Welcome to Gem State Rural's 1918-19 Farm Directory of Owyhee County Idaho and Malheur County, Oregon

We have scanned the original Gem State Rural's 1918-19 Farm Directory of Owyhee County Idaho and Malheur County, Oregon and indexed it for your quick search. This publication lists landowners in these two counties by name of town and provides an alphabetical list of those who own land in the two counties but live elsewhere.

Pages can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate page number next to the description. The non-resident landowners can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate letter of the alphabet which corresponds to the first letter of a person's surname.

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Page #Description
page 3Introduction
page 4Abbreviations
page 5General Index
page 6Advertisement
page 7Description of Counties
page 8Legislative and County Officials
page 9Alicel, Ore / McKinnis
page 9Amity, Ore / Robinson
page 9Andrews, Ore / Bergman
page 9Ashland, Ore / Ramsey
page 9Astoria, Ore / Connor, Larson, McGinnis
page 9Baker, Ore / Ames, Beers, Eppinger, Hansen, Hoffman, Koehler, Lackner, Miles
page 10Baker, Ore / Pearson, Porter, Richardson, Riley, Rogers, Romig, Ross, Turley, Vouiz
page 10Beaverton, Ore / Peterson, Wickham
page 10Bend, Ore / Ulrich
page 10Beulah, Ore / Arnevine, Brogan, Cooley, Dean, Hunter, McDonald, McLeod, Murphy, Murray
page 11Beulah, Ore / Murray, Scott, Sherry, Tillotson, Thompson, Wilson, Zornes
page 11Blackfoot, Idaho / Diyle
page 11Bliss, Idaho / Bailey, Dumas, Heath, Sanborn, Thebo
page 11Boise, Idaho / Adam, Anderson, Ashby, Azcuenaga
page 12Boise, Idaho / Barringer, Bell, Bettis, Bicknell, Brand, Carlson, Carter, Casey, Cherry, Childs, Christenson, Church, Cook, Cruse, De Souchet, Doyle, Dubois, Eaton
page 13Boise, Idaho / Etheridge, Evans, Ewing, French, Gabica, Garrett, Goodell, Gooding, Gorden, Grout, Grunbaum, Gwinn, Haga, Hall, Hammett, Hawthorne, Helms, Hodgin, Holloway, Houston, Hurtt, Huston
page 14Boise, Idaho / Isberg, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Kingsbury, Knox, Koelsch, Kunter, Larisson, Laughlin, Lemon, Lewis, McBratney, McMillan, Manville, Massey, Miller, Moore, Morse
page 15Boise, Idaho / Musgrove, Neitzel, Nelson, Noble, Ockander, Owyhee, Penninger, Phelps, Porter, Priest, Rawls, Reynolds, Roberts
page 16Boise, Idaho / Roos, Rowell, Schmelzel, Scholtz, Senger, Shilling, Sheppard, Smith, Snow, Solberg, Spencer, Springer, Stevenson, Stewart, Stimper, Stofiel, Sturges, Timklea, Trenner, Toole, Van Gilse, Vincent, Wardell, Wayman, Whitson
page 17Boise, Idaho / Whalen, Wicklund, Wiley, Wise, Wymer
page 17Bonita, Ore / Ackerman, Caviness, Delashmutt, Denton, Donnelly, Harvy, Johnson, Knighten, Larkin, Lewis, McCann, Merritt, Moudy, Ryan, Spere
page 18Bonita, Ore / Weaver, White, Wilson, Zehner
page 18Brogan, Ore / Addington, Anders, Baswell, Breedlove, Cole, Coleman, Deveny, Doubrava, Eaton, Edwards
page 19Brogan, Ore / Freyborg, Glascock, Glassgow, Goodwin, Harrington, Howard, Irwin, Jamison, Johnson, Kelley, Knowles, Lanoir
page 20Brogan, Ore / Lanoir, Lenter, Lockett, Logan, Loveless, McCarron, McKinney, Maloney, Marande, Mays, Mitchell, Peterson, Powell, Reed, Rettig, Schlottman
page 21Brogan, Ore / Shelton, Sherman, Stream, Taylor, Thomsen, Trevett, Tschirgi, Voak, Weaver, Willis, Wilkinson, Wilkerson
page 22Brogan, Ore / Worthington, Woodward
page 22Bruneau, Idaho / Benham, Bettis, Black, Born, Buncel, Cahalan, Coberly, Conner, Craig, Crocheron, Deming
page 23Bruneau, Idaho / Duggan, Hall, Harley, Harris, Hawes, Hewitt, Hodge, Holverson, Hutchison, James
page 24Bruneau, Idaho / Jones, Kidd, King, Lawson, Mackley, Miller, Newkirk, Noble
page 25Bruneau, Idaho / Noble, Owens, Pinkston, Plumb, Polson, Portlock, Purjue, Rahn, Ramsey, Randall, Ratliff, Roberts, Robertson, Royse
page 26Bruneau, Idaho / Royse, Terry, Traxler, Turner, Verbeck, Weikel, Wilkins, Yribar
page 26Brunzell, Idaho / Adams, Armfield
page 27Brunzell, Idaho / Bernard, Brunzell, Gifford, Goitia, Hudson, Johnston, Keller, Larson
page 28Brunzell, Idaho / McSweeney, Person, Ross, Scott, Sims, Stevenson, Ubernaga
page 28Buena Vista, Ore / Prather
page 28Buhl, Idaho / Buffington, Hutton
page 28Burley, Idaho / Bissett
page 29Burley, Idaho / Byrnes, Freeman, Shoemaker
page 29Burns, Ore / Brown, Gault, Goodman, Leonard
page 30Burns, Ore / Welcome
page 30Caldwell, Idaho / Andre, Atwood, Badley, Baker, Ball
page 31Caldwell, Idaho / Ballantyne, Bedford, Bird, Botkin, Brown, Canter, Colton, Combs, Cooper, Devers, Gigray, Griffith, Hall, Hart, Hedden, Hendon, Hues, Janssen, Jensen, Johnson
page 32Caldwell, Idaho / Kaley, Keedick, Kelleher, Lowell, McBride, McLeod, Meador, Meilke, Miller, Nelson, Nichol, Parks, Raymond, Redway, Ruark, Ruby, Scatterday, Sebring, Sibbald, Smith
page 33Caldwell, Idaho / Smith, Stout, Symms, Tyner, Van Duyn, Van Houten, Ward, Watkins, Waterman, Williamson, Young
page 33Cambridge, Idaho / Hager, McElroy, McKenzie
page 33Canyon, Ore / Reider
page 33Castle Creek, Idaho / Evans
page 34Castle Creek, Idaho / Henderson, McDonough, Toy
page 34Churchill, Idaho / Stansell
page 34Clackamas, Ore / Clackamas
page 34Claytonia, Idaho / Andrus, Bedford
page 35Claytonia, Idaho / Benson, Casteel, Crouse, Culbertson, Dugdale, Dunn, Dyke, Emmons, Faulds, Flemmons, Ford
page 36Claytonia, Idaho / Garrity, Gasset, Griggs, Hansbrough, Heilig, Hill, Hoerler, Hottes, Howard, Humerickhouse, Jamison, Johnson, Labrum, La Delle, Lee, Lewison, Littlefield, McConnell, McKague
page 37Claytonia, Idaho / McKague, Maher, Marsing, Maxwell, Moore, Mosher, Myers, Noggle, Nooner, Perkins, Pershall, Reynolds
page 38Claytonia, Idaho / Reynolds, Salisbury, Stitzel, Sutherland, Sweep, Taber, Taylor, Teeter, Rengman, Tingman, Trowbridge, Wilson
page 38Cliffs, Idaho / Foland, Forester, Foster, Hardisty, Lessman, Williams, Woods
page 38Coke, Ore / Egyed
page 39Coeur D'Alene, Idaho / Pasadena
page 39Council, Idaho / McCallum, Shearer
page 39Cord, Ore / Donald, Fine, Jenkins, Ramos, Scott, Shannon, Seaweard
page 39Crane, Ore / Hunter, Minster, Roby, Timbrell, Whittenheller
page 39Creston, Ore / Beers
page 40Creston, Ore / Fenton, Rogers, Sexton, Shrader, Stout, Wall, Wimmer
page 40Crowley, Ore / Armstrong, Atterbury, Brinkman, Dahle, Dowell, Gallagher, McCumsey, McHargue, Maxan, Miller, Ramos, Richardson, Saunders, Smith, Stein, Staples, Venator
page 40Dee, Ore / Winans
page 40De Lamar, Idaho / Heazle, Moroffio
page 41Drain, Ore / Dean
page 41Drewsey, Ore / Altnow, Renwald, Robertson, Selle
page 41Dubois, Idaho / Thorston
page 41Eagle, Idaho / Everitt, Giltner, McGovern
page 41Elgin, Ore / Henderson
page 41Elkton, Ore / Hartle
page 41Emmett, Idaho / Appel, Hart, Mann
page 41Enterprise, Idaho / Austin, Blackstock
page 42Enterprise, Idaho / Clark, Gardner, Hays, Keith, Kelly, Leaming, Shirley, Share, Yanks, Young
page 42Enterprise, Ore / Adkin, Butner
page 42Estacada, Ore / Antrim
page 42Eugene, Ore / Brown, Hodge, Ruth
page 42Falls City, Ore / Graham
page 42Fangollano, Ore / Corliss
page 42Filer, Idaho / Bartow, Conant
page 43Folly Farm, Ore / Copple, Neal, Renick
page 43Forest Grove, Ore / McEldoweny
page 43Freewater, Ore / Roeder
page 43Fruitland, Idaho / Berg, Grimes, Hulen, Worth, Zahler
page 43Givens Hot Springs, Idaho / George, Givens, Lewis, Lynch, Patton, Pence, Rafferty, Robertson, Strickland
page 44Givens Hot Springs, Idaho / Strickland, Thomas, Waterhouse, Walker, Wilson, Young, Yanke
page 44Glenns Ferry, Idaho / Altmansperger, Avelier, Ayres, Bergstrom, Campbell, Carnahan, Case, Clark, Davis, De Avaler, Donaldson, Duffy, Eichholz, Gorby
page 45Glenns Ferry, Idaho / Greer, Hassand, Hill, Hillstone, Hindman, Hobson, Hogue, Joslyn, Jugel, Latendorf, Lemon, McAnulty, McGown, Miller, Moore, Morey, Murphy
page 46Glenns Ferry, Idaho / Norton, Poteet, Prescott, Robertson, Rosevear, Schoff, Sitton, Tate, Tingwall, Wilkins, Woods, Woodward
page 46Gooding, Idaho / Fink, Hess, Sutphen
page 47Grandview, Idaho / Bailey, Baird, Baker, Basey, Blodgett, Brown, Byfield, Cairncross, Clapp, Dewey, Drake
page 48Grandview, Idaho / Evans, Feltham, Fritz, Garbutt, Garsja, Gerber, Gibson, Graham, Greening, Gress, Halley, Harris, Hiatt, Hines, Hoier, Honga, Jensen
page 49Grandview, Idaho / Johnson, Knai, Koon, Lindberg, McKeeth, Massey, Morris, Mullenix, Neiswanger, Nelson, Palmer
page 50Grandview, Idaho / Porter, Post, Proctor, Ragsdale, Rocks, Rohert, Samson, Seely, Shelton, Spang, Starkey, Stockdale, Thams, Towner, Turmes, Vanderford
page 51Grandview, Idaho / Vinson, Warnock, Weatherby, Whitson, Whitted
page 51Grants Pass, Ore / Kirker, Smith
page 51Grasmere, Idaho / Caudle, Dickens, Green, Hart, Taylor
page 51Greenleaf, Idaho / Powers
page 52Guffey, Idaho / Barnett, Davis, Freitag, Gardner, Givens, Merchant, Perry, Pritchard, Simmons, Wilbur
page 52Hammett, Idaho / Ely, Feeny, Hay, Irons, Merritt, Wicher
page 52Hanson, Idaho / Felton
page 52Harper, Ore / Bohna
page 53Harper, Ore / Castro, Connolly, Copeland, Cramer, Crosby, Farber, Froman, Kelly, Kime, McArthur, Mogus, Neilson, Nelley, Riley, Schlupe, Smith, West, Woodard
page 53Harriman, Ore / Talbot
page 53Haycreek, Ore / Nichols
page 53Hillsboro, Ore / Holgate
page 53Hollister, Idaho / Jones
page 54Homedale, Idaho / Bahem, Benedict, Benham, Boeck, Boggess, Breshears, Bull, Bush, Cage, Calkins, Clark, Clay, Cowan, Cover, Creffield, Cruse, Cupp, Day, Demshar
page 55Homedale, Idaho / Dodge, Dolenc, Dowd, Dunning, Estes, Fergeson, Fletcher, Freeburn, Ganow, Gess, Graf, Graff
page 56Homedale, Idaho / Hall, Hamilton, Haylett, Heath, Helton, Hidy, Hollenbeck, Holton, Howard, Huntley, Ingle, Irwin, Isaac, Jensen, Jesenko, Johnson, Kaufman, Keltie, Kuslan
page 57Homedale, Idaho / Lee, Lehner, Long, McDonald, McDowell, McKenzie, McKinley, McLeod
page 58Homedale, Idaho / Myler, Napton, Orr, Parsons, Pegram, Peter, Pletke, Price, Ray, Redman, Reynolds, Roughton, Sample, Schenck, Shaver, Shenefield, Shephard
page 59Homedale, Idaho / Shepard, Shephard, Smith, Snell, Sevens, Steinke, Stuart, Sullivan, Sutton, Thomas, Tilford, Tracy, Upton, Vanderhoff
page 60Homedale, Idaho / Welch, White, Wood, Wright, Zeiger
page 60Homestead, Ore / Pearson
page 60Huntington, Ore / Edd, Hamilton, Hancock, Huckstep, McDonnell, McIntosh, Newton, Paul, Stark, Vane, Wood
page 60Idaho Falls, Idaho / Estabrooks, Leonard, Lucas, Rushmer
page 61Imbler, Ore / Bass
page 61Ironside, Ore / Allison, Beam, Boor, Bunt, Carpenter, Crews, Croft, Davis, Dickson, Duncan, Dunsan
page 62Ironside, Ore / Duncan, Elms, Hart, Hill, Howard, Jones, Lawrence, Locey, Lofton, Molthan
page 63Ironside, Ore / Molthan, Nichols, Powell, Roberts, Rose, Rutherford, Seton, Smith, Tureman, Tyler, Van Buren
page 64Ironside, Ore / Van Buren, Wise, Woodcock
page 64Jamieson, Ore / Bogart, Bridges, Bridwell, Cleveland, Cox, Derrick, Edwards, Gitelson, Gracner, Gray, Gruar, Haw
page 65Jamieson, Ore / Hinan, Jamison, Jackson, Libby, Lockett, Lundstrum, Morrison, Norwood, O'Neill, Pope, Pritchard, Ridgley
page 66Jamieson, Ore / Scott, Sears, Struthers, Taylor, Terwilliger, Totan, Troost, Turner
page 66Jerome, Idaho / Schoenthal
page 66Jordan Valley, Ore / Acton, Aritola, Arritola
page 67Jordan Valley, Ore / Bachelor, Baltzor, Beers, Birmingham, Bissett, Bowden, Carta, Catron
page 68Jordan Valley, Ore / Chevalley, Clegg, Connors, Cowgill, Cunningham, Curtis, Danner, Davis, Deary, Denney, Dinwiddie, Driscoll
page 69Jordan Valley, Ore / Drummond, Duncan, Dunning, Eiguren, Faris, Feltwell, Fisk, Fretwell, Glover, Gluch, Gluck, Goodyear, Gusman, Hailey
page 70Jordan Valley, Ore / Harbour, Hart, Hogland, Holloway, Kellogg, Lagarsac, Lambert, Langsyne, Laurrsea, Lemon, Looney, McDowell, MacKenzie, Maher, Mallea
page 71Jordan Valley, Ore / Mason, Mendieta, Morgan, Morrison, Morrow, Munger, Murray, Navarro, Newman, Noble, O'Keefe, Oliver, Palmer
page 72Jordan Valley, Ore / Palmer, Parka, Parks, Pheiffer, Philpot, Pick, Renteria, Reynolds, Rios, Roberts, Robinson, Savalle, Schaas, Schas, Schnabel, Scott, Sharpe, Shea, Skinner
page 73Jordan Valley, Ore / Skinner, Smart, Smith, Staples, Stauffer, Strode, Summerville, Swisher, Thompson, Townsend, Ufford
page 74Jordan Valley, Ore / Urlezaga, Urquiaga, Wall, Weir, Williams, Wilson, Wroten, Yeoumans, Young
page 74Junction City, Ore / Hicks
page 74Juntura, Ore / Adam, Allen, Bowen, Boyer, Carter, Curry, Dodge
page 75Juntura, Ore / Foley, Goodman, Graham, Hanson, Hoffman, Jones, Kingsburn, McGetrick, Mann
page 76Juntura, Ore / Sizemore, Stallard, Woodruff, Woodward, Zink
page 76Kimama, Idaho / Leighty, Masterson
page 76Kendrick, Idaho / Compton, Cricker
page 76King Hill, Idaho / Albin
page 77King Hill, Idaho / Anderson, Carpenter, Coblantz, Eaton, Evans, Fink, Freitag, Gates, Gay, Genung, Gifford, Gillis, Gray, Huff
page 78King Hill, Idaho / Jones, Laird, Lynch, McEachern, Montgomery, Morrison, Mullins, Ohneck, Palm, Rice, Roberts, Rosevear, Smith, Story, Sudduth
page 79King Hill, Idaho / Sundleaf, Topping, Turner, Wagner, Wakefield, Walsh, Wells, Weston, Wilson, Witmer
page 79La Grand, Ore / Herdman, Logan, McDonald, Olliver, Orai, Reilly, Rose, Thiesen
page 79Lakeview, Ore / Arthur, Blaha
page 80Lakeview, Ore / Bosworth, Dunlap, Johnson, Newell, Ohriner, Piper, Schuster, Woods, Wood
page 80Lamont, Ore / Olson
page 80Lawn, Ore / Jorden
page 80Lebenon, Ore / Long
page 80Lecompton, Idaho / McCarty
page 80Lewiston, Idaho / Welker
page 80Lexington, Ore / Inglis
page 80Lostine, Ore / Beatty
page 80McDermitt, Ore / Echava, Gavica, Jaca, Lasa, Laca, Malkinson, Mendieta, Minor, Nouque
page 81Malheur, Ore / Able, Adams, Anderson, Archer, Bodfish, Boswell, Carey, Cartwright, Clark, Coyle, Daly, Derrick, Edge, Essenpreis
page 82Malheur, Ore / Gibbons, Givens, Hamblet, Horner, Johnston, Kovica, Lockett
page 83Malheur, Ore / Moffitt, Morfitt, Nemeth, O'Neill, Rohrig, Sargent, Smith, Waters, Wheelock, White, Whitworth
page 84Malheur, Ore / Williams, Woodcock, Worsham, York
page 84Marshfield, Ore / Carlson, Henry
page 84Masier, Ore / Rhodes
page 84Medford, Ore / Nelson, Territt, Warner
page 84Meridian, Idaho / Inglin, McCoard, McNeal
page 84Mesa, Idaho / Reynolds
page 84Metrolis, Ore / Porter
page 85Middleton, Idaho / Rutledge
page 85Midvale, Idaho / Beckman, Emberton, Greaber, Hallstrom
page 85Mill City. Ore / Ager
page 85Miller, Ore / Colt, Crandall
page 85Molalla, Ore / Standinger
page 85Montpelier, Idaho / Nelson
page 85Mooreville, Ore / Blaney, Clement, Coder, Cook, Coutz, Enbody, Hammel, Hartley, Holton
page 86Mooreville, Ore / Holton, McEwen, McManis, Moore, Sutton, Thompson, Turnbull, West, Young
page 86Moscow, Idaho / Bigelow
page 86Mountainside, Idaho / Austin, Bengoechea, Corker, Danforth, Daniel, Evans, Faraday, Gardiner
page 87Mountainside, Idaho / Gibson, Hanna, Hewitt, Lathinen, Le Poidevin, Lockman, Loveridge
page 87Mullen, Idaho / Miller
page 87Munroe, Ore / Dunlap
page 87Murphy, Idaho / Aikman, Bennett, Brace, Brady, Brand, Carroll, Cavaney
page 88Murphy, Idaho / Dewiade, Diethelm, Drake, Foster, Fritschle, Grant, Guthman, John, Johnston, Joyce, Kimball, Langford
page 89Murphy, Idaho / Lee, McBride, Montini, Moss, Murphy, Pearman, Phelps, Reuben, Spofford
page 90Murphy, Idaho / Williams
page 90Nampa, Idaho / Bennett, Bertine, Nlunck, Cunningham, Decoursey, Dewey, Diesel, Garren, Gillin, Jenness, Kurtz, Lawlis, Largent, Lesh, McLain, Monce, Nether, Partridge, Robertson, Shaffer, Snell, Vancott, Vandenberg, Weaver, White, Yant
page 90New Plymouth, Idaho / Carter, Edwards, Majar
page 91New Plymouth, Idaho / Miller, Sheldon, Theill, Thompson, Wilfong
page 91Nez Perce, Idaho / Wade
page 91North Powder, Ore / Jacobson
page 91Nyssa, Ore / Ainsworth, Beam, Beaumont, Bennett, Bigelow, Birdsall, Blodgett
page 92Nyssa, Ore / Bosgett, Bostick, Bradley, Brown, Burbridge, Burrough, Cancelmo, Canham, Cantrall, Clark, Coshow, Coward, Crawford, Danielson, Davis, De Bord, Duncan, Dutcher, Ehrgood, Ekstrom, Ervington
page 93Nyssa, Ore / Evans, Ewing, Farbes, Foster, Francis, Fry, Garrison, Gibson, Glascock, Glenn
page 94Nyssa, Ore / Hall, Harris, Hatfield, Hickox, Hoffman, Horn, Housh, Housley, Howsley, Hoxie, Huffman, Hurley, Johnson, Johnston, Kingman
page 95Nyssa, Ore / Klingback, Koopman, Kygar, Lackey, Le Moine, Logan, Lowe
page 96Nyssa, Ore / Marshall, Maxwell, Mendivea, Miars, Morehead, Morey, Morgan, Morris, Neathery, Newbill, Newby, Otis, Overstreet, Page
page 97Nyssa, Ore / Palmer, Patterson, Peck, Peutz, Phillips, Pinkston, Pratt, Pullen, Ramey, Ramsey, Reese
page 98Nyssa, Ore / Renville, Rich, Riley, Ross, Russell, Rust, Sarazin, Schurman, Schweizer, Schwiezer, Scott, Sherwood, Sheldon, Sinclair, Skinner
page 99Nyssa, Ore / Slippy, Smith, Stam, Tague, Tensen, Thomason, Tietsort, Turnbull, Van Dyke, Van Zelf, Vogt, Walters
page 100Nyssa, Ore / Walters, Ward, Warren, Washington, Watson, Weidemann, Whitehead, Williams, Wilson, Wood, Wolf
page 100Oakley, Idaho / Murer
page 100Ontario, Ore / Abernathy
page 101Ontario, Ore / Adams, Adcock, Aker, Amidon, Anderson, Armstrong, Arneson, Arnold, Athey, Bailey, Bain, Bailey, Baldwin, Ball
page 102Ontario, Ore / Barnard, Barrett, Barton, Beagle, Beier, Bender, Berry, Biggs, Bingham, Bischop, Bivins, Blackaby, Bland, Blanton, Blomstrom, Booth, Boswell, Boyd
page 103Ontario, Ore / Boyer, Brewer, Brooke, Brosnan, Brown, Buechel, Bull, Bullard, Burbridge, Burgess, Burr, Butler
page 104Ontario, Ore / Butler, Cain, Carter, Chamberlain, Chidwick, Clagett, Clement
page 105Ontario, Ore / Click, Cockrum, Colley, Conley, Cook, Cooley, Countryman, Cox, Coyle, Cozort, Crane, Cross, Curtis, Dail, Dean, De Boer
page 106Ontario, Ore / De Fries, Diess, Dillard, Dingman, Dinkey, Dixon, Dodge, Doolittle, Dorey, Dorman, Doty, Downs, Draper, Duffy, Dumphy, Dunbar
page 107Ontario, Ore / Dunham, Dunnock, Du Pre
page 108Ontario, Ore / Corporate owned Land
page 109Ontario, Ore / Emison, Evans
page 110Ontario, Ore / Fairchild, Fiedler, Field, Fiser, Fleming, Flemming, Fraser, Frasier, Frye, Gannon, Garvin, Gifford, Gillespie, Glenn, Glover, Gordon, Gossett, Goudy, Gramse, Greig
page 111Ontario, Ore / Greig, Griffin, Grover, Guerin, Hager, Halderman, Hale, Hall, Handley, Hanford, Hardman, Harter, Hayden, Hickey, Hickox, Hill, Hinton, Holloway
page 112Ontario, Ore / Holloway, Homan, Huffman, Hulery, Hunt, Hunter, Ingle, Ingraham
page 113Ontario, Ore / Johns, Johnson, Jones, Kanady, Kaylor, Keefe, Kerr, Kimball, King, Koshnick
page 114Ontario, Ore / Kries, Lackey, Lammie, Larson, Laws, Leavitt, Lees, Levitt, Linzy, Long
page 115Ontario, Ore / Long, Luehrs, Lundgren, McCarty, McCreight, McCulloch, McDowell, McEndree, McGivern, McGregor, McLain, McPherson, Madden, Magill, Mallett, Martin
page 116Ontario, Ore / Martin, Mathews, Megorden, Meldrum, Mergen, Messee, Mezzano, Miller, Mink, Minster, Mitchell, Moffett, Moeller, Monroe, Moore, Morgan, Morris
page 117Ontario, Ore / Mortenson, Morton, Neese, Neece, Neuhuys, Newman, Nichols, Niece, North, Oft
page 118Ontario, Ore / Osborn
page 119Ontario, Ore / Palmer, Payne, Peacock, Pennington, Peterson, Phillips, Pinney, Plummer, Pogue, Pontious, Powers, Rader, Rambo, Ransom, Ray, Raymond, Readen, Reed, Rees, Robinson
page 120Ontario, Ore / Roe, Rose, Ruhsin, Ruppert, Ryan, Sage, Sandy, Schall, Seward, Simpson, Sherwood, Seaweard, Secoy, Seeley, Shafer, Shaffer, Smit, Smith
page 121Ontario, Ore / Smith, Snyder, Springer, Sproul, Staples, Stevens, Stewart, Stone, Sullens, Sullivan, Taylor
page 122Ontario, Ore / Tensen, Test, Teter, Thomas, Thompson, Tonningson, Trow, Trousdale, Tunny, Turner, Udick, Utley, Van Buren, Walker, Walter
page 123Ontario, Ore / Walters, Watanabe, Waters, Weaver, Weese, Welch, Westfall, White, Whitney, Wilson, Wisdom, Winslow, Winston, Winter, Wood
page 124Ontario, Ore / Wood, Wrinkles, Wyman, Woolen, Yantis, Yoe
page 124Oreana, Idaho / Allen, Bachman, Carothers
page 125Oreana, Idaho / Clark, Cooper, Davey, Davis, Doyle, Foreman, Gabica, Green, Hardiman, Henderson
page 126Oreana, Idaho / Henderson, Hortsman, Hyde, Jess, Johnson, Kelly, Koeppe, Linehan, Matthews, Moore, Neal
page 127Oreana, Idaho / Neil, Penrose, Pittman, Pritchard, Read, Simpson, Sothern, Torrance, Ulrich, Wees
page 128Oregon City, Ore / Story
page 128Outlook, Ore / Robinson, Williams
page 128Paisley, Ore / Moore, Robinson
page 128Parish, Idaho / Merrick
page 128Parma, Idaho / Adair, Allen, Anderson, Ashcraft, Baldridge, Birge, Blucher, Boswell
page 129Parma, Idaho / Brown, Brumbach, Bullock, Cartwright, Clement, Darden, Edmundson
page 130Parma, Idaho / Ekin, Fisk, Groot, Harold, Hatch, Hawkins, Holly, Howard, Jacobs, Johns, Johnson, Johnston
page 131Parma, Idaho / Johnston, Judd, Kilburn, Kirkpatrick, Klahr, Lamme, Lee, Loveland, McConnell, McCreary, McDowell, Matthews, Mathews
page 132Parma, Idaho / Meadows, Miller, Morley, Mundle, Murray, Owen, Parker, Percell, Pillsbury, Porter, Purdy
page 133Parma, Idaho / Pursell, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Rockfeller, Roswell, Russell, Stradley, Storey, Sweet, Swigert
page 134Parma, Idaho / Tate, Vanderpool, Walker, Watkins, Welsh, Wicklund, Willis, Wilson
page 134Paul, Idaho / Suiter
page 134Payette, Idaho / Albrecht, Anderson, Applegate, Attebery
page 135Payette, Idaho / Ayers, Barnes, Beach, Belknap, Bell, Benson, Berg, Betzer, Birdsall, Bishop, Blakesly, Blakesley, Bly, Boales, Boggess, Bohannon, Book, Bower, Bremer, Brown, Brundage, Buchanan, Button, Carrier, Channer
page 136Payette, Idaho / Clark, Conner, Cottingham, Coughanour, Coulter, Cram, Crull, Culbertson, Darnell, Davis, Dibble, Doherty, Domreese, Douglas, Edwards, Fields, Fincher, Frakes, Gilmon
page 137Payette, Idaho / Golden, Goodman, Grace, Gribben, Griffin, Gutterridge, Hall, Harris, Haworth, Heslup, Higby, Hill, Hoff, Holderman, Howard, Huff, Johnson
page 138Payette, Idaho / Joplin, Joseph, Kelly, Klinefeltner, Langley, Lattig, Lauer, Laves, Lockin, McCornack, McCosh, McDonald, McKeown, McKinnon, Mac Donald
page 139Payette, Idaho / Martin, Matthews, Maxfield, Miller, Moore, Muller, Nebrig, Newton, Northrup, Orcutt, Peterson, Phalen, Prout
page 140Payette, Idaho / Putnam, Raymond, Rice, Rockefeller, Rogers, Sackett, Senkbeil, Sewell, Shamberger, Shaw, Slinker, Smith, Sosthein, Spaulding, Stark, Steffins, Stuve, Sutton, Swanson, Thomas, Thorn, Toole
page 141Payette, Idaho / Turner, Underwood, Van Buren, Van Horn, Vincent, Warren, White, Wilbur, Wilcox, Wilson, Wilkin, Windle, Woodard
page 141Pendleton, Ore / Gray
page 141Pocatello, Idaho / Albrecht, Caldwell, Cook, Cruse, Cullen, Davis
page 142Pocatello, Idaho / Foley, Hyland, Johnson, Kidd, Nicholas, Peterson, Renfro, Saline, Toombs, Witty
page 142Portland, Ore / Alexander, Aldrich, Allen, Altschul, Auld, Bailey, Bates, Beck, Bell, Bennett, Bishop, Boentze, Bridges, Brown, Bruck, Buell, Carson, Cauffield
page 143Portland, Ore / Chase, Commons, Considine, Cook, Covey, Cox, Crane, Cunningham, Dant, Delano, De Vol, De Wert, Dickerson, Fifer, Flegel, Freeman, George, Gerlinger, Gillette, Goodall
page 144Portland, Ore / Greenfield, Hennessey, Herman, Holmes, Honeyman, Hoover, Howes, Hynes, Ingle, Inness, Jones, Keeney, King, Kistler, Lauer, Lyons, McKalson, McKenzie, McMasters, Marsh
page 145Portland, Ore / Miller, Mills, Monroe, Moores, Moses, Noble, Noel, Oakes, O'Reilly, Palmer, Patterson, Peters, Peterson, Pope, Price, Reed, Roark
page 146Portland, Ore / Robinson, Rudd, Sargent, Sherman, Skoog, Smith, Soliss, Stephens, Strong, Sutherland, Therme, Thomas, Towne, Treece, Wagner, Wakefield, Wallenberg, Wesco, Wild, Wood, Wright, Zellar
page 147Post Falls, Idaho / Campbell
page 147Prairie City, Ore / Chidsey, Thomas
page 147Prescott, Ore / Kauf
page 147Princeton, Ore / Steele
page 147Prineville, Ore / Johnson
page 147Rexburg, Idaho / Braum
page 147Riddle, Idaho / Avent, Bertschy, Fromm, Patterson, Riddle
page 148Riddle, Idaho / Riddle, Savage, Sewell, Stone, Yates
page 148Riverside, Ore / Armstrong, Barkley, Blaylock, Cobb, McRae, Fairman, Frye, Gibson, Luce, McRae, Shumway
page 149Riverside, Ore / Spurlock, Toohey
page 149Riverview, Ore / Anderson, Holly, Holley, Johnson
page 149Rockville, Ore / Anderson, Carlton, Cunningham, Fegtley, Francis, Franks, Garrison, Greeley, Hamilton
page 150Rockville, Ore / Hamilton, Johnston, King, Kopp, Lam, McKenzie, Maysonhoilder, Moss, Mullinix, Ramsey, Robertson, Shaver, Sheridan, Strode
page 150Rome, Ore Duncan, Fretwell, Hubbell, Rose, Scott, Stine, Thompson
page 150Roseberry, Idaho / Compton
page 151Roseburg, Ore / Bailey
page 151Roswell, Idaho / Bradney, Tunning
page 151Rufus, Ore / Jones
page 151Rupert, Idaho / Hyatt
page 151Salem, Ore / Holstrom, McMohan, Moores, Morse, Olmstead, Robertson, Shepp
page 151Sandpoint, Idaho / Catlin, Wood
page 151Seaside, Ore / Goul
page 151Shaw, Ore / Darby
page 152Sheaville, Ore / Bay, Ditton, Emery, Fenwick, Hart, Johnson, Knight, McCloud, McIntyre, Malloy, Molloy, Martinez, Masonholder, Nelson, Snell, Vanaller, Van Aller
page 152Shoshone, Idaho / Lewis
page 152Skull Springs, Ore / Elliott, Gordon, Gould
page 153Skull Springs, Ore / Littlefield, McConnell, Spencer
page 153Silver City, Idaho / Breedlove, Davies, Rock
page 153St. Maries, Idaho / Robinson
page 153Stanfield, Ore / Stanfield
page 153Sutherlin, Ore / Hartley
page 153Tangent, Ore / Kutsch
page 153The Dallies, Ore / Fulton, Smith
page 153Three Creek, Idaho / Beaton, Clark
page 154Three Creek, Idaho / Clark, Conway, Curtis, Dunn, Estes, Helsley, Jones, McCoy, Newman, Parson, Patrick
page 155Three Creek, Idaho / Pense, Rogerson, Ross, Smith, Walsh, Walters
page 155Tindall, Idaho / Cowan, Peters, Smith, Wallis, Tindall
page 156Triangle, Idaho / Bachman, Corlett, Delap, Duval, Gordy, Spencer
page 156Twin Falls, Idaho / Blackstone, Ellingford, Morehouse
page 156Union, Ore / Davis, Jacobs, Shaw, Stevens
page 156Vale, Ore / Adams, Amens, Ashley, Baird, Barton, Bass, Bayles
page 157Vale, Ore / Bean, Boggs, Boston, Boswell, Bowman, Bridges, Brosman, Bullard, Burtch, Cantrell, Carter, Caviness, Christenson, Clancey, Claypool, Cole, Colwell, Cornforth, Corson
page 158Vale, Ore / Davis, Dickerson, Dillon, Dolan, Dunaway, Dunn, Duvall, Easterday, Eastham, Edwards, Ehlers, Eldredge, Fairbanks, Faulkner, Faubian, Faubion, Fegtley, Fellows, Fifer, Flynn, Foiles
page 159Vale, Ore / Freeman, Frost, Garman, Garrett, Glenn, Glover, Gombert, Green, Gruwell, Gunderson, Hadley, Hall, Halliday, Hanson, Harland, Harris, Harvey, Herrett, Hess, Hope
page 160Vale, Ore / Hope, Hufman, Hughes, Hurley, Ivers, Jensen, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Kary, Keele, Kester, King, Kircher, Knowles
page 161Vale, Ore / Larson, Lawrence, Lind, Lindsay, Long, Low, Lynn, McElroy, McKnight, McLaughlin, Maddock, Mansur, Marquis, Mockler, Moudy, Muttart, Nelson, Nichol
page 162Vale, Ore / O'Donnell, O'Neill, Parker, Parks, Pederson, Pennington, Peterson, Phillips, Poley, Pritchett, Randolph, Rasback, Ricker, Rinehart, Robbins, Roberts, Rose, Russell
page 163Vale, Ore / Sackett, Schubert, Scott, Simonet, Skinner, Smith, Soloman, Stacey, Stark, Sullens, Taggart, Taylor, Thayer, Thomas, Thomson, Tons
page 164Vale, Ore / Vanderhoof, Vines, Vogue, Wade, Weant, Weaver, Welch, Wells, Wescott, Williams, Wilson, Wood, Zeller
page 164Venator, Ore / Brown, Kelley, Venator
page 164Wallace, Odaho / Beale, Crane, Featherstone, McKinnis
page 164Wallowa, Ore/ Tully
page 165Watson, Ore / Acordagoitia, Bensli, Brandon, Carlton, Daley, Eckerman, Ferguson, Fretwell, Hammond, John, Lage, Long, McNulty, Masonholder, Page, Palmer, Rose, Ross, Stickney
page 166Watson, Ore / Syme, Winters
page 166Weiser, Idaho / Adams, Allison, Anderson, Ash, Atwood, Barber, Barker, Barnett, Barntish, Beddes, Benson, Bickle, Birdsall, Blattner, Blood, Bogart, Bradshaw, Brown, Burley, Cage, Chatfield, Cobbs, Coulter
page 167Weiser, Idaho / Cox, Cronor, Crowley, Crull, Davis, Dean, Dorwart, Drake, Errickson, Fairbairn, French, Galey, Garrett, Gibson
page 168Weiser, Idaho / Giffels, Graf, Graham, Grant, Gregg, Gribbin, Griswold, Haas, Haile, Hall, Hambleton, Hamilton, Hargrove, Harriman, Harvey, Hass, Haworth, Hayden, Hedges, Hettinger, Holmstrom, Houston, Jaques, Johnson
page 169Weiser, Idaho / Johnson, Jones, Joseph, Keeney, Kimball, Knox, Kyte, Langstreth, Little, Looney, Luke, Lynch, McClurg, McKinney
page 170Weiser, Idaho / McKinney, Maryatt, Matthews, Miller, Musselman, Nesbit, Panike, Parker, Patch, Pease, Porter, Poulson, Powers, Quinn
page 171Weiser, Idaho / Ramsey, Record, Ricks, Robertson, Schutte, Selman, Smith, Spicer, Strobel, Storey, Sutton, Teeters, Turner, Vanderbilt, Verbeck, Vertner
page 172Weiser, Idaho / Walker, Waugh, Weaver, Webb, Weiser, Wheeler, White, Wilson, Wolf, Yates, Yenter, Young
page 172Westfall, Ore / Anderson, Barkley, Becker, Broderick, Brosnan, Bronson, Buffington, Bush, Camman
page 173Westfall, Ore / Camman, Claypool, Compton, Cosley, Dean, Fahy, Freedman, Graham, Gregory, Hankins, Hanna, Hart, Johnson
page 174Westfall, Ore / Jones, Jordan, Kine, Knighten, Lamberson, Mullen, Mustard, Napton, Patterson, Payne, Presley, Randleman, Rowley
page 175Westfall, Ore / Roethler, Rowley, Schuler, Sells, Sorenson, Smith, Small, Spaulding, Stewart, Stingle, Thomas, Wakerlig, Welch, Westfall
page 176Westfall, Ore / Westfall, Whisman, Woodward, Woodworth, Zimmerman, Zogg, Zotto
page 176Weston, Ore / Mayberry
page 176Wickahoney, Idaho / Tindall
page 176Wilder, Idaho / Small
page 176Wilson, Idaho / Anders, Austin
page 177Wilson, Idaho / Bachman, Bailey, Bernard, Brandon, Busz, Caldwell, Cox, Johnston, Keith
page 178Wilson, Idaho / Keith, Kelly, Kenison, Kennison, Kenyon, McDonald, Saey, Schuster, Simmons, Stanford, Smith
page 178Wren, Ore / Toomb
pages 201 - 219Land Owners in Malhur County, Oregon and Owyhee County, Idaho whose Addresses are not in Oregon or Idaho:
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