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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1925 City Directory - C

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Page #Surnames in order they appear. Not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 211Caballero, Cabaniss, Cable, Cabrera, Cackler
Page 212Cackler, Caddell, Cade, Cadieux, Cadwallader, Cadwell, Caesar, Caffee, Caffo, Caffrey, Cage, Cagle, Cago, Cahall, Cahill, Cailey, Cain, Caine, Cairns, Calcote, Calder, Caldwell
Page 213Caler, Calhoun, Calk, Calkins, Call, Callagy, Callahan, Callan, Callarman, Callaway, Callen, Callender, Callicotte, Callihan, Callis, Callison, Calloway, Callum, Calnin, Calori, CaLoria, Calvert, Calvi, Calvin, Calyer, Cameron
Page 214Cameron, Caminetti, Cammer, Camp, Campagna, Campbell
Page 215Campbell, Campey, Campmire, Campos, Camuse, Canada, Canady, Canahl, Canant, Canary, Canavan, Cane, Canfield, Canion, Cann, Cannady
Page 216Cannefax, Canning, Cannon, Canonico, Cansler, Canter, Canterberry, Cantrell, Canty, Cape. Capehart, Capel, Capell, Capener, Caperton, Caplen
Page 217Caplinger, Caporal, Capps, Capshaw, Caradine, Caraway, Card, Cardell, Carden, Cardenas, Carder, Cardin, Cardwell, Care
Page 218Carel, Carey, Cargill, Cargin, Cargo, Carithers, Carl, Carleton, Carlett, Carletti. Carley, Carlin, Carlisle, Carlock, Carlson, Carlton, Carmichael, Carnahan, Carnal, Carne, Carnegie, Carnes, Carney
Page 219Carney, Carona, Carothers, Carpenter, Carr
Page 220Carpenter, Carreker, Carrel, Carrick, Carrico, Carrier, Carriker, Carrillo, Carrington, Carrol, Carroll, Carruth, Carruthers, Carry, Carson
Page 221Carson, Carswell, Cartall, Carter
Page 222Carter, Cartlidge, Carton, Cartt, Cartter, Cartwright, Caruthers, Carver, Cary, Casad, Casas, Case
Page 223Casey, Cash, Cashwheeler, Casida, Casler, Casner, Casparis, Caspary, Casper, Cass, Cassady, Cassat, Casselberry, Cassell, Cassetty, Cassidy, Cassil, Cassingham, Cassilos, Cassius, Castello, Caster, Castiller, Castle, Castleberry, Castner, Casto
Page 224Caston, Castor, Castro, Caswell, Cate, Cater, Caterman, Cates, Cathcart, Cathey, Cation, Cato, Caton, Catron, Catt, Cauby, Caudill, Caudill, Caudle, Caughey, Caughron, Cauley, Caulk, Causby, Cauthorn, Cavanaugh, Cave, Cavena, Cavender, Cavett, Cavin, Caviness, Cavins, Cavitt, Cavnar
Page 225Celestine, Cella, Center, Cephus, Cermak, Cernosek, Cerny, Cervin, Chaband, Chadd, Chadek, Chadle, Chadwell, Chadwick
Page 226Chadwick, Chaffee, Chaffin, Chalker, Challacombe, Challenner, Challinor, Challis, Chalmers, Chamberlain, Chamberlin, Chambers, Chambless, Chamblin, Chamlee, Champion, Chanaberry, Chance, Chancellor, Chandilas, Chandler
Page 227Chandler, Chaney, Channell, Chant, Chantre, Chantry, Chapel, Chapin, Chaplan, Chapman, Chappell, Chappelle, Charboneau, Charles, Charlton, Chase
Page 228Chase, Chastain, Chastane, Chatman, Chattin, Chauncey, Chauvin, Chaves, Chavey, Chazanow, Cheatham, Cheatwood, Cheaves, Checkovsky, Cheek, Cheever, Cheeves, Chenault, Cheney, Chenoweth
Page 229Chernosky, Cherry, Chesbro, Chesney, Chesnut, Chesnutt, Chester, Chesterman, Chestine, Chestnut, Cheuvront, Cheves, Chevez, Chevreaux, Chew, Chezem, Chick, Chicoraske, Chidester, , Childers
Page 230Childress, Childs, Chiles, Chilton, Chimperia, Chinn, Chipley, Chipwood, Chisco, Chism, Chisum, Chitton, Chitty, Chitwood, Chlonbes, Choate, Choi, Choplin, Chopline, Chopp, Chowning, Chrisco, Chrismon, Christburgh, Christenberry, Christensen, Christenson, Christian, Christie, Christison, Christmas
Page 231Christnier, Christoff, Christoph, Christos, Christson, Christy, Chronister, Chrusong, Chubb, Chugon, Chumbley, Chumley, Chun, Church, Churchill, Churchwell, Cies, Cinnamon, Circle, Cisar, Cissna, Cissne
Page 232Claggett, Claiborne, Clair, Clanton, Clapp, Clapper, Clapps, Clardy
Page 233Clardy, Clare, Claridge, Clark
Page 234Clark
Page 235Clark, Clarke, Clarkson, Clary, Clasby, Clasen, Classen, Claunch, Clause, Clauss, Claussen, Clausson, Clawson, Clay
Page 236Clay, Claymore, Clayton, Clearwater, Cleary, Cleaver, Clegern, Clegg, Cleghorn, Clem, Clemens, Clement, Clements, Clemer, Clemmons, Clemons, Clemonts, Clendenning, Clendinen, Cleveland
Page 237Ceveland, Clevenger, Clever, Cleverdon, Click, Cliff, Clifford, Clift, Clifton, Cligan, Climer, Cline, Clingan, Clinton, Cloer, Clogston, Clohessy, Clonts, Cloonan, Clopton, Clore, Close, Clothier, Cloudman, Clouette, Clough, Cloughley
Page 238Cloughley, Clouse, Clowz, Clubb, Cluett, Clutier, Clymer, Clyne, Coakley, Coastos, Coate, Coates, Coats, Cobb, Cobeldick, Cober, Coberly, Coble, Coburn, Cocanougher, Cochran
Page 239Cochran, Cochrell, Cocker, Cockrane, Cockrell, Codding, Coder, Codington, Codner, Cody, Coe, Coen, Cofer, Coffee, Coffeen, Coffelt, Coffer, Coffey, Coffin, Coffman, Cofield, Cogburn, Cogdell, Coggin, Cogle
Page 240Cogswell, Cohagan, Cohee, Cohn, Cohoon, Coil, Coillot, Coils, Coiner, Coker, Colantonio, Colberg, Colbert, Colby, Colclasure, Colclazier, Colcord, Coldiron, Cole
Page 241Cole, Coleman, Colerich, Coles, Coley, Colgrove
Page 242Collar, Collard, Collenbarger, Collenor, Collett, Collette, Colley, Collier, Colligan, Collingsworth, Collins
Page 243Collins, Collinsworth, Collis, Colliver, Collopy, Colpitts, Colson, Colt, Colter, Coltharp, Colton, Colum, Colvert, Colvin, Colwell, Colyer, Comarena, Combee, Combes, Combest, Combs, Comegys
Page 244Comegys, Comer, Commons, Compson, Compton, Comstock, Conant, Conaway, Conboy, Conde, Condley, Condon, Cone, Cones, Congdon, Conger, Conine, Conkle, Conklin, Conkling, Conkwright, Conlan, Conley
Page 245Conley, Conliff, Conliffe, Conlin, Conn, Connally, Connant, Connell, Connellee, Connelly, Conner, Connerly, Conners, Connery, Conneway, Connolly, Connor, Connors, Conover
Page 246Conover, Conquest, Conrad, Conrey, Consigny, Constant, Constantine, Converse, Convoy, Conway, Conyers, Coody, Cook
Page 247Cook
Page 248Cook, Cooke, Cooker, Cookston, Cooley, Coolley, Coombes, Coombs, Coomer, Coon, Coone, Cooney, Coop, Cooper
Page 249Cooper, Coopwood, Cooter, Coots, Coover, Copas, Cope, Copeland
Page 250Copeland, Copp, Coppage, Copper, Coppinger, Coppock, Corbett, Corbin, Corbitt, Corbly, Corbyn, Corcoran, Cordell, Corder, Cordonnier, Corey, Corken, Corker, Corkill, Corkle, Corkum, Corlett, Corlew, Corley, Corn, Cornelison, Cornelius
Page 251Cornelius, Cornell, Cornelson, Corner, Cornett, Cornish, Cornwell, Corona, Correll, Corrigan, Corringer, Corse, Cortner, Corwin, Cory, Coryell, Cosby, Cosdon, Cosgrove, Coshott, Coshow, Cosman
Page 252Cosman, Cosper, Cossa, Cossey, Cossota, Costa, Coste, Costello, Coster, Costigan, Coston, Costos, Cothrine, Cothron, Cothrun, Cotner, Cotten, Cotter, Cotteral, Cottingham, Cottle, Cotton, Cottrell, Cottry, Couch, Couchman, Coulson, Coulter, Coulthard, Council, Countryman, Conuts
Page 253Coupke, Courcier, Courser, Coursey, Courtner, Courtney, Cousin, Cousins, Couturie, Cover, Coverdale, Coverse, Covert, Covey, Covi, Covington, Cowan
Page 254Cowan, Cowden, Cowdrey, Cowell, Cowen, Cowger, Cowgill, Cowin, Cowing, Cowlard, Cowle, Cowley, Cowman, Cowper, Cox
Page 255Cox, Coxen, Coxland, Coy, Coyle, Coyne, Cozart, Cozatt, Crabb, Crabne, Crabtree, Craddock
Page 256Craddock, Crader, Craft, Cragger, Craghead, Crahan, Craib, Craig, Craiger, Craiker, Crail, Crain, Cralle, Cramer, Cramm, Crandall, Crandell, Crane
Page 257Crane, Crank, Cranton, Craugh, Craul, Cravens, Crawford, Crawley, Crayton, Creach, Creager, Creagh, Creamer, Creason, Creavy, Credille, Cree, Creech
Page 258Creecy, Cregan, Cregar, Cregor, Crehan, Crenshaw, Cresens, Cress, Cressler, Cresswell, Creveling, Crevoiserat, Crew, Crews, Cribbs, Crick, Crickard, Criddle, Crider, Criley, Crill, Crim, Criner, Cringle, Cripliver, Crismon, Crismore, Crisp, Criss, Crissman, Crist, Crisswell, Critcher, Critchfield, Critchlow, Crites
Page 259Crites, Crittenden, Croak, Crocker, Crockett, Crockham, Crofford, Crofoot, Croft, Croll, Croley, Cromer, Cromwell, Cronan, Cronk, Cronkhite, Crook, Crooks, Crookshank, Croomes, Crosby, Crosier, Crosno, Cross
Page 260Cross, Crosse, Crossley, Crosslind, Crossman, Crossmyer, Crosswell, Crosthwait, Crothers, Crouch, Croun, Crow, Crowden, Crowdus, Crowe, Crowell, Crowl, Crowley, Crown, Crownover, Crowther, Crowthers, Croxton, Croy, Crozier, Cruce
Page 261Cruce, Cruger, Cruice, Cruikshank, Crum, Crumby, Crume, Crummey, Crump, Crumpe, Cruse, Crutcher, Cruz, Cruzan, Cryderman, Cudd, Cuddihee, Culbert, Culberson, Culbertson, Cull, Cullen, Cullers, Culley, Cullimore, Cullins, Cullis, Cullison, Cullom
Page 262Cullom, Cullum, Cullums, Culmer, Culp, Culter, Culvahouse, Culver, Cumby, Cumiskie, Cummings, Cummins, Cundiff, Cunningham
Page 263Cunningham, Cupit, Cupp, Curb, Curbiel, Curd, Curl, Curlee, Curlin, Curll, Curnutt, Curreathers, Curren, Currens, Current, Currie, Currier, Curry, Curtice, Curtin, Curtis, Curtiss, Curttright, Cusack, Cushenberry, Cushing, Cushman
Page 264Custenborder, Custer, Cutchall, Cuthbert, Cuthbertson, Cutler, Cutright, Cuzick, Cypert, Czarnikow

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