dickson, Duff, Dukes, Elliott, Epperson, Ezell, Fisher, Fox, Foor, Garrett, Gibbins, Greer, Grigsby, Harbin, Hambright, Hays, Harrell
Page 28Company F / Henry, Hicks, Hopkins, Howard, Humbard, Irwin, Johnson, Jones, Kelly, Kirk, King, Larison, Long, Lynn, Lyles, McDaniel, McDonald, McGrew, McNeece, May, Merrill, Miller
Page 29Company F / Northern, Parker, Pearson, Phillipps, Roach, Richmond, Robinson, Rose, Samples, Sandidge, Shannon, Shaver, Sherrell, Simpson, Spencer, Sullivan, Sweeney, Teague, Tucker, Wattenbarger, Weatherly, West, Witt
Page 30Company F / Winn, White, Woodsides
Page 30Company G / Leger, Mosier, Fields, Delph, Stapleton, Shaw, Williams, Beal, Coleman, Davis, Belden, Cunningham
Page 31Company G / Young, Coleman, Marsh, Setzer, Cope, Rodgers, Studdlefield, Shrader, Nevel, Beeler, Carey, Gilbert, Rhymer, Goodman, Bunch, Ottinger, Nevel, Aikens, Antrican, Bacon, Bean, Berry, Burchett, Burch, Clarkson, Coleman, Cope
Page 32Company G / Cope, Coke, Cunningham, Culverson, deBoard, Edens, Eller, Estepp, Fields, Finchum, Flannigan, French, Franklin, Friar, Gibbs, Green, Gorrens, Haga, Hatfield, Heck, Helton, Hicks, Isabell
Page 33Company G / Johnson, Jones, Lee, Lifford, Long, McMillan, Mallory, Manis, Marsh, Mayfield, Murray, Neal, Nichols, Overtod, Quillen, Rainwater, Rines, Rogers, Rowlett, Smelser, Stapleton, Stevens, Tackett, Taylor, Wallen, Whitehead, Williford
Page 34Company H / Gray, McClellan, Dyer, Simpson, Kinder, Gray, Black, Smith, Churchman, Collins, Widders, Carter, Bunch, Stockton, Charles, Collins, Jones, Bean
Page 35Company H / Acuff, Anderson, Arnold, Beeler, Bird, Blazer, Blackburn, Bowlin, Branson, Chittum, Churchman, Collins, Dalton, Dunsmore, Fair, Fielding, Fincher, Gregg, Harrell, Hensley, Hopson, Johnson, Jones
Page 36Company H / Jones, Kelly, Kidwell, Kirkpatrick, Lawson, McGuire, Manley, Mays, Miller, Morrow, Morgan, Moore, Noe, Ottinger, Phillips, Ramsey, Reemer, Shelton, Smith
Page 37Company H / Smith, Smallman, Spyres, Stuart, Sutton, Swofford, Tate, Townsley, Trent, Vance, Wallace, West, Wolfinburger, Wolf, West
Page 37Company I / Hammond, Kidwell, Elkins, Hull, Myers, Drake
Page 38Company I / Odell, Myers, Milligan, Browning, Harrison, Bible, Green, Peters, Rodgers, Myers, Harrison, George, Freeman, Simpson, Gaby, Taylor, Drake, Harris, Smith, Argenbright, Armitage
Page 39Company I / Armitage, Bailey, Bales, Barnes, Bible, Beckner, Bolton, Broyles, Bradshaw, Brown, Campbell, Carter, Casteel, Cecil, Chocley, Clevenger, Collett, Davis, Dickson, Earles, Farnsworth, Foster, Fowler, Fry
Page 40Company I / Franklin, George, Gill, Gharst, Graham, Greenway, Green, Hale, Haines, Hansford, Haga, Hartman, Horne, Howell, Holt, Hybarger, Hughes, Johnson
Page 41Company I / Kee, Kelley, King, Kirk, Lawson, Luttrell, Lovett, Lurch, Lyles, McCracken, McCale, McCurry, Masoner, Martin, Manes, Miller, Milligan, Morgan, Morrison, Myers, Mysinger
Page 42Company I / Mysinger, Odell, Pates, Payne, Pickering, Rector, Rogan, Rodgers, Robertson, Ruston, Self, Shelton, Shanks, Smith, Stanton, Steoo, Stines, Taylor, Timmons, Thompson, Thomas
Page 43Company I / Tullock, Turner, Waring, Williams, Willis, White
Page 43Company K / Smith, Bowman, Smith, Whitehead, Thornburgh, Rhea, Cooper, Jones, Rhea, Fox, McLain, Everhart, Swaney, McLain, Bales
Page 44Company K / Garnett, Headrick, Williams, Phillipps, Perrygoy, Smith, Middleton, Bowman, Hunt, Ball, Phillipps, Hale, Haim, Shanks, Loyd, West, Smith, Harrison, Smith, Ray, Henderson
Page 45Company K / Bales, Bailey, Baxter, Bennett, Bradley, Bowman, Brotherton, Conley, Cooper, Cox, Coggins, Dodd, Doughty, Duncan, Dunn, Dyer, English, Everhart, Eply, Frazier
Page 46Company K / Frazier, Fox, Gaunt, Gooden, Hashbarger, Hughes, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Key, Knight, Loyd, McCamis, McCurley, McLain, Malone, Martin, Matson, Moore, Morrison, Parker, Pickering, Reed
Page 47Company K / Rhea, Rineheart, Robertson, Shanks, Shannon, Smith, Stanley, Starnes, Suttles, Swaney, Waller, Weems, West, White, Williamson
Page 48Company L / Colville, Lusk, Wiley, Cliff, Farris, Feathers, Cooper, Cartwright, Bacon, Brown, Taylor, Burchfield, Jones, Armstrong, McLain, Bayless, Keyker, Kirkpatrick, Armstrong
Page 49Company L / Bacon, Barnes, Barlow, Black, Brown, Cawood, Cleveland, Colier, Copeland, Cox, Dawson, Dean, Dodd, Dunn, Farris, Feathers, Fisher, Fox, Grant, Grigsby, Hall, Hale
Page 50Company L / Hammons, Hartman, Hendrix, Hicks, Houston, Hybarger, Irwin, James, Jones, Kirkpaatrick, Knight, Lea, Legg, Lawson, Larrison, Lilly, Lowrey, McClanahan, McDonald, McGrew, McGuire, Malone, Marshall, Martin, May
Page 51Company L / Mosier, Montgomery, Orton, Osmit, Pates, Pettit, Ponder, Rector, Reed, Rinehart, Roberts, Rowlin, Sandidge, Smedley, Smith, Stoncipher, Suttles, Taylor
Page 52Company L / Walker, Williams, Wiley, Witt, Winn, Witcher
Page 52Company M / Collins, Lane, Harris, Cope, Morrison, Black, Tweed, Brooks, Broyles, Fincher, Bales, Fellers, Branson, Trent
Page 53Company M / Cope, Fox, Buckner, Good, Moody, Summer, Taylor, Gaunt, Ambrows, Anderson, Argenbright, Bales, Ballinger, Beach, Benner, Branson, Brown, Campbell, Clifer, Cardwell, Chance, Coker, Collins
Page 54Company M / Collett, Crabtree, Crabbet, Cutshaw, Davis, Dodd, Duncan, Farrar, Felknor, Fellers, Fincher, Firestone, Fowler, French, Freshour, Gibbons, Gilbert, Goforth, Goins, Griffie, Grosscloss, Hall
Page 55Company M / Hall, Hawkins, Hays, Headrick, Henderson, Hensley, Hollan, Hopkins, Housley, Huffman, Huggins, Jones, Inklebarger, Key, Kezell, Lawson, Long, McDaniel, McFerrin, McNeece, Manes, Mays
Page 56Company M / Miller, Moore, Morrison, Meltzbarger, Mysinger, Pierson, Poe, Pratt, Rader, Reemer, Robinson, Scott, Shelton, Shults, Stewart, Spencer, Spitzer, Suttles, Thomas, Tweed
Page 57Company M / Tweed, Vance, Waddell, White, Woody