Welcome to Nashua, New Hampshire 1892 City Directory

We have scanned the original 1892 W. A. Greenough & Co. "Nashua Directory of the inhabitants, institutions, manufacturing establishments, societies, business, business firms, state census, etc." and indexed it for your quick search.   This directory includes the usual compilation of heads of households residential listings, classified business pages, as well as miscellaneous data regarding churches, cemeteries, societies, governmental institutions, etc.   We have listed these items in the order that we deem their importance, below.

The residential listings are first and consist of over 9,000 names.   To access this information, locate the alphabetical listings below and click on the letter which corresponds to the first letter of the last name for the person you are seeking.   You will be taken to a list of page numbers which correspond to specific indexed surnames.   Clicking on the page number should take you to the appropriate page.

Business listings are next and include the names of individuals practicing professions as well as names of individuals listed with businesses.   We have included these on a separate page from the residential listings as there is no easy way to list names alphabetically.   You can peruse the business listings page by page by clicking on the page numbers below or access the surname index by clicking the words "Nashua Business Directory"

An index to non-residential listings can also be found below. Click on page number to view page.

These pages are scans of the original document which are large files.   The average page is about 180K and will download slowly if you are not on a fast connection.   Please be patient and let us know if you have problems accessing the pages.

Page #Description
Pages 43 - 276

Nashua Residential Directory

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Pages 277 - 344

Nashua Business Directory

Page 277Agriculture .. Antique
Page 278Apothecaries .. Bakers
Page 279Bakers .. Basket Mnfrs.
Page 280Belt Hooks .. Blacksmiths
Page 281Blank Books Mnfrs. .. Boarding Houses
Page 282Boarding Houses .. Boots and Shoe Dealers
Page 283Boot and Shoe Dealers .. Bottlers
Page 284Box Mnfrs. .. Building and Loan
Page 285Building Mover .. Canned Goods
Page 286Card and Cardboard .. Carriage
Page 287Carriage Painters .. Cigars
Page 288Cigars .. Clairvoyants
Page 289Clapboards .. Clothing
Page 290Clothing .. Concrete
Page 291Confectioners .. Cordage
Page 292Corn Eradicator .. Cutlery
Page 293Cutlery .. Dining Rooms
Page 294Door Plates .. Dressmakers
Page 295Dressmakers
Page 296Dressmakers .. Dry Goods
Page 297Dry Goods .. Engine
Page 298Engravers .. Fancy Goods
Page 299Fancy Goods .. Florists
Page 300Flour .. Fruit
Page 301Fruit .. Furniture Movers
Page 302Furniture Repair .. Gents' Furnishings
Page 303Gents' Furnishings .. Grease and Bones
Page 304Freenhouses .. Grocers
Page 305Grocers .. Hairdressers
Page 306Hairdressers .. Harness
Page 307Hats .. Horse Radish
Page 308Horse Rasps .. House Finish
Page 309House Furnishings .. Insurance
Page 310Insurance .. Iron
Page 311Iron .. Job Wagons
Page 312Jobbing .. Kitchen
Page 313Advertisement
Page 314Advertisement
Page 315Kit Mnfrs. .. Lawyers
Page 316Lawyers .. Lumber
Page 317Lumber .. Mantel
Page 318Manufacturing .. Masons
Page 319Masons .. Milliners
Page 320Money Draw .. Nickel
Page 321Notaries .. Nurserymen
Page 322Oak Lumber .. Oxygen
Page 323Oyster Bucket .. Pail
Page 324Painters .. Paper Hangers
Page 325Paper Hangings .. Patterns
Page 326Pavers .. Physicians
Page 327Physicians .. Pictures
Page 328Picture .. Printers
Page 329Produce .. Provisions
Page 330Provisions .. Registers
Page 331Repair Shops .. Saloons
Page 332Saloons .. Sawing
Page 333Sawing .. Shoe Mnfrs.
Page 334Show Cards .. Sporting Goods
Page 335Spring Water .. Steam Boilers
Page 336Steam Boilers .. Stone Masons
Page 337Stoves .. Tanks
Page 338Teachers
Page 339Teamsters .. Theatres
Page 340Thermometers .. Trunks
Page 341Trust Companies .. Ventilators
Page 342Veterinary .. Well Digger
Page 343Western Loans .. Wood
Page 344Wood .. Woven Wire
Nashua Miscellaneous Information

Page 003Advertisement
Page 004Advertisement
Page 005Advertisement
Page 006Advertisement
Page 007Advertisement
Page 008Advertisement
Page 009Title Page
Page 010Advertisement
Page 011Preface
Page 012Advertisement
Page 013Contents
Page 014Advertisement
Page 015Advertisement
Page 016Advertisement
Page 017Advertisement
Page 018Advertisement
Page 019Index to Advertisers
Page 020Index to Advertisers
Page 021Index to Boston Advertisers
Page 022Advertisement
Page 023Business Directory of Patrons
Page 024Business Directory of Patrons
Page 025Business Directory of Patrons
Page 026Business Directory of Patrons
Page 027Business Directory of Patrons
Page 028Business Directory of Patrons
Page 029Business Directory of Patrons
Page 030Business Directory of Patrons
Page 031Business Directory of Patrons
Page 031ABusiness Directory of Patrons
Page 031BBusiness Directory of Patrons
Page 031CBusiness Directory of Patrons
Page 032DAdvertisement
Page 033Streets, Courts, Avenues, etc.
Page 034Streets, Courts, Avenues, etc.
Page 035Streets, Courts, Avenues, etc.
Page 036Streets, Courts, Avenues, etc.
Page 037Streets, Courts, Avenues, etc.
Page 038Streets, Courts, Avenues, etc.
Page 039Streets, Courts, Avenues, etc.
Page 040Streets, Courts, Avenues, etc.
Page 041Streets, Courts, Avenues, etc., Cemeteries, Ward Boundaries
Page 042Ward Boundaries
Page 345City Government
Page 346City Government
Page 347City Government
Page 348City Government
Page 349City Government
Page 350City Government, Fire Department
Page 351Fire Department
Page 352Fire Department
Page 353Public Schools
Page 354Public Schools
Page 355Public Schools
Page 356Public Schools
Page 357Churches
Page 358Churches
Page 359Churches
Page 360Lodges, Societies
Page 361Lodges, Societies
Page 362Lodges, Societies
Page 363Lodges, Societies
Page 364Lodges, Societies
Page 365Lodges, Societies
Page 366Lodges, Societies
Page 367Lodges, Societies
Page 368Lodges, Societies
Page 369Lodges, Societies
Page 370Lodges, Societies
Page 371Lodges, Societies
Page 372Lodges, Societies, Military
Page 373Societies, Clubs, Homes
Page 374Societies, Clubs, Homes
Page 375Societies, Clubs, Homes, Railroads
Page 376Railroads, Manufacturing and Other Corporations
Page 377Manufacturing and Other Corporations
Page 378Manufacturing and Other Corporations
Page 379Manufacturing and Other Corporations
Page 380Manufacturing and Other Corporations
Page 381Manufacturing and Other Corporations
Page 382Manufacturing and Other Corporations
Page 383Manufacturing and Other Corporations
Page 384Postal Offices, Rates
Page 385Postal Offices, Rates
Page 386Postal Offices, Rates; Judiciary of New Hampshire
Page 387Judiciary of New Hampshire
Page 388Judiciary of New Hampshire
Page 389Judiciary of New Hampshire
Page 390Judiciary of New Hampshire
Page 391Census of New Hampshire
Page 392Census of New Hampshire
Page 401Advertisement
Page 402Advertisement
Page 403Advertisement
Page 404Advertisement
Page 405Advertisement
Page 406Advertisement
Page 407Advertisement
Page 408Advertisement
Page 409Advertisement
Page 410Advertisement
Page 411Advertisement
Page 412Advertisement
Page 413Advertisement
Page 414Advertisement
Page 415Advertisement
Page 416Advertisement
Page 417Advertisement
Page 418Advertisement
Page 419Advertisement
Page 420Advertisement
Page 421Advertisement
Page 422Advertisement
Page 423Advertisement
Page 424Advertisement
Page 425Advertisement
Page 426Advertisement
Page 427Advertisement
Page 428Advertisement
Page 429Advertisement
Page 430Advertisement
Page 431Advertisement
Page 432Advertisement
Page 433Advertisement
Page 434Advertisement