Lancaster, Ohio 1924 / 25 City Directory - L Surnames

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Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 214Lacey, Lach, LaCroix, Laessle, Laginess, Laird, Lake, Lamb, Lamie
Page 215All organizations named for the city
Page 216All organizations named for the city
Page 217Landerfelt, Landis, Lane, Lang, Langel, Langley, Langwasser
Page 218Langwasser, Lantz, Lape, Larimer, Larson, Latham, Laudabaugh, Lauderbaugh, Laver, Law, Lawrence
Page 219Lawrence, Layberger, Layman, Leach, Lee, Leeth, Le Fever, LeFever, Lehew, Lehman, Leiby, Leist, Leitnaker, LeLoup, Leohner
Page 220Leohner, Leonard, Lerch, Lescalleet, Leslie, Lester, Lett, Leul, Levandofsky, Lewis, Leyman, Liff, Liggins, Light
Page 221Light, Limburner, Lincoln, Lindsay, Lindsey, Linn, Linville, Lisinger, List, Little, Littlefield, Littrell
Page 222Littrell, Litzel, Livingston, Lloyd, Lockhart, Lockwood, Leher, Loep, Logan, Logsdon, Logue, Londot, Long, Lonzer, Loomis, Lott, Louder, Louis, Loury, Louvis
Page 223Louzy, Love, Lower, Lowry, Loy, Luckey, Ludwick, Luncar, Lunzar, Lutz
Page 224Lutz, Lyendecker, Lyke, Lynch, Lynn, Lyons, Lysinger, Lyttle