Catasauqua, Pennsylvania 1929/30 City Directory (including North and West Catasauqua) - M

Pennsylvania Marriage Records    

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Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear on each page, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 41Macadam, MacAfee, Macktylowicz, Maciocia, MacLaughlin, Madouse, Makovetz, Manasse, mandel, Manley
Page 42Manley, Manos, Mantz, Marks, Markward, Marney, Marsch, Marsh, Marushak, Martin, Marucci, Masonheimer, Matchette
Page 43Matchette, Mattern, Maurer, Mauser, Mayer, Mayers, McAdams, McAllister, McAvoy, McBride, McCallister, McCandless, McCarty, McClafferty, McClain, McClellan, McClister, McCloskey, McCole, McConnell, McFetridge, McGeehan
Page 44McGinley, McGinnes, McGonigle, McHenry, McHose, McIntyre, McKay, McKee, McKeever, McKewen, McKittrick, McLarney, McLaughlin, McMonigle, McMullen, McNabb, McNally
Page 45McNally, McNeal, McNulty, McQuilken, McRell, Meckes, Meddo, Meehan, Megenhardt, Mehefko, Meixell, Mengelson, Merkel, Mertz, Messinger, Meyers, Michael, Mihalick, Milan, Miles, Milinski, Miller
Page 46Miller, Millhime, Milson, Minner, Minnich, Misbuecher, Missmer, Mitchell, Mizgerd
Page 47Mizgerd, Moat, Mohry, Molcany, Molchan, Molchany, Moll, Molner, Mondjak, Montgomery, Mooney, Moore, Moran, Moravek, Mordovsky
Page 48Mordovsky, Morgan, Morrison, Morrow, Moser, Motzko, Moyer, Mullen, Mulzat, Murphy, Murtaugh, Muschlitz, Mushanics, Mushrush, Musick, Musko, Muth

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