Dunbarton, New Hampshire Tax List - Apr 1, 1925

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Dunbarton, New Hampshire Tax List - Apr 1, 1925


Page #Surnames (in order of appearance)
Page 56Ames, Anderson, Bailey, Barnard, Berry, Blackman, Boudreau, Boutwell, Brown
Page 57Brownsey, Budd, Bunten, Burnham, Butterfield, Caldwell, Chalifoux, Chase
Page 58Chase, Clement, Collins, Coombs, Crosby, Cummings, Currier, Davis, Dickey, Dudley, Dugrenier, Dunbarton
Page 59Earle, Ellis, Emerson, Evans, Farnum, Farrar, Fitts, Flanders, Fowler, Garvin, Gillette, Golombe, Gould, Gourley, Grant
Page 60Grant, Gruhn, Hadley, Haines, Hammond, Haskell, Heath, Heselton, Holcombe, Holden, Hooper, Hopkins, Howes, Hunt, Huse
Page 61Ireland, Jordan, Little, Lord, Markey, Marshall, Martin, Maxfield, McCrillis, Meekins
Page 62Merrill, Mills, Morse, Murray, Page, Paige, Pallmer, Paquin, Paris, Penniman, Prescott
Page 63Pride, Reed, Richards, Riddle, Sabine, Sammis, Sampson, Sanborn, Sawyer, Sears, Shepard, Smith, Spidell, Stafford, Stanyan, Stark, Starrett
Page 64Stevens, Stone, Story, Tucker, Tobine, Untiet, Vallee, Waite, Walker, Warriner
Page 65Warriner, Watts, Weatherbee, Welch, West, Wheeler, Whipple, Wight, Williams
Page 66Willoughby, Wilson, Woodbury
Page 66Abbott, Akerly, Ames, Avery, Bailey, Baker, Balance, Barnard, Bean, Bellevieu, Boutwell
Page 67Bowie, Brookings, Buck, Buffum, Burnham, Burroughs, Carter, Chapman, Cheney, Clifford, Colby, Couch, Currie, Davis
Page 68Day, Dickey, Dickinson, Dow, Dulude, Dunn, Dutton, Eastman, Eaton, Favor, Fellows, Ferguson, Fessenden, Flanders, Foley, Fornier, Frank, French, Gould, Gourley
Page 69Greer, Hammond, Heath, Helie, Hixon, Hoyt, Huard, Hyde, Jackson, Jameson, Johnson, Karkanias, Katz, Keaney, Knowlton, Little
Page 70Lord, Lunt, Lynch, Marriott, Marshall, Maxwell, Merrill, Morgan, Morrisette, Nassikas, Nelson, Newell, Nichols, Noyes, Ordway, Page, Parker
Page 71Parker, Perley, Perkins, Poland, Provencal, Putney, Quimby, Roberts, Rowell, St. Gelais, Sargent, Sawyer, Stevens, Stinson, Stone
Page 72Taylor, Tirrell, Upton, Vaillancourt, Waite, Wescom, Wheeler, Whiplee, Whipple, Wilber, Winslow, Woodson, Wyman

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