Elmira, New York 1876-77 City Directory - C

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 71Cable, Cadoo, Cadwell, Cady, Cafferty, Cagan, Cahaley, Cahill, Cain, Caldwell, Cale, Calery, Calhanan
Page 72Calkins, Call, Callahan, Callanan, Calligan, Callinan, Calvin, Cambell, Cameron, Campbell
Page 73Campbell, Canean, Canfield, Cannan, Cannon, Cardinell, Carey, Cargill, Carle, Carley, Carlisle, Carmady, Carman, Carmody, Carney, Carns, Carpenter
Page 74Carpenter, Carr, Carrier, Carrigan, Carroll, Carruthers, Carson, Carter,Cartledge, Cartwright, Cary, Case, Casey
Page 75Casey, Cashmar, Cass, Cassaband, Cassal, Cassidy, Casterliene, Casterline, Caswall, Catin, Catlin, Caulking, Causer, Cavan, Cavanaugh, Cazazza, Chadbourne, Chadsey, Chager, Chall, Chamberlain, Chamberlin, Chambers, Chandler
Page 76Chapin, Chapman, Charbonnat, Chase, Cheever, Cheery, Cherry, Chester, Chevalier, Chidister, Chidsey, Chittenden, Christian, Christen, Chubbuck, Church, Churchhill
Page 77Churchhill, Cilley, Claflin, Clancey, Clancy, Clapp, Clarbeck, Clark
Page 78Clark, Clarke, Clay, Cleary, Cleever, Cleeves, Clendenning, Cleveland, Cline, Clinton, Cloak, Close, Coakley, Cobaski, Coburn, Coe, Coffee, Coffin, Cohen, Coine, Coke
Page 79Coke, Cokely, Colburn, Cole, Colegrove, Coleman, Coles, Colley, Colligan, Collin
Page 80Collingwood, Collins, Collom, Collson, Colony, Colson, Colton, Combs, Comford, Comfort
Page 81Compton, Comstock, Conden, Condol, Condon, Condry, Congdon, Conger, Conklin, Conley, Conlin
Page 82Connell, Connelly, Conner, Conners, Connors, Considin, Convers, Converse, Conway, Cook
Page 83Cook, Cooke, Cooley, Coon, Cooney, Cooper, Copeland, Copley, Corbit, Corcoran, Coretski, Corey, Corkery
Page 84Corkey, Cornell, Cornish, Cornman, Corrigan, Corson, Cortright, Corwin, Cosgrove, Costello, Cotton, Cottor, Cottrell, Couch, Coughlin, Coulson, Coulton, Courtright, Covell
Page 85Covert, Cowan, Cowell, Cowen, Cowles, Cox, Coykendall, Coyle, Craig, Cramer, Cramp, Crandal, Crandall, Crane, Cranmer, Craven, Crawford, Creamer
Page 86Creaton, Creelman, Creighton, Creque, Crise, Crispin, Crittenden, Crocker, Crogan, Cromer, Cronan, Cronkright, Crook, Cross, Crotty, Crow, Crowe, Crowell, Crowley
Page 87Crowley, Cruikshank, Cruise, Cuddington, Culbert, Culkeen, Cullen, Culp, Culver, Cummin, Cummings, Cummins, Cunningham, Curley, Curly
Page 88Curran, Curren, Curry, Curtain, Curtin, Curtis, Cusic, Cushing

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