Welcome to Fremont, Ohio 1927 Residential and Business Directory

We have scanned the original directory for Fremont, Ohio for 1927 and indexed it for your quick search.   View the index below and click on page numbers of sections you would like to see or go to the name index and click on the letter which corresponds to the first letter of the last name for the person you are seeking.   You will be taken to a list of page numbers which correspond to specific surnames. Clicking on the page number should take you to the appropriate page.   These pages are scans of the original document which are fairly large files. Pages may download slowly if you are not on a fast connection.   Please be patient and let us know if you have problems accessing them.

Page #Description / Surnames
3 - 96Miscellany - See Below
97 - 290Fremont Residential Directory

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291 - 317Fremont Classfied Business Directory
Page 291Abstracters .. Auto Painters
Page 292Auto Repairs .. Auto Top Mfg
Page 293Auto Wreckers .. Barbers
Page 294Barbers .. Books and Stationery
Page 295Bottlers .. Cigar Mfg
Page 296Cigars .. Coal
Page 297Coats .. Contractors
Page 298Contractors .. Cutlery
Page 299Dental .. Drop Forging
Page 300Drugs .. Fertilizer
Page 301Five and Ten .. Garages
Page 302Gas Companies .. Grocers
Page 303Grocers .. Gunsmiths
Page 304Hairdressers .. Ice
Page 305Ice Cream .. Jewelers
Page 306Junk .. Lawyers
Page 307Lightning Rod Mfg .. Men's Furnishings
Page 308Merchandise .. Noodle
Page 309Notions .. Osteopaths
Page 310Painters .. Physicians
Page 311Physicians .. Printers
Page 312Printers .. Real Estate
Page 313Real Estate .. Rubber Stamps
Page 314Sand .. Shoes
Page 315Sign Painters .. Taxicabs
Page 316Telegraph and Telephone .. Underwear
Page 317Upholsterers .. Welders
3 - 96Miscellany
Page 003Ads
Page 004Ads
Page 005Ads
Page 006Ads
Page 007Ads
Page 008Ads
Page 009Ads
Page 010Ads
Page 011Ads
Page 012Ads
Page 013Ads
Page 014Ads
Page 015Ads
Page 016Ads
Page 017Ads
Page 018Ads
Page 019Ads
Page 020Ads
Page 021Ads
Page 022Ads
Page 023Ads
Page 024Abbreviations
Page 025Title Page
Page 026Miscellaneous Information including clubs, government
Page 027Miscellaneous Information including clubs, government
Page 028Miscellaneous Information including clubs, government
Page 029Miscellaneous Information including clubs, government
Page 030Miscellaneous Information including clubs, government
Page 031Miscellaneous Information including clubs, government
Page 032Street Guide
Page 033Street Guide
Page 034Street Guide
Page 035Street Guide
Page 036Street Guide
Page 037Street Guide
Page 038Street Guide
Page 039Street Guide
Page 040Street Guide
Page 041Street Guide
Page 042Street Guide
Page 043Street Guide
Page 044Street Guide
Page 045Street Guide
Page 046Street Guide
Page 047Street Guide
Page 048Street Guide
Page 049Street Guide
Page 050Street Guide
Page 051Street Guide
Page 052Street Guide
Page 053Street Guide
Page 054Street Guide
Page 055Street Guide
Page 056Street Guide
Page 057Street Guide
Page 058Street Guide
Page 059Street Guide
Page 060Street Guide
Page 061Street Guide
Page 062Street Guide
Page 063Street Guide
Page 064Street Guide
Page 065Street Guide
Page 066Street Guide
Page 067Street Guide
Page 068Street Guide
Page 069Street Guide
Page 070Street Guide
Page 071Street Guide
Page 072Street Guide
Page 073Street Guide
Page 074Street Guide
Page 075Street Guide
Page 076Street Guide
Page 077Street Guide
Page 078Street Guide
Page 079Street Guide
Page 080Street Guide
Page 081Street Guide
Page 082Street Guide
Page 083Street Guide
Page 084Street Guide
Page 085Street Guide
Page 086Street Guide
Page 087Street Guide
Page 088Street Guide
Page 089Street Guide
Page 090Street Guide
Page 091Street Guide
Page 092Street Guide
Page 093Street Guide
Page 094Street Guide
Page 095Street Guide
Page 096Street Guide