Buffalo, New York 1869 City Directory - M

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 381Maahan, Maas, Maass, Mabbatt, Mabee, Mabie, Macabany, Macartney, Macarty, Macbeth, Macdavitt, Mace, Macey, Mach, Mache, Machemer, Macher, Machett, Machin, Machwirth, Macindue, Mack, Mackavoy, Mackay, Mackelden, Meckenroth, Mackey, Mackie, Mackin, Mackenzie, Macklen, Mackler, Macks, Maclay, Macley, Macnamara, Macnoe, Macomber, Madden
Page 382Madden, Maddigan, Mader, Maderer, Madigan, Madison, Madrer, Maeder, Maeny, Maerz, Magary, Magee, Mager, Magg, Maghain, Magin, Maglauchlin, Magorey, Maha, Mahan, Mahaney, Mahany, Mahar, Maharan, Maharg, Maher, Mahigian, Mahlo, Mahn, Mahnsberger, Mahon, Mahoney, Mahony, Mahoo, Mahrhufer, Maier
Page 383Maier, Maiers, Maijoeres, Maile, Maille, Maillefert, Main, Maires, Maischoss, Maisel, Major, Majot, Maker, Makguee, Malaney, Malay, Malcolm, Male, Malhoubie, Malin, Maller, Mallon, Mallone, Malloy, Malmo, Malone, Maloney, Malony, Maloy, Maltby, Malvey, Malzahn, Malzer, Mamro, Manahan, Manahar, Manaka, Manard, Manarty, Manchester, Mancol, Mandel, Mandeville, Mane, Maney, Mang, Mangan, Mangane, Mangold, Mangolt, Manhard, Manhardt, Manhart, Maniher, Manion, Manley, Mann
Page 384Mann, Manning, Mannis, Manns, Manser, Manweiler, Manyou, Mapes, Mar, Marbes, Marca, Marcer, Marchland, Marcott, Marcus, Marden, Mare, Maredith, Margnan, Margott, Marhover, Mariker, Marion, Mark, Markel, Markham, Markhanes, Markle, Marks, Marksman, Markwirth, Maroney, Marquardt, Marr, Marrow, Marschner, Marsden, Marseille, Marsh, Marshall
Page 385Marvin, Marshall, Marshelow, Marson, Martel, Martens, Marter, Marther, Martin, Martini, Martins, Martyn, Marvel, Marvin
Page 386Marvin, Marx, Mary, Mascary, Masch, Masheeco, Maske, Maskny, Masman, Masmer, Mason, Mass, Massing, Mast, Masten, Masters, Masterson, Matdurs, Math, Mathaes, Mather, Mathes, Mathew, Mathews, Mathewson, Mathis, Matter, Matteson, Matthews, Matthias, Matthies, Mattice, Mattich, Mattis, Mattison, Matz, Matzdorff, Matzeder
Page 387Matzen, Maue, Mauer, Mauerman, Maugham, Maul, Maune, Mauranger, Maurer, Maury, Maus, Mautz, Mavin, Max, Maxwell, May, Maybach, Mayback, Maybee, Maycock, Mayer, Mayers, Mayert, Mayes, Mayhew, Maynard, Mayne, Mayner, Mayo, Maytham, Meacham, Mead, Meade, Meagher
Page 388Mealvellen, Meany, Mear, Meark, Mechler, Mecker, Meder, Meech, Meecham, Meegan, Meehan, Meerscheidt, Mefford, Megan, Megbien, Mehen, Mehigan, Mehl, Mehle, Mehler, Mehlich, Mehltretter, Mehnert, Mehrphal, Mehrstaff, Meickel, Meidenbauer, Meier, Meiers, Meigs, Meik, Meinbau, Meincer, Meindel, Meineehen, Meinhard, Meinske, Meinzer, Meirer, Meisberger, Meisel, Meisentiemer, Meisner, Meiss, Meissen, Meissner, Meissnest, Meister, Meitzer, Meixner, Melancon, Meldrum, Melhaupt, Melican, Melig, Melker, Mellen, Melling, Mellinger
Page 389Mellon, Meloden, Melone, Melony, Meloth, Melville, Melvin, Memm, Mendel, Mendelsohn, Mendsen, Meng, Menge, Menger, Menges, Menhard, Menich, Menig, Menke, Menker, Mensch, Mensen, Mensey, Menz, Meral, Meran, Mercer, Merchand, Merchant, Merchin, Merckle, Merckler, Meredith, Merfield, Mergenhagen, Mergi, Mergier, Merhof, Mering, Merk, Merkel,Merkert, Merkle, Merkling, Merkt, Mernervy, Merrey, Merrick, Merrill, Merringer, Merritt
Page 390Merritt, Mertes, Mertz, Merzig, Meschen, Meskell, Mesmer, Mesner, Messer, Messing, Messinger, Messmer, Messner, Mester, Meston, Metcalfe, Metler, Mettke, Mettler, Mettot, Metty, Metz, Metzdorf, Metzger, Metzke, Metzler, Meurer, Mevins, Meyeas, Meyer
Page 391Meyer, Meyers, Meyersohn, Miatt, Michael, Michahlis, Michel, Mickelson, Micken, Mickens, Mickle, Mickwedde, Middelstaetter, Middleton, Midlan, Miers, Miesel, Miether, Miethsam, Miggie, Mighite, Mignery, Mihlberger, Miholt, Mileham, Miley, Milger, Millar, Millard, Millen, Miller
Page 392Miller
Page 393Miller, Millett, Millidge, Milligan, Milligan, Millington, Millon, Millring
Page 394Millring, Mills, Milnor, Milow, Milson, Milsom, Minehan, Miner, Minery, Miney, Mingen, Mingle, Mings, Minher, Minich, Minicks, Mink, Minkel, Minkle, Minklers, Minnirs, Minnis, Minter, Minton, Mintz, Mirb, Mischka, Mischler, Mischo, Misel, Mislin, Missert, Missner, Mitchell, Mittag, Mittestadt, Mittledorff, Mittlehauser, Mittler, Mitz, Mix, Mixer
Page 395Mobley, Mochael, Mochel, Mock, Moekl, Moehler, Moehring, Moeller, Moelling, Moerschfelder, Moershfelder, Moesch, Moeser, Moessinger, Moest, Moffat, Moffatt, Mohan, Mohany, Mohart, Moholler, Mohoney, Mohr, Mohra, Moining, Moissinac, Molana, Mold, Moldenhauer, Molder, Molds, Moll, Moller, Mollo, Mollock, Molock, Molloy, Molonay, Maloney, Moloney, Molter, Molton, Monaghan, Monahan, Monchow, Moncton, Monet, Monier, Monihan, Monnete, Monning, Mons, Montague, Montgomery, Montke, Moodie, Moody
Page 396Moody, Moon, Mooney, Moor, Moore, Moores, Moorhamer, Moorhead, Moorhouse, Moosbucher, Mopert, Moraity, Moran, Morath, Morbush, Mord, More, Morehead, Morehouse
Page 397Morehouse, Morey, Morgan, Morgenstern, Moriarty, Morin, Morlan, Morland, Morley, Morlock, Morning, Morona, Marray, Morris, Morrisey, Morrison, Morrissee, Morroney, Morrow, Morse, Mortimer, Morton, Mory
Page 398Mosack, Mosbach, Mosburger, Moschel, Moschfelder, Moschky, Moseby, Moseley, Moser, Moses, Mosgeller, Mosgruber, Mosier, Mosle, Moss, Motch, Motsch, Mott, Motten, Moughin, Moulton, Mount, Mourney, Moxley, Moyer, Moylan, Moynihen, Muck, Muckler, Mudh, Muehl, Muehlberger, Muehle, Muehlenkamp, Muehlhaeuser, Muehlig, Muehring, Muelenkamm, Mueler, Mueller, Muench, Muens, Muenz, Muer, Mueschow, Mugridge, Nuhlenbruch, Muie, Muir
Page 399Muirhead, Mulanvick, Mulcahy, Mulclen, Mulde, Muldon, Muldoon, Mulhall, Mulheron, Mulholland, Mulhurn, Nullan, Mullen, Mullenburg, Mullons, Muller, Mullhearn, Mulligan, Mullihan, Mullin, Mulock, Mulvaney, Mumm, Mumthal, Mun, Munce, Muncert, Munch, Munderback, Mundle, Munehy, Munger, Munkel, Munroe, Munschauer, Munschaner, Munson, Muntillon, Muntz, Munzers, Murdock, Muri, Muritt, Murnane, Murphey, Murphy
Page 400Murphy, Murray, Murrett, Muschal, Muschweck, Musholz, Muskopf, Muson, Mussehl, Mussel, Musson, Muthso, Mutter
Page 401Mutter, Mutting, Muzzy, Myers, Myrick

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