Amsterdam, New York 1893 City Directory - T

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 221Taber, Tabor, Tacka
Page 222Talarics, Tanier, Tanoski, Tarmey, Tasler, Tatum, Tavernick, Taylor, Teal, Teeple
Page 223Teeter, Teets, Tefft, Teller, Telford, Terier, Terry, Termilliger, Teskie, Tesnow, Thackrah
Page 224Thatcher, Thayer, Themm, Thill, Thomas, Thomaschkie, Thomason, Thompson, Thorn, Thresher, Thum, Thuot, Tierney, Tietz, Tifft, Tighe, Tilford
Page 225Tilton, Timeson, Timmerman, Timmons, Timson, Toellner, Tolley, Tollner, Tolley, Tomacrefski, Tomelty, Tompkins, Tonalo, Toomey, Topping, Torpey, Totman, Totton, Tower, Towle, Townsend
Page 226Townsend, Tracy, Trapnell, Trautman, Traver, Traxon, Trent, Trommer, Troy, Truax, Trudeaux, Trull, Tryanna, Tuck, Tucker, Tuger, Tuohey, Tulloh, Turnboul, Turnbull, Turner
Page 227Turner, Turney, Tuttie, Tweedie, Tymerson, Tymeson, Tyndall

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