Tyrone Township, Schuyler County, New York 1914 Farm Directory

Includes Villages of Altay, Tyrone and Wayne

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Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 196Aikins, Allen, Andrews, Ardrey, Arnold, Babcock, Bailey, Baker, Barrett, Baskin, Bates, Beech, Bennett, Best, Beyea, Bigelow
Page 197Booron, Boyce, Brace, Brink, Brininger, Brown, Brownere, Bulkley, Butters, Canfield, Carlson, Carpenter, Carr, Chadwick, Chase, Clark, Cole, Cook, Coolbaugh, Cooper, Cornell, Covell, Cowen, CoyKendall, Crans, Crawford, Crowther, Crookston, Crosby, Crowe, Davenport, Davis
Page 198Davis, Dean, Decamp, DeGraw, Demary, Demott, Dencenburg, Disbrow, Dillistin, Donnan, Dykes, Ector, Eveland, Fancher, faucett, Fenno, Ferguson, Fineout, Fleming, Fleet, Fox, Gardner, Ganghan, Giles, Giveans, Goltry
Page 199Goltry, Goundry, Graham, Green, Gregory, Guerin, Guyle, Hall, Hallock, Halock, Hamilton, Hammer, Hammond, Hand, Harrower, Hays, Hedden, Henderson, Hendrix, Hicks, Hill, Hoover, Horton, Houck, Hovey, Howell, Hudson, Huey, Jacobs, Jones
Page 200Kendall, Kinner, Lamb, Lane, Larson, Lawrence, Litteer, Littell, Longwell, Look, Losey, Love, Ladison, Maloy, Manning, Maples, Matoon, McIntyre, Mead, Meade, Miles, Millard, Millis, Morgan, Morrow, Mullory, Norris, Ovenshire, Overhiser, Owen, Park, Parker, Parks
Page 201Paulding, Peck, Perry, Peterson, Phillips, Pitcher, Porter, Pound, Prentiss, Price, Rappleye, Rappylee, Ray, Reynolds, Richtmyer, Ritter, Roberts, Robinson, Ruddick, Runner, Russell, Schuyler, Sebring, Sechrist, Sherwood, Siegrist, Simonson, Smith
Page 202Soules, Sproul, Spears, Statham, Stevens, Stocking, Stons, Storms, Sumner, Sunderlin, Sutfin, Swartout, Swarthout, Swarts, Switzer, Taylor, Templar, Tennant, Todd, Turner, Tuttle, Van Duzer, Vangelder, Van Gorder, Van Liew, Van Scot, Van Vleet
Page 203Van Vleet, Walling, Warren, Westfall, Williams, Willis, Wilver, Wortman, Wyss, Yost
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