St. Johnsbury, Vermont 1901 City Residential and Business Directory - L

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order,
Page 48Labee, Labranch, Lacasse, Lachance, Lacourse, Lacross, La Clair, Ladd
Page 49Ladd, Ladrier, Laferriere, Laflamme, Lafoe, Lafond, Laing, Laird, Lake, Lalley, Laliberte, Lambert, Lamirande, Lamoine, Lamontagne
Page 50Lanctot, Landry, Lane, Lang, Languay, Lanthier, Lankey, Lapage, Lapane, Lapin, Laperche, Lapoint, Larendeau, Larma, Larned, Laroche (Larock), Lauder, Laurent
Page 51Laurent, Lavalley, Lavigne, Lawrence, Lawson (Larson), Lawton, Leach, Learmonth, Learned, Leborveau, Leclair, Leduque (Leduc), Lecroix, Lee, Leith, Leland
Page 52Lemere, Lemmereux, Leonard, Leopold, Letourneau, Lessing, Lester, Levenson, Leventhal, Levesque, Lewis, Libbey, Ling, Litchfield, Little, Livingston, Lizotte
Page 53Locke, Lockwood, Locklin, Longmore, Lord, Lothrop, Lougee, Louie, Lovejoy, Lovering, Lowrey, Lucas, Luce, Lunnie, Lyford, Lynaugh, Lynch
Page 54Lynch, Lynn, Lyon, Lyons

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