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Soldiers of the American Revolution from Monmouth and Ocean Counties, NJ

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  • Garrison, Garret ~ Private (Captain Samuel Dennis' Company, 1st Regiment)
  • Gaston, Daniel ~ Private
  • Gaston, William ~ Private
  • Gavan, Thomas ~ Private (Captain Carhart's Company, 1st Regiment)
  • Gilberson, Joseph ~ Private (Captain B. Dennis' Company)
  • Gill, John ~ Private (1st Regiment, also Continental Army)
  • Gilledet, Peter ~ Private (1st Regiment, also Continental Army)
  • Gillman, Charles ~ Private (1st Regiment)
  • Gilmore, Charles ~ Private
  • Gollahar, Ebenezer ~ Private
  • Gollahar, Lewis ~ Private
  • Gordon, David ~ Captain (1st Regiment)
  • Gordon, Peter ~ Private
  • Gore, James ~ Private (Captain Walton's Troop, Light Dragoons)
  • Gradin, William ~ Sergeant (Captain Waddell's Company)
  • Greenwood, Daniel ~ Private ("also Continental Army")
  • Gregory, John ~ Private
  • Griffy, Eddy ~ Private (Captain Bruere's Company)
  • Griggs, Matthew ~ Private
  • Griggs, Thomas ~ Private (Captain Hankinson's Company, 1st Regiment)
  • Gromes, George ~ Private ("also Continental Army")
  • Guisbertsen, Guisbert ~ Captain (2d Regiment)
  • Guyneh, Benjamin ~ Private ("also Continental Army")

      Source:   Salter's History of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, New Jersey, pages 131 - 151

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