Catasauqua, Pennsylvania 1929/30 City Directory (including North and West Catasauqua) - N .. R

Pennsylvania Marriage Records    

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Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear on each page, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 48Nachisty
Page 49Nachisty, Nagel, Nagle, Nederostek, Nemee, Neumoyer, Neuroh, Newell, Newhard, Nicholas, Nicklas, Niering, Nighan, Nolf, Nonnemacher, Nonnemaker, Nothstein, Novack, Nuben, Nuss
Page 50Oaks, O'Brien, O'Connell, O'Donnell, O'Hak, O'Hara, Olajack, Oldt, Olesak, O'Mara, Ondoch, O'Neill, Onuschak
Page 51Onuschak, Oplinger, Orpha, Ortlieb, Osenkovski, Osman, Ostheimer, Oswald, Ott, Otterbein, Panchison, Parkhill, Pasko, Patrick, Patrouch, Patterson, Paul, Paulovic, Payson, Peacock
Page 52Peacock, Peckitt, Peiffer, Pekary, Peoples, Peters, Petrie, Petro, Phillips, Pickartz, Piper, Pishkon
Page 53Pishkon, Platzer, Polasky, Polchik, Pollen, Porter, Powell, Powers, Prebula, Pren, Price, Prince, Procak, Prunaret, Prye, Pudliner, Quigley, Quinn, Rabe, Rabenold, Racener, Rackawack, Radcliffe
Page 54Rallison, Rau, Rausher, Raysel, Rayseley, Rech, Rector, Redlein, Reed, Reese, Regits, Rehrig, Reichard, Reichenbach, Reichstetter, Reicks, Reif, Reinbold, Reinhard, Reisinger, Rejician, Remaly, Remmel, Rentzheimer, Repko, Reppert, Resch, Resh, Retzler, Rex
Page 55Rice, Richards, Richter, Ricker, Riegel, Rieker, Rigeline, Ringer, Rinker, Ritter, Roberts, Robinson, Rockel, Roderick, Rodford, Rodgers, Roeder, Roger, Rohn, Roman, Rosenblatt
Page 56Ross, Roth, Rowland, Rubacky, Rumsey, Rupinski, Rusnak, Rute, Rutman, Ryan

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