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Charlotte, North Carolina 1921 City Directory - B

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Page #Surnames presented in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 125Babbitt, Baber, Babington, Bacon
Page 126Bacon, Bacot, Bagby, Baggs, Bagley, Bagwell, Bahnson, Bailes, Bailey
Page 127Bailey, Bain, Bainey, Baird, Baiwig, Baker
Page 128Baker, Balcom, Baldwin, Ball, Ballard, Ballenger, Ballew, Balowsky
Page 129Balzer, Bampfield, Bandon, Bandy, Banger, Bangle, Banker, Bankhead, Banks, Banner, Bannon, Barbee, Barber
Page 130Barber, Barbour, Barefoot, Barger, Barkalow, Barker, Barkley
Page 131Barkley, Barksdale, Barley, Barnard, Barnes, Barnett
Page 132Barnett, Barnette, Barneycastle, Barnhardt, Barnum, Barnwell, Barr, Barrett
Page 133Barrett, Barrier, Barrington, Barringer, Barron, Barrus, Barry, Bartholomew, Bartlett, Bartley, Barto, Barton, Basinger
Page 134Basinger, Baskerville, Bass, Bassett, Bastas, Bates, Batte, Batten, Battle, Baucom
Page 135Baucom, Baughman, Baxter, Bayard, Bayliss, Baynard, Bayne, Bays, Bazemore, Beach, Beadle, Beall, Beam, Beaman
Page 136Beane, Beard, Bearden, Beardsley, Beasley, Beatley, Beatty
Page 137Beatty, Beaty, Beauchamp, Beauprie, Beaver, Bechtler, Beck
Page 138Beck, Beckham, Becoat, Bedell, Bee, Beech, Beebe, Behling, Belbro, Beley, Belk, Bell
Page 139Bell, Bellew, Bellinger, Belliveau
Page 140Belton, Belvedere, Beman, Bendall, Bender, Benfield, Bengemann, Benner, Bennett
Page 141Bennett, Bennick, Benoit, Benson, Benton, Beresford, Bergen, Berger, Bergeron, Bernardo, Berry, Berryhill
Page 142Berryhill, Best, Bethea, Bethel, Bethune, Betts, Bias, Biberstein
Page 143Bickett, Biddy, Bierman, Biersdorf, Biggart, Biggers, Biggerstaff, Biggs, Bigham
Page 144Bigham, Billings, Bingham, Binnings, Birchmore, Bird, Birmingham, Bisaner, Bishop, Bisnett, Bittle, Bivens, Bixby, Black
Page 145Black
Page 146Black, Blackburn, Blackman, Blackmore, Blackwelder
Page 147Blackwelder, Blackwell, Blackwood, Blair, Blake
Page 148Blake, Blakely, Blakemore, Blakeney, Blalock, Blanchard, Bland, Blankenship
Page 149Blankenship, Blanton, Blaylock, Blevins, Blizzard, Block, Bloodsaw, Bloom, Bloomfield, Blount
Page 150Blount, Blue, Blum, Blythe, Boatright, Boatwright, Bobbitt, Bobo, Bogan, Bogart, Boger
Page 151Boger, Boggs, Bolden, Bolen, Boler, Bolick, Bolin, Bolling, Bolton, Bomar, Bond, Bonfoey, Bonham, Bonner, Booker, Bookman, Boomershine
Page 152Boone, Booth, Boovy, Boozer, Borden, Borders, Boss, Bost
Page 153Bost, Bostian, Bostick, Boswell, Bougounis, Bouligny, Boulware, Bourgos, Bowden
Page 154Bowen, Bowers, Bowker, Bowles, Bowlin, Bowman, Boxdale, Boxey, Boyarsky, Boyce
Page 155Boyce, Boyd
Page 156Boyd, Boyer, Boyette, Boykin, Boyle
Page 157Boyle, Boyte, Bozeman, Brabble, Brace, Brack, Brackett, Brackin, Bradburn, Bradfield, Bradford, Bradley
Page 158Bradshaw, Bradwell, Brady, Brafford, Bragg, Brand, Brandes, Branna, Brannon, Branon, Branson, Brantley, Brasington, Braswell
Page 159Braswell, Bratton, Brawley, Bray, Brayton, Brazely, Breen, Breever, Breeze, Brem, Bremer, Bremner, Brenizer, Brennan, Brents, Bretholl, Brevard
Page 160Brevard, Brewer, Brice, Bride, Bridges
Page 161Bridges, Brietz, Bright, Brightwell, Brigman, Brinkhoff, Brinkley, Briscoe, Brissie, Bristol, Bristow, Britt, Britton, Broadway, Brock
Page 162Brockenbrough, Brockman, Brockmann, Brodie, Brookes, Brooks
Page 163Brooks, Brookshire, Broom, Brothers, Broughton, Brower, Brown
Page 164Brown
Page 165Brown
Page 166Brown
Page 167Brown
Page 168Brown
Page 169Bruce, Brumfield, Brumley, Bruns, Brunson, Bruton, Bryan, Bryant, Bryce
Page 170Bryce, Bryson, Buchanan, Bucher, Buck, Buckley, Buckloo, Buckman, Buff, Buice, Bull, Bullard, Bullock, Bumbra, Bumgardner
Page 171Bumgardner, Bunch, Bundy, Bunker, Bunn, Bunton, Bunting, Burch, Burdell, Burden, Burdett, Burgess, Burgin, Burke, Burkett, Burkhead
Page 172Burkhead, Burkholder, Burleson, Burnett, Burnham, Burns, Burr, Burrege, Burris, Burroughs
Page 173Burroughs, Burrowes, Burrows, Bursley, Burt, Burton, Burwell, Bush
Page 174Butler, Butner, Butt, Buxton, Buys, Byerly, Byers
Page 175Byers, Bynum, Byram, Byrd, Byrne, Byrum

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