Potter Township, Yates County, New York 1914 Farm Directory

Includes part of Rushville Village

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Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 100Abbott, Abeal, Adamson, Ainsley, Algar, Allen, Angell, Armstrong
Page 100Baker, Bardeen, Barker, Barnes, Benedict, Berg, Bergstresser, Best, Binkeley, Blodgett, Boardman, Bogert, Bootes, Bordwell, Boyer, Bragan, Brayton, Briggs, Brunskill
Page 100Campbell, Carey, Carroll, Carson
Page 101Clark, Clawson, Cole, Comstock, Sonklin, Conley, Cook, Coon, Corbit, Covert, Criss, Curtis
Page 101Danes, Davis, Delooza, Densmore, Dernlin, Detro, Dewick, DeWitt, Dinehart, Dinturff, Donnelly, Dorman
Page 101Edmonds, Eggleston, Eldridge, Excell
Page 101Fannings, Fenner, Fisher, Fitch, Fitzwater, Flemming, Ford, Foster
Page 102Foster, Fox, Fraize, French, Furner
Page 102Gaston, Gelder, Gillette, Gleason, Goodheart, Goodman, Goodrich, Goodsell, Graham, Griffin
Page 102Hall, Halstead, Hamlin, Hammond, Harrison, Harvey, Hatch, Hayes, Headley, Headly, Hermans, Hertell, Hey, Hobart, Holbrook, Hopkins, Hunt, Hunter, Hurley, Hurrin
Page 103Hurrin, Hustid
Page 103Ingram
Page 103Jackson, James, Jaqua, Johncox, Johnson, Jones
Page 103Kilpatrick, Kimmes, Kindelberger, Kinnear, Knapp, Korb, Kunes
Page 103Lafler, Lamareaux, Lane, Lathorp, Lazarus, Lazarous, Leddick, Ledgerwood, Lee, Lindsley, Link, Loomis, Louden, Lounsberry, Ludlow
Page 103Mahan, Mann, Martin
Page 104Mather, Matteson, McCann, McGrady, McManis, Melious, Monagle, Morton
Page 104Nageldinger, Neff, Northup
Page 104Olmstead, Osborne, Oswald, Oviatt
Page 104Palmer, Parshall, Parsons, Phelps, Phillips, Pierce, Pinneo, Pomeroy, Pool, Powers, Pratt, Presler, Prosens, Pulver
Page 104Race, Randall, Raymond, Read, Rectenwald, Rector, Reddout, Reifstick
Page 105Reissig, Reynolds, Richie, Rigsby, Robeson, Robinson, Robson, Roe, Rolf, Rugar
Page 105Sanderson, Santee, Sattler, Savaage, Schweickhard, Seddick, Seidel, Shaane, Shedrick, Shuman, Shutts, Simmons, Smith, Snyder, Stape, Sterling, Stiver, Stoddard, Strobridge
Page 106Strobridge, Stuart
Page 106Taylor, Thomas, Tears, Thompson, Tinney, Tomion, Travis, Trinney, Turner, Tuttle, Twitchell
Page 106Underwood
Page 106Van Epps, Voak, Voorhees
Page 106Walbridge, Walther, Ward, Washburn, Watkins, Wayand, Welch, Weller, Wells, Wheat, Wheeler, Whettling, Whitcomb, Wilkin, Wilkins, Williams, Wilson, Wing, Wood, Woodruff, Wyman
Page 107Wyman
Page 107Yau