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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1925 City Directory - F

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Page #Surnames in order they appear. Not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 305Fabian, Faerber, Fagan, Fagerquist, Faggett, Fagin, Fagras, Faherty, Fahey, Fahrion, Fahrner, Fahs, Failor, Fain, Faint, Fair
Page 306Fair, Fairbairn, Fairchild, Fairfield, Fairman, Fakes, Falcomb, Falk, Falkenstein, Falkner, Fall, Faller, Falline, Fallis, Falls, Fallwell, Falter, Falteysek, Fambrough, Fancher, Fankboner, Fannin, Fanning, Fannon, Fanshier, Fant, Farber, Fargher, Faris, Farish, Fariss, Farless, Farley, Farmer
Page 307Farmer, Farnam, Farnum, Farquhar, Farr, Farra, Farrar, Farrell, Farrington, Farris, Farrow
Page 308Farthing, Farwell, Fash, Fasken, Fassett, Fatheree, Faubion, Faucette, Faucher, Fauchier, Faudree, Fauks, Faulk, Faulkner, Faull, Faun, Fausett, Fausey, Faust, Faut, Favillo, Favois, Faylor, Feagans, Feagins, Fealand, Fearell, Fearnow, Feary, Featheringill, Featherson, Featherstone, Fedde, Fee, Feely, Feeney
Page 309Fees, Feger, Fegley, Fehmer, Fehse, Feige, Feigley, Fein, Feinartz, Feistel, Felber, Felder, Feldman, Feldner, Felgar, Felix, Felker, Fell, Feller, Fellers, Felles, Fellows, Felten, Feltner, Felton, Felts, Fender, Fenimore, Fenley, Fenn, Fennell, Fennessey, Fenquay, Fenster, Fent, Fenter, Fenton, Fenvielle, Fenwick, Ferce, Ferguson
Page 310Ferguson, Ferkins, Fern, Fernandez, Fernau, Ferree, Ferrill, Ferren, Ferrenteo, Ferreter, Ferrier, Ferrill, Ferris, Ferro, Ferry, Fesler, Fessler, Fetterman, Fezler, Fichti, Ficken, Fickess
Page 311Fickle, Fidler, Fiegel, Field, Fielden, Fielder, Fielding, Fields, Fiellin, Fife, Figg, Figgs, Fightmaster
Page 312Fightmaster, Fike, File, Filer, Files, Filley, Fillingin, Filson, Fimple, Finch, Fincher, Finchum, Findlay, Findley, Finerty, Finigan, Fink, Finkelstein, Finley
Page 313Finley, Finn, Finnegan, Finnell, Finney, Finninger, Finoco, Fipps, Firebaugh, Firnberg, Fischer, Fish
Page 314Fish, Fishback, Fishbein, Fishburn, Fishell, Fisher, Fishman, Fishwick, Fisk, Fitch, Fite, Fitschen, Fitts
Page 315Fitwell, Fitzgerald, Fitzpatrick, Fitzsimmons, Fizer, Flack, Flagler, Flaharida, Flahart, Flaherty, Flanagan, Flanary, Flanery, Flanigan, Flaniken, Flasey, Flatt, Flaugher, Flaxman, Flayhart, Fleck, Fleeks, Fleener, Fleenor, Fleeting, Fleetwood, Fleharty, Fleig, Fleming
Page 316Fleming, Flemming, Flenoy, Flesher, Fletcher, Flick, Flicker, Flickinger, Flin, Flinn, Flint, Flinthoff, Flippen, Flippin, Flippo, Flitch, Flitterson, Flohr, Flohre, Flood, Floodas, Flora, Flores, Flouer, Flournoy, Flow, Flower, Flowers
Page 317Flowers, Floyd, Fluhr, Fluke, Flurry, Flynn, Flynt, Foale, Foerster, Fogarty, Fogg, Fogles, Folan, Foley, Folger, Folker, Folks, Follwell, Folmar, Folsom, Foltz, Fondren
Page 318Fong, Fonvielle, Fonville, Fooshe, Fooshee, Foote, Foraker, Foral, Forbes, Forbis, Forby, Forcade, Force, Ford
Page 319Ford, Foreaker, Foree, Foreman, Forgan, Forget, Forgue, Forkner, Forline, Forman, Forrce, Forrest, Forrester, Forsberg, Forster, Forsyth, Forsythe, Fortenberry, Forth, Fortier, Fortis, Fortner, Fortson, Fosnot, Foss
Page 320Fossett, Fost, Foster
Page 321Foster, Fotlas, Fotopoulos, Fouch, Fountain, Fountaine, Fouquet, Fourt, Foutch, Fouts, Foutz, Fowler, Fowls, Fox
Page 322Fox (typo - Fowler), Foxworthy, Foy, Foyll, Frady, Frakes, Frame, France, Francis, Francisco, Franco, Francosco, Francy, Franger, Frank
Page 323Frank, Franke, Frankenstein, Frankford, Franklin, Franks, Frans, Franser, Frantz, Franz, Frary, Fraser, Fray, Fraysher, Frazee, Frazier, Frech
Page 324Fredel, Fredendall, Frederici, Frederick, Fredericks, Frederickson, Fredman, Freeburger, Freeburn, Freed, Freede, Freedle, Freeling, Freels, Freely, Freeman, Frees, Freese, Freidman, Freie, Fremont
Page 325French, Fressel, Fretwell, Fretz, Frey, Friar, Frick, Fricke, Frickel, Fricks, Friday, Friddie, Friddell, Fridia, Fried, Friedenheit, Friel, Friend, Friendly, Frier, Frierson, Fries, Fringer, Frisbie, Friss, Fritts, Fritz
Page 326Fritz, Fritzson, Frizielle, Frizzell, Froehlig, Frogge, Fross, Frost, Frow, Fry, Frye, Fryer, Fryman, Frymire, Fuchs, Fudge, Fuehner, Fuentes, Fuget, Fuhr, Fulfer, Fulfs, Fulgham, Fulkerson, Fulks, Fullbright, Fullen, Fullenwider, Fuller
Page 327Fuller, Fullerton, Fullgraf, Fullove, Fullum, Fulmer, Fulps, Fulton, Fultz, Funk, Funkhouser, Funnell, Fuqua, Furbee, Furlough, Furman
Page 328Furr, Furray, Furrey, Fuson, Fuss, Futrell, Fuzzell

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