Buffalo, New York 1869 City Directory - MC

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 374McAdams, McAlister, McAllester, McAllum, McAnally, McAndrew, McArthur
Page 375McArthur, McArthy, McArtty, McAuliff, McAvay, McAvey, McAvoy, Mcbean, McBride, McBryde, McBurney, McCabe, McCaepe, McCaffery, McCaffray, McCalffrey, McCall, McCalm, McCann, McCannon, McCanny, McCarick, McCarney, McCarrick, McCarroll, McCarth, McCarthy, McCartney, McCarty
Page 376McCarty, McCauley, McChesney, McChristal, McClain, McClaron, McClary, McClellan, McClennan, McClerey, McClure, McClurg, McClusky, McColl, McCollum, McComb, McComber, McCombes, McConnell, McConvey, McConville, McCool, McCooley, McCord, McCormick, McCourt, McCowin, McCoy, McCrane, McCray, McCrea, McCready, mcCreary, McCredie, McCrocan, McCue, McCullick, McCumber, McCurdy, McCusker, McCutcheon, McDade, McDaide, McDanning, McDaver, McDermott, McDodoff, McDoll
Page 377McDormick, McDonald, McDonell, McDonnald, McDonnell, McDonough, McDougal, McDougall, McDowel, McDowell, McDuffie, McDugal, McDugan, McEachern, McElroy, McElvaney, McElvoy, McEnaney, McEntyre, McEvoy, McEwen, McFadet, McFarland, McFarlane, McFay, McFeely, McFinis, McGallahar, McGalvin, McGamwell, McGann, McGarroll, McGarry, McGean
Page 378McGee, McGeorge, McGetrick, McGillis, McGillivray, McGilvery, McGilvray, McGin, McGinn, McGinness, McGinnis, McGlinn, McGloin, McGloughlin, McGonigle, McGorey, McGowan, McGrahMcGrane, McGrath, McGravy, McGraw, McGregor, McGriffin, McGrogan, McGrovin, McGuffie, McGuigen, McGuire, McGuirk, McGulty, McHale, McHenry, McHerron, McHughes, McIllerion, McIlwreth, McIndoe, McIntosh, McIntyre, McJames, McKabe, MvKane, McKernan, McKaugue, McKay
Page 379McKay, McKee, McKeever, McKelip, McKendrick, McKendry, McKenna, McKenne, McKennon, McKenzie, McKew, McKibbin, McKim, McKinley, McKinlock, McKinna, McKinney, McKnight, McLafty, McLane, McLarty, McLaugh, McLaughlin, McLauglin, McLaren, McLea, McLean, McLeish, McLellan, McLeod, McLeon, McLuckler, McMahan, McMahon, McMan, McManus
Page 380McManus, McMaster, McMasters, McMee, McMerrick, McMichael, McMillan, McMillen, McMinn, McMold, McMullen, McMurray, McMurtry, McNab, McNally, McNamara, McNany, McNarny, McNary, McNaughton, McNautly, McNeal, McNechel, McNeff, McNeil, McNickel, McNish, McNoe, McNulty, McOharry, McPack, McPhail, McPhearson, McPherson, McQuade, McQuan, McQueen, McQueeny, McRoberts, McShane, McShellrey
Page 381McSteen, McTagart, McTigue, McVay, McVicar, McVicker, McWhorter, McWilliams, McWiggin

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