Jerusalem Township, Yates County, New York 1914 Farm Directory

Includes Branchport, Bluff Point and Keuka Park

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Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 071Adams, Alexander, Allen, Anderson, Andrews, Andrus, Ansley, Armstrong, Athawes, Aumick, Ayers
Page 071Babcock, Bailey, Baker, Baldwin, Ball, Barker, Barnes, Barrett, Barrow, Beane, Beard, Becker, Beden, Beers, Bell
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Page 073Bell, Benedict, Benett, Bennett, Berryman, Bingham, Bishop, Bitely, Blaksley, Bodine, Bogart, Borden, Botsford, Bowen, Boyd, Brady, Briggs, Bronson, Brown, Brundage, Brunskill, Burk, Burnap, Burnham, Burt, Burtch, Bush
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Page 075Bushnell, Butler
Page 075Calhoon, Campbell, Carlin, Carr, Carrol, Carroll, Carvey, Champlin, Chapman, Chase, Chisholm, Christensen, Clark, Clayton, Clute, Coates, Coleman, Cole, Comstock, Conklin
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Page 077Conklin, Conley, Cook, Copson, Corey, Corwin, Coryelle, Costello, Cowan, Coyle, Crofoot, Crosby, Crouch, Cullinen, Culver, Curtis
Page 077Dahn, Darmstadt, Davenport, Davis, Dean
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Page 079Decker, Dennis, DeWitt, Dexter, Dinehart, Dolan, Donaldson, Dowdell, Durham, Durry
Page 079Early, Eastman, Egelston, Englert, Eldred, Ellsworth, Embree, Emerson, Enos, Evans
Page 079Farr, Fausett, Faust, Fear, Fellows, Fingar, Finger, Fitzwater, Flood, Folts, Ford, Fowler
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Page 081Fredricksen, French, Fritz, Fullager
Page 081Gamby, Gast, Gavin, Gelder, Genung, Giibson, Gleavy, Goldrick, Grady, Graves, Griffin, Griffiths, Griswold, Gurnsey
Page 081Habberfield, Haight, Hainer, Haire, Hall, Hallock, Hankerson, Hardman, Harris, Hart
Page 082Hartshorn, Havens, Heath, Heck, Hemenway, Herrick, Herries, Hibbard, Hollister, Holmes, Hopkins, Horton, Houghtailing, Huff, Hulbert, Hunt, Hunter, Hurd, Hurlbut, Hurne
Page 082Ingraham
Page 082Jackson, Jennings, Jensen
Page 083Johnson, Jones, Jorgensen
Page 083Kane, Keech, Kelly, Kennedy, Kemmis, Keuka, Kingsley, Kinyoun, Knapp, Knight
Page 083Lacy, Lamb, Larson, Leclaire, Lee, Legg, Leonard, Lerch, Lewis, Linn, Loder, Long, Longworth, Lounsbery, Luthers, Lynn
Page 083Mace, Mack, Manning, Marsh, Marshall, Martin
Page 084Martin, Mathews, Matteson, McCaul, McConnell, McCormick, McCurdy, McDermott, McGraugh, McGrath, McManus, McMinn, McNeil, McPherson, McKay, Meldrum, Merritt, Milatch, Miller, Mills, Millspaugh, Moon, Moore, Moorehouse, Morris, Morrison, Morse, Moss, Mozealous, Munkbery
Page 084Neilson, Newland, Newton, Niles
Page 085Orr, Oswald, Owen
Page 085Paddock, Palmer, Paris, Parker, Parmelee, Partridge, Peckins, Pederson, Pelton, Penfield, Pepper, Perry, Peterson, Pierce, Porter, Potter, Potts, Powell, Poyneer, Priece, Prosser
Page 086Pulver, Purdy
Page 086Race, Randall, Raymond, Reagan, Remington, Retan, Rice, Richards, Richardson, Riggs, Ringer, Ritchie, Roberts, Robeson, Robinson, Roche, Rogers, Rose, Royell, Rugg, Russell, Rynders
Page 086Sanderson, Schofield, Scott, Serena
Page 087Serena, Shattuck, Shelt, Shepard, Sherman, Sherwood, Shoemaker, Sill, Simmons, Simmonsen, Sisson, Slingerland, Smith, Snyder, Sorensen, Space, Spears, Spink, Sprague, Squires, Stark, Stefferson, Stevens, Stever, Stoddard, Stone, Stork, Stowe, Stryker
Page 088Stryker, Sutfin, Sutherland, Sutton, Sweeney
Page 088Tallman, Tanner, taylor, Tears, Thayer, Thomas, Thompson, Timmerman, Tobey, Torrence, Townsend, Traver, Trenchard, Trimmingham, Truax, Turner, Tuthill, Tuttle, Tyler
Page 088Vail, Valentine
Page 089Valentine, Van Dewater, Van Tuyle
Page 089Wald, Wallace, Warren, Waterman, Watkins, Weed, Welch, Wesco, Wettling, Wheeler, White, Whitney, Wightman, Wilbur, Wilcox, Wilklow, Willett, Williams, Wixom, Wolfe, Wood, Wright
Page 089Yaxley, Yonge