Welcome to The Farm Journal Illustrated 1916 Directory of Williams County, Ohio

We have scanned the original directory for Williams County, Ohio published 1916 and indexed it for your quick search. This publication includes separate directories for Bryan and Montpelier which can be accessed via the links below. Click on the page number which corresponds to the first letter of the last name for the person you are seeking. Clicking on the page number should take you to the appropriate page. These pages are scans of the original document which are fairly large files. The average page is about 80K and will download slowly if you are not on a fast connection. Please be patient and let us know if you have problems accessing the pages.

Page #Description / Surnames
Page 3Title Page
Page 4Advertisements
page 5Williams County facts and figures
page 6advertising
page 7Williams County facts and figures cont.
page 8planting table
page 9advertising
page 10advertising
page 11planting table cont.
page 12advertising
page 13index to advertisers
page 14advertising
page 15advertising
page 16advertising
Pages 17 - 43

Bryan, Williams County, Ohio Directory

Pages 44 - 62

Montpelier, Williams County, Ohio Directory

63 - 180

Williams County Directory

page 63abbreviations
page 63Abbott, Aberle, Abry, Acker, Adair, Adams
page 64Adamson, Aeschliman, Agnew, Akey, Aldrich, Alexander, Alherts, Alleman, Allen, Aller, Allion, Allison, Allman, Allomong, Almond, Alshouse, Altaffer, Altman, Alvord, Alwood
page 65Ames, Amsbaugh, Amstutz, Anders, Andre, Andrew, Annette, Ansbaugh, Ansley, Anspaugh, Anthony, Apt, Arkwright, Armbruster, Armstrong, Arnold
page 66Arnold, Arnos, Arnsberger, Aschilman, Ashby, Aslan, Athy, Augle, Augustine, Avery, Awker, Ayres
page 66Bachman, Bachtal, Back, Bader, Badgley, Badman, Baer, Baerlin, Baha, Bailey
page 67missing
page 68missing
page 69Beach, Beal, Beall, Beamont, Beard, Beatty, Beaver, Beavers, Beaverson, Bebee, Bechtol
page 70Bechtol, Beck, Becker, Beckley, Becky, Beebe, Beerbower, Begby, Behneke, Beilharz, Belcher, Belknap, Bell, Bender, Benedict, Benham, Benner, Bennett, Bercaw, Bergerman, Bergman, Berkhart, Bernath, Berno, Berrier
page 71Berrier, Besancon, Best, Bester, Bethel, Betts, Betzer, Beucler, Beuhrer, Bever, Bible, Bigbee, Billau, Bingaman, Bingman, Birdman, Bistline, Black, Blair
page 72Blair, Blaisedale, Blessing, Blintzler, Blomeke, Bloown, Bloom, Blosser, Blue, Bluebaker, Blunt, Bly, Blythe, Bodman, Boen, Boesti, Bohner, Bohney, Boillot, Boise, Boiser, Boisher, Bojrab, Bolby, Bollan, Bollinger, Boman, Bond, Bonnie, Bookmiller
page 73Bookmiller, Books, Boos, Boothman, Bordner, Borkholder, Boroff, Borton, Bosserman, Bostater, Bostetter, Boucher, Bouer, Bourdner, Bourquin, Bowen, Bower, Bowerbach, Bowers, Bowersox, Bowles, Bowling, Bowman
page 74Bowman, Boyd, Boyer, Boyes, Boyle, Boynton, Boyrab, Braden, Bradford, Bradhurst, Brady, Bragg, Brakeman, Brandebery, Brandon, Brannan
page 75Brannan, Brant, Bratten, Bratton, Braum, Brenner, Brethour, Bretthaur, Bricker
page 76Bricker, Briggs, Brigle, Brim, Briner, Bringman, Brinkman, Britton, Brogard, Brognard, Brooks, Brosy, Brown
page 77Brown, Brownwell, Brubaker, Bruns, Bruot, Buch, Buck, Buckingham, Bucklew, Buda, Buehrer, Buell, Bumb, Bumpus
page 78Bumpus, Bunce, Burbic, Burbower, Burch, Burchell, Burgbacher, Burk, Burke, Burkhardt, Burkhart, Burkholder, Burleigh, Burlew, Burns, Burrough, Burt, Busch
page 79Bush, Bushong, Butler, Butts, Byers, Byroad
page 79Cain, Caldwell, Callender, Calvin, Cameron, Camp, Campbell, Canaga, Canfield, Cannon, Cape, Capes, Carey, Carl, Carlin
page 80Carothers, Carpenter, Carr, Carroll, Carter, Carvin, Case, Casebere, Caskey, Casper, Cassel, Cassidy, Cassil, Cast, Caster, Castor, Caulkins, Chamberlain, Chamberlin, Chambers, Champion, Chaney, Chapman, Chappius
page 81Chappius, Charles, Charpiot, Chase, Cheney, Chilcote, Childs, Chilson, Chirra, Chrisman, Vhrist, Christoffel, Christy, Chritchfield, Church, Clandon, Clapp, Clapper, Clark
page 82Clark, Clary, Clay, Clendenen, Cleveland, Cliffordgee, Cliffton, Clifton, Cline
page 83Clinger, Clodfelter, Close, Closson, Coats, Coble, Coblentz, Cocanower, Cogswell, Cohn, Coke, Coldsnow, Coleman, Coler, Coles, Colin, Collamore, Collie, Collins, Collomore, Colon, Colter, Coltrider, Coman
page 84Combs, Conger, Conkey, Conkle, Connelly, Connin, Connolly, Converse, Cook, Cooley, Coolman, Coon
page 85Coon, Coonrod, Cooper, Copeland, Copley, Coppins, Corbett, Corman, Cornell, Coshanan, Coslet, Coss, Cotter, Cotterman, Coulon, Coulter, Countess, Courtney, Cover, Coverse, Cowgill, Cox, Coy
page 86Coy, Crall, Cramer, Crawford, Creager, Creek, Crepps, Crist, Critchfield, Crites, Crocker, Croft, Cromley, Crommer, Cromwell, Croninger, Cronk, Crossland, Crossley
page 87Crossley, Crothers, Crow, Crull, Crum, Crummell, Crumrine, Culberson, Culbert, Culler, Culp, Cummings, Cummins, Cunningham, Cuquel, Curl, Curry, Curtis, Custar
page 88Custer, Cutler
page 88Dachsteiner, Daft, Dagan, Daggett, Daner, Daniels, Darby, Darget, Dargitz, Darkes, Darling, Darr, Daso, Davidson, Davis
page 89Davis, Dawes, Dawson, Day, Deal, Dean, Deck, Decker, Deeds, De Groff, Dehabey, Deisler, Deitz, Delcamp, Delenbaugh, Delfinthel, Dellinger, Denham
page 90Denman, Detwiler, Devos, De Wire, Dick, Dickinson, Dickison, Diehl, Dietrich, Dietsch, Dile, Dill, Dilts, Dilworth, Dirkenberg, Dirr, Disbro
page 91Disbro, Dittamore, Dittenhafer, Divert, Dixon, Doan, Docksteiner, Dohm, Dohner, Dolph, Donaldson, Done, Doner, Donze, Doolittle, Doriot, Dorshimer, Doty, Doughten, Doughton, Douglas, Douglass, Dove, Dow, Downey, Downing
page 92Downing, Downs, Drake, Drehr, Dresbaugh, Drohan, Dront, Drum, Dugan, Duhl, Dunham, Dunkin, Dunlap, Dunn, Duquid, Durbin, Durr, Dury, Dustin, Dye
page 92Eagelkrout
page 93Eager, Eagle, Earlston, Easler, Easterday, Easterly, Eaton, Ebaugh, Eberly, Ebinger, Echard, Echler, Eckels, Eckerfield, Eding, Edwards, Egbert, Egelkrout, Eggleston
page 94Egley, Ehrat, Ehrmin, Eichelberger, Eisaman, Eiserman, Elder, Elinger, Elliott, Ellis, Elser, Elson, Ely, Emanuel, Emmett, Emrick, Engle, Engler, English, Ennis, Ensign, Enterline, Erb, Erney, Ervers, Ervin, Eschhofen, Esterline
page 95Esterline, Estrich, Evans, Everets, Everhart, Evers, Ewan, Ewing, Eyer, Eyster
page 95Faber, Fackler
page 96Fackler, Fadely, Fadley, Fairchild, Faith, Faler, Falkner, Farber, Farlee, Farley, Farling, Farllee, Farnham, Farr, Fast, Faulhaber, Faulkner, Faunce, Favorite, Feighner, Felger, Felix, Felkey, Fenicle
page 97Fenicle, Fenimore, Ferber, Ferguson, Ferrall, Ferrier, Ferris, Fesh, Fetters, Fex, Fickle, Fidlet, Fielitz, Fifer, Figgins, Figley, Fiig, Fike, Filhour, Finch, Fink, Finkbiner, Finken, Firestone, Firevoid, Fischer, Fiser, Fisher
page 98Fisher, Fitzcharles, Fitzenrider, Fix, Flegal, Flemming, Fletcher, Flickinger
page 99Flickinger, Flightner, Flora, Flory, Flower, Floyd, Folk, Ford, Foreman, Forester, Forget, Fortney, Foster, Foust, Fox
page 100Fox, Frager, Frank, Franks, Frappler, Frausch, Frazier, Freese, Frees, French, Freyman, Fried, Friend, Frisbie, Fritch, Fritz, Fritzsche, Frost, Fry, Fulmer, Fulton
page 101Fulton, Funk, Fusselman, Fyke
page 101Gabriel, Gaines, Gallatin, Galloway, Gallutia, Gamber, Gambler, Gansmiller, Garber, Gardner, Gares, Garland, Garrison, Garside, Garwood, Gaskill, Gates, Gaunsmiller, Gavin, Gay, Gazarek, Gearhart
page 102Gearhart, Geaselman, Geauque, Gebhart, Gee, Geesey, Geesy, Geiger, Geiselman, Geney, Gentit, Gerry, Gerver, Gesleman, Gibe, Gifford, Giger, Gilbert, Gilcher, Gillett, Gillette, Ginter
page 103Gipe, Gish, Gleason, Glick, Glifford, Glime, Gloar, Glover, Gnagey, Gnepper, Goebel, Goeltzenleuchter, Goist, Golding, Goll, Goller, Goodman, Goodson, Gordon, Gorrell, Goshorn
page 104Goshorn, Graber, Graetz, Grambush, Grandey, Grandy, Grannis, Graque, Grave, Granes, Gray, Greek, Green, Grenman, Grey, Griffin, Grim, Grime, Grimm, Griser, Grisier, Groff
page 105Groff, Grose, Gross, Grubb, Grundish, Guillaume, Guise, Gump, Gundrum, Gunn, Gurwell, Guthrie
page 105Haas, Haddix, Hadley, Haeyes, Hagaty, Hagelberger, Hager
page 106Hagerman, Haines, Hake, Hale, Haley, Hall, Hallock, Hamet, Hamilton, Hammond, Hand, Handy, Hanna, Hannum, Harbaugh, Harden, Hardesty, Harding, Hardter, Harger, Harker, Harland, Harlan, Harley, Harman, Harmon, Harrington, Harris
page 107Harris, Harry, Hart, Harter, Hartman, Hartsock, Hartung, Haskett, Haskins, Hathaway, Haughey, Haughn, Hauk, Hause, Hauser, Havalin, Haven, Havens, Haverfield, Haverstock, Haviland, Hawk, Hawkins
page 108Hawkins, Hay, Haye, Hayes, Heacock, Headley, Healy, Heckel, Heckler, Heckman, Heer, Heimbishner, Heiserman, Heisler, Held, Helf, Helie, Heller, Hellwig, Helmick
page 109Hemenway, Hendricks, Hendrickson, Henning, Henry, Hepker, Heren, Herman, Herr, Herrold, Hershey, Hershiser
page 110Heskett, Hesrick, Heston, Hibbard, Hickman, Hickok, Hockox, Hideiman, Higley, Hilbert, Hilder, Hilger, Hill, Hillard, Himes, Hine, Hineman, Hiner, Hines, Hinkle, Hire, Hirsh, Hisler, Hissong, Hitt
page 111Hoadley, Hoag, Hoak, Hoard, Hoch, Hockenbarger, Hockman, Hodson, Hodgson, Hoff, Hoffman
page 112Hogle, Hogue, Holden, Hollenbaugh, Hollinger, Hollington, Hollopeter, Holstein, Hook, Hoops, Hoover, Hopf, Hopkins, Hoplinger, Horn, Horner, Horning, Horton, Hoskinson, Hosmer, Hostetter, Houk, Houlton, Housman, Housnick, Hoverstock, Howard
page 113Howard, Huard, Hubbard, Hubbell, Huber, Hudak, Hudkins, Huff, Huffman, Hug, Hughes, Hukill, Hultz, Humbarger, Humbart, Humberger, Humbert, Hummel, Humphrey, Hunbarger, Huner, Hunter
page 114Hursh, Hush, Husten, Huston, Hutchins, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Huth, Hyatt, Hyde, Hyland
page 114Imes, Imhoof, Imm, Impton, Ingle, Ingram, Irish
page 115Irish, Iseler, Isenhart, Isenheart, Ishelman, Ishman
page 115Jack, Jackson, Jacob, Jacobs, Jacoby, Jacqua, Jacquin, Jarrard, Jefts, Jenkins, Jenning, Jennings, Jerger, Jewell, Jodry, Johnson,
page 116Johnson, Johnston, Joice, Jolly, Jones
page 117Jones, Joy, Judy, Juillard, Justice
page 117Kaiser
page 118Kaiser, Kalber, Kaltenbach, Kaltenbauch, Kanauer, Kannal, Karnes, Karns, Kaser, Kasper, Kast, Kauffman, Kaufman, Keck, Keeler, Keener,Keeney, Keesler, Keinath, Keiser, Kelble, Kellar, Keller
page 119Keller, Kellermeyer, Kelley, Kellogg, Kemerly, Kendall, Kennedy, Kent, Keppeler, Keppler, Kerr, Kesler, Ketrow, Keyser, Kibler, Kiess
page 120Kiess, Killinger, Kimberly, Kimble, Kime, Kimerly, Kimpel, King, Kinn, Kinney, Kinsel, Kinter, Kintigh, Kintner, Kinzel, Kiplinger, Kirby, Kirk, Kirkenhall, Kirkendaul, Kirkinberg
page 121Kirkingburg, Kirkpatrick, Kiser, Kissaberth, Kissell, Kissinger, Kizer, Kline, Klinger, Klink, Knapp, Knecht, Knepper, Kniffin
page 122Kniffin, Knight, Knisley, Knox, Knuth, Koby, Koch, Kock, Koerner, Kohl, Kohlenberger, Kollar, Kollars, Konacne, Koser, Kosier, Krause, Krauss, Kreiger, Kress, Krill
page 123Krill, Krisher, Krisnell, Kryling, Kuehne, Kuhn, Kuhns, Kumnick, Kuney, Kunkel, Kunkle
page 124Kunkle, Kunsman, Kurtz, Kuse, Kuster, Kuszmaul, Kutler, Kuttler, Kutzli, Kyle, Kyper
page 124Lace, Lacer, Ladd, Laeiss, Laferty, Lahrman, Lamberson, Lambright, Lamee, Landel, Landis
page 125Landis, Landon, Lane, Laneus, Lang, Langley, Laning, Lantz, Lanues, Lanum, Lape, Lapes, Larkin, Larue, Lasch, Laser, Lash, Latimer, Lattanner, Laub, Laughlin, Lautz, Lautzenheiser, Law, Lears, Leavy, Lee, Leedy, Leek
page 126Lees, Lehman, Leidich, Leinard, Leininger, Leonard, Lerch, Lesnet, Lett, Lew, Lewis, Light, Lilly, Limbaugh, Lind, Lindau, Lindersmith, Lindsey, Lingle, Lininger, Linn
page 127Lint, Linville, Lippy, Lirot, Little, Livensparger, Lloyd, Lockhart, Lockwood, Logan, Lonabarger, Long, Longsworth, Loomis, Lorentz, Lortz, Lougheed
page 128Lougheed, Loutzenheizer, Loutzenhizer, Louys, Lovejoy, Lowe, Lowry, Lucas, Luce, Lucy, Luke, Lump, Lus, Luty, Lutz
page 129Lutz, Luxan, Luxenburger, Lynn, Lyons
page 129McAllister, McAntire, McCamis, McCann, McCavit, McClain, McClellan, McClelland, McClintock, McCollins, McCombs, McConaghy
page 130McConeghy, McConnel, McCool, McCord, McCormic, McCoy, McCrea, McCurdy, McDaniel, McDonald, McGrew, McGuire, McKarns, McKay, McKelvey, McKinney, McLain, McLaughlin, McHees, McQuilkin, Maahlfeld, Mack, MacLane, Maginn, Magner
page 131Magner, Magold, Mahaffey, Mahler, Maier, Mairs, Malchers, Malcolm, Malsch, Manak, Maneval, Manger, Manley, Mann, Manning, Manon, Manweiler, Marhan, Mark, Marks
page 132Marsh, Martens, Martin, Martzlof, Marzoff, Mason, Mast, Masters, Mathews, Matthews, Mattison, Mattis, Mattoon, Mauerhan, Mauk
page 133Mauk, Maurer, Mavis, Maxton, Maxwell, May, Mayer, Meachem, Mead, Means, Mechan, Meech, Meek, Mehrling, Meiser, Melcher, Melott, Mendelson, Mepham, Mercer
page 134Merrifield, Merriman, Merry, Merryfield, Messner, Metcalf, Metsler, Mettatol, Mettler, Metz, Metzger, Metzler, Meyer, Meyers, Michaels, Mick, Midling, Mignery
page 135Mignery, Mignin, Miles, Milkey, Millbauer, Miller
page 136Miller
page 137Miller, Milliman, Mills, Miner, Miner, Misel, Miser, Mitchell, Mizner, Mocherman, Mohr, Momyer, Money, Monn, Monosmith, Moog, Moon, Moore
page 138Moore, Morey, Morningstar, Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Morton, Mortz, Moseman, Moses, Mosher, Mosier, Moss, Motter, Motterm, Moulton, Mowdy
page 139Mowry, Moyer, Muehlfeld, Muma, Munch, Munday, Mundwiler, Mundy, Munroe, Munson, Murbach, Murdock, Murphy, Murray, Murry, Musser, Myers, Myser
page 139Naked, Neal, Neer, Neff, Neidhart
page 140Neil, Neill, Neister, Nelson, Netz, Newcomb, Newcomer, Newcomber, Newhouser, Newman, Nicholls, Nichols, Nigrant, Nihart, Nisley, Nixon, Noble, Nofziger, Nold, Norrick, Norris, Nowak, Nye
page 141Nye
page 141Obdycke, Oberlander, Oberlee, Oberlin, Ogden, Ogle, Oldfield, Olds, Oliver, Ollerman, Olmstead, Omey
page 142O'Neal, Opdycke, Orewiler, Orstadt, Orton, Osborn, Osman, Overly, Owen, Oxender, Oxenrider, Oxewiler, Oyer, Ozmun
page 142Page, Pahl, Palmer, Parka, Parker
page 143Parkins, Parks, Parney, Parnham, Parrott, Parsons, Partee, Pask, Patow, Patten, Patterson, Patton, Pavka, Paxton, Payne, Peck, Peltcs, Penrod, Pepard, Perkey, Perkins, Perry, Persing, Pervine, Pessefall, Peters, Peterson
page 144Peterson, Pettit, Petty, Peugeob, Peugeot, Peyton, Phelps, Phillips, Pickle, Pierce, Pierson, Pifer, Pike, Pinckley, Piper, Planson, Platt, Plopper, Pointer, Pollock, Pomeroy
page 145Poolle, Poorman, Porter, Posey, Post, Potter, Potts, Poulson, Powers, Poynter, Prasek, Pressler, Preston, Prickitt, Priest, Prouty, Pufka, Pugh, Purdy
page 145Quidort
page 145Racine, Radabaugh, Rainey, Rambacher, Ramer, Ramsey, Randall, Randels, Rannels, Ransom, Rarig, Rataiczak
page 146Rataiczak, Rathburn, Ray, Raymond, Reader, Readinger, Reagle, Reamsnyder, Reas, Reasoner, Reaves, Rech, Redfern, Rediger, Reed, Reese, Reever, Reeves, Reichman, Reid, Reifel, Renaud, Replogle, Repp, Reprogle, Resler
page 147Ressler, Reward, Rex, Reynolds, Rhoades, Rhodes, Rhost, Rice, Rich, Richard, Richards, Richardson
page 148Richardson, Richman, Ricica, Rickard, Rickets, Ricketts, Ricks, Ridenaur, Ridgeway, Ries, Rigelman, Rigg, Riley, Ringenburg, Rings, Rinkle, Riser, Rising, Ritchley, Rittenhouse
page 149Rittenhouse, Rittenour, Ritter, Roan, Robb, Robbins, Robedeau, Robenolte, Roberts, Robinett, Robinson, Robison, Rockenfelder, Rockey, Roe, Roesti, Rogers
page 150Rogers, Rohr, Rohrbaugh, Rohrer, Rolland, Rollin, Rollins, Romanus, Ronk, Roode, Root, Rose, Roseman, Rosenberger, Rosenberry, Rosendaul, Ross, Roth, Rothenberger, Rotsel, Roush
page 151Roush, Roux, Rowland, Rowley, Rowse, Royal, Royce, Royer, Rubel, Rufenacht, Ruff, Ruffer, Ruhly, Rumbacher, Rummell, Rumsey, Runge, Runkle, Rupp, Ruse, Russell, Ruth, Rutledge
page 151St Clair, St John, Sacher
page 152Saddoris, Sage, Sakala, Salsbury, Saltzman, Sampson, Sanders, Sandys, Sanford, Sassanella, Sasser, Saul, Saunders, Sawyer, Sayers, Scammon, Scanlon, Scantlen, Scarpiot, Schaaf, Schad, Schaeffer, Schall
page 153Schall, Schartzer, Schback, Scheer, Schelling, Schieber, Schiebier, Schlachter, Schlagel, Schlegel, Schlosser, Schlusser, Schmetzer, Schmidt, Schmitt, Schmucker, Schneider, Schnur, Schober, Schoonover, Schrag, Schroeder, Schuch, Schug
page 154Schulze, Schuhmacher, Scott, Scovill, Searfoss, Seasholes, Secondcost, Seigneur, Seiler, Seiple, Sell, Sellers, Sells, Semer, Serret, Severance, Severence
page 155Severence, Sewell, Shadd, Shade, Shadle, Shaffer, Shaffter, Shaftner, Shaler, Shambarger, Shammel, Shankster, Sharp
page 156Sharp, Shasteen, Shaul, Shaull, Shaver, Shawley, Shearer, Sheer, Sheets, Sheiber, Shelhart, Shelhouse, Sheline, Shepard, Sherer, Sherman, Sherrin, Shetler, Shiffler, Shiley, Shinbarger, Shinnabarger, Shimabarger, Shipman
page 157Shipman, Shipper, Shirkey, Shirrlow, Shoemaker, Sholl, Shook, Shore, Short, Shouf, Shoup, Showers, Shull, Shultz
page 158Shultz, Shumaker, Sibley, Siders, Sidle, Siebenaler, Siegel, Siegneuer, Sigg, Silcox, Silvernail, Simes, Simmons, Simon, Simpson, Sindel, Sine, Sines, Single, Sinkey, Sipple, Sise, Skees, Skelton, Skinner
page 159Slagle, Slater, Slaybaugh, Sleeseman, Slife, Sloan, Slosser, Slough, Slusser, Sly, Small, Smart
page 160Smart, Smell, Smetzer, Smith
page 161Smith, Smithley, Smitley, Smitly, Sneary, Snider, Snow, Snyder, Somerlot, Sommers, Souflet, Sousie, Southwell
page 162Southwell, Sowers, Sowles, Sowls, Spade, Spake, Spangler, Speaker, Spealman, Speeker, Speith, Spellman,Speltzer, Spence, Spencer, Sperbeck, Spieth, Spindler, Spivy, Spletzer, Spitzer, Springer, Sprott, Sprunger, Squires, Stackhouse, Stafford, Stahl
page 163Stahl, Stahler, Stailey, Stalhut, Stambaugh, Stants, Stantz, Stark, Starr, Stauffer, Steavens, Stedman, Steele, Steelsmith, Steffe, Steffes, Stellar, Stenger, Stephenson, Sternberger, Stevens, Stewart, Steyer, Stickey
page 164Stickney, Stinger, Stipe, Stiving, Stockman, Stockton, Stofer, Stoffer, Stofford, Stoll, Stoneburner, Stoner, Stonestreet, Stoops, Storer, Stotz
page 165Stough, Stout, Stoy, Strahle, Straley, Strang, Strasbaugh, Stratton, Strawsberger, Strawser, Strawserberger, Strayer, Street, Strobel, Strock, Strole, Stroll, Strong
page 166Strong, Struble, Strup, Stubbs, Stucker, Stuckey, Studer, Stuller, Stultz, Sturdevant, Stwarp, Styer, Suffel, Sullinger, Sullins, Sullivan, Sumner, Suter, Sutter, Svoboda, Swager, Swaisgood, Swaney, Swanger, Swank
page 167Swank, Sweet, Swift, Swisher
page 167Tally, Tannin, Tarr, Tatman, Tawney, Taylor, Teal, Tearney, Tedrow, Teenan, Temple, Tenicle, Tennis, Tharp, Thayer, Thecke, Theobald, Thiel
page 168Thiel, Thiesen, Thomas, Thompson, Thorp, Thourot, Throne
page 169Throne, Throop, Thurston, Tifer, Tillis, Tingle, Tingler, Tingley, Todd, Tokoemk, Tomecek, Tomlinson, Tondy, Toner, Touse, Towers, Town, Towne, Towns, Townsend, Tracht, Trausch, Travis, Traxler
page 170Traxler, Treat, Tressler, Troxel, Troxell, Troxler, Tsweny, Tule, Turbett, Turison, Turley, Turner, Turrittin
page 170Ufer, Ulrich, Umbenhauer, Umstead, Underhill, Underwood, Unger, Unis
page 171Upp, Uran, Ury
page 171Vallen, Vanata, Vanderveer, Van Fossen, Vanness, Van Nortwick, Vanosdale, Van Sickle, Van Wagoner, Van Wormer, Van Wye, Varner, Varns, Vaus, Veirs, Vernier
page 172Vernier, Vogel, Voglesong, Vollmer
page 172Wade, Waechter, Wagner, Wakefield, Waldbogel, Walden, Waldenmyer, Waldfogle, Waldvogle, Walker, Walkup, Wallace, Waller, Wallett, Walley, Wallick
page 173Wallitt, Walt, Walter, Walters, Walz, Wanamaker, Wandle, Ward, Warfield, Warner, Warren, Warrick, Wasnich, Wasnick, Waters, Waterston, Waterstone
page 174Watson, Watts, Waunder, Weaver, Waeverm, Webb, Webber, Weber, Webster, Weeder, Wehrling, Weiderkehr, Weidler, Weidner, Weigle, Weiler, Weiser, Weitz, Welch, Welden, Weldon, Weldy, Welker, Well, Welling, Wells, Welly, Welsh, Werder
page 175Werder, Wert, Wertz, Whaley, Wheeler, Wherle, Whetro, White, Whitla, Whitmore, Whitney, Whyman, Wickerham, Wickey, Widler, Wiederkehr, Wiedner, Wieland, Wieman, Wiford
page 176Wilbur, Wilcox, Wiler, Wiles, Wiley, Wilgus, Wilken, Wilkenson, Wilkins, Willard, Willcus, Willets, Willford, Williams, Williamson, Willibey, Willis, Willman, Willoughby, Wilmer, Wilson, Windle, Winegardner
page 177Wineland, Wines, Wingard, Winger, Winkler, Winters, Winzeler, Wirick, Wirrick, Wise, Wishmire, Wisman, Wisner, Witt, Witzel, Witzerman, Wohlford, Wolf, Wolff, Wolford
page 178Wollet, Wonder, Wood, Woods, Woodward, Woodworth, Woolace, Woolf, Woolis, Word, Worden, Worley, Worth, Worthington, Wortkoetter, Wright, Wyant, Wyatt, Wyman, Wyrick, Wyse
page 178Yackee, Yagel, Yager, Yaney, Yanney, Yarger, Yarlot, Yarlott, Yeager, Yeagley, Yoder
page 179Yoder, Yodr, Yoha, Yokum, Younce, Young, Youse, Yunk
page 179Zebb, Zeeb, Zeigler, Zeiter, Zigler, Zimmerman
page 180Zimmerman, Zimmers, Ziter, Zitus, Zolman, Zouse, Zuber, Zulch, Zuver, Zuvers, Zwayer, Zweigle
181 - 220

Williams County Business Directory

page 181Agricultural Implements - Bakers
page 182Bakers - Blacksmiths
page 183Blacksmiths - Cattle, Horse and Swine Breeders
page 184Cement and Concrete - Coal
page 185Coal - Cooperage
page 186Crate Manufacturer - Drugs
page 187Dry Cleaning - Fire Proof Safes
page 188Fish and Game - Fruit and Produce
page 189Fruit and Produce - General Stores
page 190General Stores - Grocers
page 191Grocers - Harness
page 192Harness - Insurance
page 193Jewelry - Lumber
page 194Lumber - Millinery
page 195Millinery - Optician
page 196Osteopathist - Pianos and Musical Instruments
page 197Pianos and Musical Instruments - Real Estate
page 198Restaurants
page 199Restaurants - Tailors
page 200Tailors - Undertakers
page 201Undertakers - Wool Buyers
page 202Spraying Formulas
page 203Spraying Formulas
page 204Spraying Calendar
page 205Spraying Calendar
page 206Advertising
page 207Poultry Diseases and Enemies
page 208Poultry Diseases and Enemies
page 209Poultry Diseases and Enemies
page 210How to Preserve Eggs
page 211Hog Ailments and How to Treat Them
page 212Hog Ailments and How to Treat Them
page 213Hog Ailments and How to Treat Them
page 214Hog Ailments and How to Treat Them
page 215Hog Ailments and How to Treat Them
page 216Hog Ailments and How to Treat Them
page 217Cow Ailments and How to Treat Them
page 218Cow Ailments and How to Treat Them
page 219Cow Ailments and How to Treat Them
page 220Farmers Bulletins

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