Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1815 City Directory

Pennsylvania Marriage Records    


We have scanned the original complete directory for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for 1815 and indexed it for your quick search. Click on Page Number to View Record.

Page #Surnames in the order they appear - not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 5Abbert, Abbot, Adams, Adie, Agnew, Aigster, Aitken, Aitkin
Page 6Albright, Alcorn, Alexander, Algeo, Allen, Allender, Allison, Amberson, Anderson
Page 7Anderson, Andrews, Annon, Anshutz, Armitage, Armstrong, Arthurs, Arven
Page 8Ash, Aton, Athey, Avery, Ayres, Baggs, Bailer, Baily, Baird
Page 9Baird, Baker, Bakewell, Baldwin, Balsley, Banton, Barber, Barclay, Barker, Barn
Page 10Barns, Barr, Barrett, Beacom, Beal, Beale, Bean, Beard, Beatty, Becker
Page 11Beelen, Beitler, Bell, Bennet, Benny, Berford, Berry, Betker, Bigham
Page 12Birmingham, Bishop, Black, Blair, Baggs, Boggs, Bollman, Bolton, Boner, Boniface, Bonnet
Page 13Bosler, Bostwick, Boudier, Bovard, Bowen, Bowers, Bracken, Brackenridge, Bradley, Brady, Brannon, Brevost
Page 14Brewer, Brittingham, Brock, Brown, Bruce, Bryan, Bryson, Bundy, Burbridge
Page 15Burlan, Burns, Burnside, Burwell, Bushnell, Butler, Byington, Byrne, Cairns, Caldwell
Page 16Caldwell, Call, Cameron, Camp, Campbell, Cannon, Carr
Page 17Carrol, Cargill, Carothers, Carson, Carter, Cary, Caskey, Cassady, Casteel, Cecil, Chambers, Chandler, Charlton
Page 18Chaplin, Cheever, Chittenden, Christy, Church, Chute, Cisna, Clark, Clayton, Clements, Closey, Clow
Page 19Clyne, Coburn, Cochran, Coghlan, Colbey, Coleman, Collingwood, Collins, Commer, Conner
Page 20Cook, Cooney, Cooper, Copeland, Corby, Corbin, Corpse, Core, Cousin, Coulter, Cowan
Page 21Cox, Coxe, Craig, Crail, Cramer, Craton, Crawford, Croby, Cromwell, Crosby, Crossan, Crow, Crowley, Culbertson, Cumberland
Page 22Cummins, Cunliffe, Cunningham, Curling, Curran, Curry, Cyphert, Dallas, Darlington, Darragh, Davidson
Page 23Davis, Davison, Dawson
Page 24Dawson, Day, Deal, Declary, Decurry, Dennison, Denny, Dent, Devinney, Dickson, Dish, Dixon, Doane
Page 25Dobbin, Doran, Dorrell, Douglas, Dougherty, Douthitt, Douty, Dowers, Doyl, Doyle, Drips, Druvo, Dunham
Page 26Durnion, Earl, Ebbert, Ebert, Edgar, Edmond, Eichbaum, Elliot, Ellison, Emmet, Engles
Page 27English, Enochs, Ernest, Ervin, Erwin, Evans, Everly, Ewing, Fairman, Fearis
Page 28Febiger, Ferguson, Fields, Findley, Finton, Fisher, Fitzsimmon, Foliner, Forward, Forgay, Forrester, Fosdick, Foster, Foulk
Page 29Francis, Franklin, Frazier, Freeman, Frethy, Frisbee, Fulton, Gallagher, Gamble, Gardner
Page 30Gardner, Gary, Gazzam, Getty, Gibson, Giffin, Giles, Gilland
Page 31Gilland, Gillespie, Gillegand, Girty, Glass, Glassford, Glenn, Gore, Gorman, Gormly
Page 32Goudy, Grace, Graham, Gray
Page 33Green, Greenough, Greer, Gregg, Griffin, Guin, Guthrie, Guy, Hacusweller, Haffey, Hague, Hall
Page 34Hall, Hallam, Hamilton, Hammet, Hamnett, Hamsher, Hanah
Page 35Handcock, Hancock, Handlan, Hankart, Hannan, Hanning, Hanson, Hare, Harris, Harrison, Harshaw
Page 36Hart, Hartley, Hartman, Hartuple, Haslet, Hassan, Hastings, Haven, Hay, Hays, Hazelton
Page 37Hazelton, Hazlet, Heisner, Helm, Henderson, Henry, Herbach, Herman, Hermon, Hern, Herron
Page 38Herron, Hicks, Higgins, Hill, Hiscock, Hodge, Hoffer, Hogwood, Holdship, Holmes
Page 39Holmes, Hooper, Hopkins, Horn, Horner, Howard, Howel, Howton, Hubley, Hudson, Hull
Page 40Humbert, Hunt, Hunter, Hurst, Huttenour, Hutton, Hyle, Ingraham, Irish, Irwin
Page 41Irwin, Israel, Jackman, Jack, Jackson, Jardon, Jarvis, Jelly, Jenkins, Johnston
Page 42Johnston, Jones
Page 43Jones, Jordan, Kanier, Kean, Keith, Keller
Page 44Kelly, Kelso, Kendrick, Kenley, Kennedy, Kepner
Page 45Kerr, Kerwin, Kidd, Kilgore, Kimmel, Kincaid, King, Kingsland, Kingston, Kinsey, Kintner, Kips, Kirkland, Kirkpatrick, Knox
Page 46Knox, Kurtz, Laidlie, Laird, Lambdin, Lapsley, Latrobe, Latshaw, Laubie, Lea, Leckey
Page 47Leckey, Le Lacheur, Lenfesty, Lewis, Ligget, Lindie, Linton, Little
Page 48Little, Lochrey, Lochry, Logan, Long, Loomis, Lopes, Low
Page 49Luckey, Lusk, McAfee, McAllister, McBean, McBride, McCabe, McCague, McCalep, McCan, McCandles, McCandless
Page 50McCarty, McCarthy, McClaskey, McClean, McClelland, McClenachan, McClintock, McCloud
Page 51McCloud, McClurg, McCollum, McCool, McCombs, McComb, McCormick, McCord, McCoy, McCracken, McCreery
Page 52McCullough, McCully, McCurdy, McDermott, McDivitt, McDonald, McDonnell, McDougal, McDowell
Page 53McDowell, McElhinney, McGowen, McFall, McFann, McFarlane, McGary, McGaughey, McGee, McGivren, McGowan
Page 54McGrain, McGranaghan, McGrew, McGunnigle, McHenry, McIntosh, McKaig, McKean, McKee
Page 55McKenzie, McKibbon, McKim, McKnight, McKown, McKowan, McMackin, McMasters, McMillen, McNickle, McNitt
Page 56McNitt, McPherson, McSorly, McVeath, McVicker, Mackey, Macoubrie, Magee, Magill, Magirk, Maginnis, Mahon
Page 57Mann,
Page 58May, Mays, Meddock, Meek, Meeker, Mercer, Miler, Miller
Page 59Miller, Milligan, Mills, Minnis, Mitchell, Montgomery, Montooth, Mooney, Moore
Page 60Moore, Moor, Moran, Morford, Moreland, Morris, Morrison, Morrow
Page 61Morrow, Morton, Moss, Mossman, Mountain, Mowrey, Mullakin, Munns, Munson, Murdoch, Murphy
Page 62Murphy, Murter, Murray, Murry, Maysmith, Neal, Neeron, Nesbitt, Nesbit, Newal, Newman
Page 63Mewton, Meyman, Nicholson, Nilson, Nivin, Noble, Norris, Norrish, Northrop, Noves, Nutt, O'Brian, O'Brien
Page 64Oby, O'Callaghan, O'Class, O'Connor, O'hara, Oliver, Oller, O'Neal, Ormsby, Osborne, Osburn, Osthoff
Page 65Page, Parker, Parcel, Parks, Paychel, Parmele, Patterson
Page 66Patterson, Peacock, Pedan, Peebles, Pennington, Pentland, Perkins, Peters, Peterson, Pettigrew
Page 67Philips, Pius, Pillars, Pitchel, Plummer, Poe, Pointz, Pollard, Pooley, Porter
Page 68Porter, Powel, Potts, Pratt, Pride, Prink, Probart, Prob??
Page 69Pyatt, Ralston, Rankin, Read, Ream, Reed
Page 70Reiger, Reiter, Renfrew, Reno, Reynolds, Rice, Richards, Richardson
Page 71Richey, Riddle, Rinehart, Ringland, Rippey, Ritter, Robart, Robbison, Roberts, Robinson,
Page 72Robinson, Rochford, Roche, Rod, Roe, Rogers, Rodgers
Page 73Rollins, Rpsebrugh, Rosenbaum, Roseman, Ross, Rouaud, Rummage, Russel, Sample, Sampson, Sanders, Sands
Page 74Sawtell, Scaife, Scandlin, Schnee, Schwartz, Scofield, Scothorn, Scott
Page 75Scott, Scull, Scully, Server, Shannon, Sharp, Shaw
Page 76Sheaffer, Sheehy, Sheldon, Shepherd, Sheriff, Sherwood, Shields, Shiner, Shipton, Shiras, Simcock, Simpson, Skelton
Page 77Skelton, Sleeth, Small, Smiley, Smith, Snee, Snowden
Page 78Sowers, Speer, Speakman, Spencer, Sprage, Sprague, Sprout, Squires, Srodes, Stackhouse, Stanes, Starkey, St. Clair
Page 79Steel, Steelman, Stephenson, Stevenson, Steward, Stewart
Page 80Stewart, Stilts, Stirling, Stitt, Stockton, Stoner, Stuart, Sturgeon
Page 81Styles, Saleer, Sullivan, Sutton, Swagger, Tackaberry, Tait, Taggart
Page 82Tannehill, Taylor, Thaw, Thompson
Page 83Thompson, Tibbette, Tindle, Tobin, Todd, Tomin, Town, Trembly, Trevilla, Trevor, Trimble, Troth, Trotter
Page 84Turner, Tuttle, Updegraff, Vandevoort, Vanduzan, Varner, Vernon, Vogan, Volz, Vovsey, Vreeland
Page 85Wait, Walker, Wallace, Walls
Page 86Walter, Ward, Ware, Warden, Warnock, Warren, Wasson, Watkins, Watson
Page 87Watson, Way, Wedekind, Weed, Weldon, Weidner, West, Westbay, White, Whiteman, Whiting
Page 88Whiteside, Wickersham, Wiley, Wilkins, Wilky, Willard, Williams, Willock
Page 89Willock, Wills, Wilson, Wilt, Witty, Weinland, Woods
Page 90Woods, Wreath, Wrenshall, Wright, Wusthoff, Wyatt, Yost, Young, Yourd, Zilhart


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