Buffalo, New York 1869 City Directory - W

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 483Wachtel, Wackenheim, Wacker, Wackerley, Wackerman, Wade, Wadleigh, Wadlinder, Wadsworth, Waechter, Wael, Wageman, Wagemann, Wagener, Wagfield, Wagland, Waglein, Wagman, Wagner
Page 484Wagner, Wagstaff, Wahl, Wahle, Wahlen, Wahler, Wait, Waite, Waitt, Wakefield, Walbert, Walbridge, Walch, Wald, Waldfried, Waldo, Waldorf, Waldow, Waldrab, Waldraff, Waldren, Waldron, Waldschmidt, Walem, Walgate, Walgen, Walkam, Walked, Walker, Wall
Page 485Wall, Wallace, Wallach, Walland, Wallberg, Wallenhorst, Wallenwein, Wallhaueser, Wallinger, Wallisk, Wallkum, Wallner, Walls, Walpole, Walrath, Walsh, Walter
Page 486Walter, Walters, Walther, Walton, Walty, Walz, Wambel, Wamester, Wandel, Wander, Wanenmacher, Wanger, Wannecott, Wannemacher, Wanner, Wannop, Wanser, Ward, Wardell, Warder, Wardwell, Ware, Warener, Warford, Warhus, Waring, Warkenheim, Warmuth, Warner
Page 487Warner, Warnike, Warning, Warnke, Warpell, Warren, Wartbourg, Wartinger, Warton, Wash, Washburn, Washing, Washington, Wasinger, Waslay, Wasmer, Wasmuth, Wasp, Wasser, Wasserburger, Wassermann, Wasson, Wastman, Water, Waterbury, Waterhouse, Waterman, Waters, Waterworth
Page 488Wather, Watsmuth, Watson, Watsons, Watter, Watters, Watts, Waud, Waverly, Wayland, Weatherby, Weaver, Webb, Webber, Weber
Page 489Weber, Webster, Wechter, Weck, Weckerle, Weckerly, Wedekindt, Wedinger, Wedler, Wedo, Weeckert, Weed, Weekes, Weeks, Wegelin, Wegerer, Weglehner, Wehrung, Weiand, Weibel, Weibert, Weibusch, Weich, Weichel, Weick, Weidenhaus, Weider
Page 490Weidner, Weidrich, Weidt, Weifenberg, Weig, Weig, Weigand, Weigel, Weigelmasser, Weiger, Weighart, Weiglein, Weigs, Weihl, Weil, Weiland, Weilbacher, Weilborn, Weimar, Weimer, Wein, Weinacker, Weinbeer, Weindel, Weinert, Weingartner, Weingaertner, Weinheimer, Weinhold, Weinig, Weinkauf, Weinman, Weinreber, Weinzettler, Weir, Weis, Weise, Weisenberg, Weisenheim, Weiseheimer, Weisiter, Weisgreiber, Weishaar, Weiskotten, Weiskoltin, Weisner, Weiss, Weissenburger, Weissenzell, Weisser, Weissfeldt, Weissgerber, Weissiegel, Weit, Weitd, Weitenhaus, Weitz, Weitzel, Welch
Page 491Welch, Welder, Weldi, Welker, Wellenhover, Weller, Wellington, Wellman, Wells, Wellsteed, Welndel, Welcome, Welsch, Welsh, Welson, Welt, Welte, Welter, Welti, Welty, Welzer, Wemple, Wend, Wendall, Wendel, Wendell, Wenderbush, Wendering, Wendt, Wenner, Wennesheimer, Wensing, Wentworth, Wentz, Wenz
Page 492Wenz, Weppner, Weren, Werich, Werick, Wering, Werker, Werkley, Werlan, Werle, Werly, Wermuth, Wernebes, Werner, Wernitt, Werrick, Werts, Werwatz, Wesch, Wescott, Wesel, Weser, Wesley, Wesp, West, Westbrook, Westcott, Wester, Westerfield, Westerhold, Westermann, Westermeyer, Westfall, Westfalls, Westfield, Westinfelt, Weston, Westphal
Page 493Westphal, Westrup, Westveer, Weter, Wetherill, Wetmore, Wettengel, Wetter, Wettinger, Wettstein, Wetzel, Wetzler, Wex, Weyand, Weyburn, Weyland, Weyler, Whalen, Whaley, Wharton, Wheeldon, Wheelen, Wheeler, Wheelock, Wheetlay, Whelan, Whelen, Whelin, Wherley, Wherrill, Whetner, Whicher, Whicht, Whilinger, Whinham, Whipple, Whisler, Whiston, Whit, Whitaker, Whitby, Whitcomb
Page 494White, Whitelaw, Whiteley, Whiteman, Whitfield, Whiting, Whitman, Whitmore, Whitney, Whittel, Whittemore, Whitton, Whitwell
Page 495Whyle, Wibert, Wich, Wick, Wicks, Wickser, Wickson, Widdmann, Widecar, Wideman, Widemann, Widmer, Widner, Widson, Wiechand, Wieckman, Wiedemann, Wieder, Wiediger, Wiegand, Wiegele, Wieland, Wieman, Wiemann, Wiemer, Wiemert, Wiemner, Wiener, Wierling, Wiesenthal, Wieser, Wiesner, Wigand, Wigger, Wiggins, Wightman, Wihte, Wiland, Wilber, Wilbur, Wilcox, Wild, Wilde, Wilder, Wiles, Wiley, Wilger, Wilgus
Page 496Wilgus, Wilhelm, Wilka, Wilke, Wilkens, Wilkenson, Wilker, Wilkes, Wilkeson, Wilkie, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Wilkowski, Wilks, Will, Willand, Willard, Willax, Wille, Willert, Willganz, Willhard, William, Williams
Page 497Williams, Williamson, Willing, Willis, Willkamm, Willman, Willor, Willoughby, Willrich, Willyoung, Wilmes
Page 498Wilner, Wilpert, Wilson, Wilsonhome, Wilton, Wimmer, Winans, Winant, Winch, Winchester, Winckler, Windisch, Windling, Windraenger, Windrath, Winegar, Winehan, Wing, Winger, Wingfield, Wink, Winkel, Winkelberg, Winkelmann, Winkler, Winklesass
Page 499Winklesass, Winn, Winne, Winner, Winsel, Winship, Winslow, Winspear, Winstel, Winstelberg, Winston, Winter, Winterberger, Mintermantel, Winters, Winterstein, Winther, Wiot, Wippert, Wirsching, Wirth, Wirthner, Wirtz, Wischerath, Wischman, Wise, Wiser, Wisner, Wison, Wisse, Wiswell, Wisword, Witbeck, Withers, Witherspoon, Withmann, Witholz, Witman, Witt, Witte
Page 500Wittenburg, Witter, Wittig, Wittigschlager, Witting, Wittmann, Wittmer, Wittwer, Witzel, Wix, Woad, Woderich, Wodmeyer, Wodrich, Woelfle, Woeller, Woellnitz, Woenhert, Woeppel, Woernecke, Woertz, Woesner, Wofal, Wogel, Wohlfarth, Wohlfart, Wohlfeld, Wolamburg, Wolbert, Wolcott, Woldner, Woleben, Wolenburge, Wolf, Wolfe, Wolff, Wolffer, Wolfla, Wolfle, Wolford, Wolfram, Wolfson, Wolstenholme, Wolstrober, Wolter
Page 501Wolter, Woltge, Wolvert, Wolvin, Wood, Woodall, Woodburn, Woodbury, Woodcock, Woodfoir, Woodruff, Woods, Woodward, Woodworth, Wooliver, Wooster, Worcester, Workman, Worlenberg, Wormid, Wormild, Worst, Worthemer, Worthington
Page 502Worthman, Wortman, Wortz, Wosches, Woughten, Woychachost, Wren, Wrenn, Wright, Wrightson, Wroth, Wryland, Wueinsheimer, Wueple, Wierges, Wuerl, Wuerthner, Wuertner, Wuertz, Wuest, Wuester, Wuller, Wumsch, Wunderle, Wurm, Wurst, Wursteisen, Wurster, Wurte, Wurtner, Wurtz, Wurzer, Wurzmeiler, Wuster, Wutz, Wuufka, Wyatt, Wybrants, Wyckoff, Wyedmer, Wyer, Wylie, Wynkoop, Wynn, Wythe

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