Buffalo, New York 1832 City Directory - S

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 103Seymour, Steward, Smith, Salisbury, Steele, Slayton, See
Page 104Stedman, Sperry, Seeley, Sizer, Summers, Shranks, Sage, Spalding, Smith, Shears, Sprague, Smith, Shane, Shaw, Stevens, Swanson, Soper, Smith, Storrs, Styles, Southwick, Smith, Stebbins, Starkweather, Sawin, Stocking, Snow, Smith, Stow
Page 105Stoddard, Sniethen, Smith, Scovill, Shaw, Still, St. John, Skinner, Slocum, Sherburn, Sickles, Sprague, Sergeant, Serret, Skilleman, Stark, Swartz, Seabrooks, Simpson, Scovill, Stever, Sullivan, Sewer, Shaw
Page 106Swatz, Skinner, Stacy, Sloan, Sanderson, Storms, Secor, Sawin, Stanley, Stainthorpe, Smith, Stanger, Stone, Scott, Swayze, Staats, Soup, Stanbrough, Smith, Stickney, Snyder, Shauree, Steele, Sherman, Stevenson, Smith, Spencer, Stanly, Sacket, Sears
Page 107Sherman, Sears, Smith, Sherman, Sergeant, Scotchman, Sloan, Smith, Sheder, Sherwood, Sheffield, Strickland, Swift, Stone, Sherwood, Stephens, Starr, Sauley, Smith, Sturges, Stilwell, Shaeffer, Slade, Sprague, Sherwood, Sparrow, Steele, Stebbins
Page 108Staats, Stocking, Smith, Sanford, Stubbs, Sturgess, Steward, Swartz, Stention, Smith, Staats, Stagg, Sage, Stryker, Smith, Sherwood, Savage, Sawin, Seydel, Steward, Seward, Southwick, Stenchfield, Stevens, Smith
Page 109Strow, Sunderland, Snyder, Staim, Sartwell, Smith, Shumway, Salter, Stevenson, Smith, Stow, Sherwood, Simcoe, Stanley, Sullivan, Sheppard, Snyder, Sloan, Stimel, Steele, Shred, Simpson, Skates, Sauby, Sheer, Sherman, Swift, Sill, Sidway
Page 110Sherwin, Shenocker, Sparks, Sayre, Shephard, Shearer, Sherman, Shank, Smith, Spicer, Searls, Sinclair, Stiff, Sayre, Searls, Sherwood, Snow, Shepard, Stow, Sinclair, Sears, Stanard, Sweet, Shooks, Sanderson, Seibold, Sill
Page 111Sill, Stebbins, Sheldon, Stickney, Smith

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