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Butte, Montana 1928 City Directory - R

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Page #Surnames in order they appear. Not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 349Rabben, Rabbitt, Rabe, Rabell, Rabey, Race, Rachsler, Racich, Racnick, Radcliffe, Radema, Rademacher, Rademaker, Rader, Radetich, Radford, Radic, Radick, Radmelich, Radmilovich, Radonich, Radovich, Radu, Radusen, Rae, Raebel, Raesanen, Raffath, Rafferty, Rafish
Page 350Rafter, Ragsdale, Raguet, Raiha, Raine, Rainier, Rainonen, Rainville, Rakich, Rakovich, Raleigh, Ralph, Ralston, Ram, Ramberg, Ramedez, Ramey, Ramsey, Rand, Randall, Randono, Rang, Range, Rankin, Ransom, Rant, Ranta, Rantala, Rantio, Rants, Rapovich
Page 351Rapson, Rarick, Rartes, Rash, Rashetta, Rashleigh, Rask, Rasmussen, Rasor, Ratchford, Ratchie, Ratcliffe, Rathemiller, Rathie, Rathmell, Ratkowski, Rattkowski, Rauenjahn, Rauh, Rauman, Rawley, Rawlings, Rawls, Ray, Raydon, Raymo, Raymond, Rea, Reagan, Reap
Page 352Reap, Rear, Reardon, Reau, Reber, Reberg, Rebich, Recendez, Recher, Recht, Recknagel, Recksick, Reddin, Redding, Reddle, Reddy, Reder, Redfern, Redington, Redlich, Redman, Redmond, Reece, Reed
Page 353Reed, Reener, Reese, Reeves, Regan, Regano, Reichle, Reid, Reidinger, Reif, Reiger, Reihl, Reilly, Reindl, Reineman, Reinhard, Reinhardt
Page 354Reinhart, Reinly, Reinwand, Reischling, Reiss, Reitz, Relli, Remackel, Remarks, Remish, Remley, Ramneas, Renard, Renback, Renberg, Rend, Renfree, Renfrey, Renholm, Renick, Renisch, Renkes, Renland, Renner, Renouard, Rentina, Rentz, Reome, Reos, Repath, Resch, Rescorla, Retallack, Reugg, Reuter, Reveil, Revonavar, Rex, Reychler, Reyman, Reynolds
Page 355Reynolds, Rheim, Rhoades, Rhodes, Rhude, Ricco, Riccomiui, Rice, Rich, Richard, Richards
Page 356Richards, Richardson
Page 357Richardson, Richer, Richerson, Richley, Richmond, Richter, Rickard, Ricker, Rickerd, Rickert, Rickerts, Rickey, Riddell, Riddle, Ridell, Ridenour, Rider, Ridley, Ridoslywich, Riekkie, Rienks, Ries, Riffero, Rigdon, Riggins, Riggle, Riggs, Rigley, Riichinen, Riipi, Rikila, Rikkonen, Rikuvich, Riley
Page 358Riley, Rimmel, Rinehart, Ring, Ringberg, Rinne, Rinta, Riordan, Ripper, Riradon, Risdon, Risken, Rissell, Risto
Page 359Ritchie, Riter, Ritner, Riton, Ritson, Rittel, Ritter, Riva, Rivello, Rivet, Rizzie, Roach, Roark, Roat, Robb, Robbins, Roberts
Page 360Roberts, Robertson, Robey, Robick, Robida, Robinette, Robins, Robinson, Roche
Page 361Roche, Rochester, Rochier, Rock, Rockefeller, Rockholm, Rockwell, Rockwood, Rodda, Roddewig, Roderick, Rodes, Rodescheck, Rodger, Rodgers, Rodlin, Rodman, Rodolf, Rodoni, Rodriguez, Roe
Page 362Roehl, Roeland, Roesler, Roesner, Rogan, Rogers, Roggensuess, Rogish, Rohan
Page 363Rohan, Rohde, Rohn, Rohrer, Rohret, Rohrman, Roland, Rolander, Rolando, Rolfe, Roletto, Rolich, Rolish, Roll, Rolland, Rolle, Rollins, Rollman, Rom, Roman, Romano, Romanos, Rome, Romenuk, Romer, Romey, Ronan, Ronayne, Roncovich, Ronchetto, Ronco, Roncvich, Rondick, Ronnemose, Ronta, Rooke, Rooker, Rooney
Page 364Roos, Roosevelt, Root, Rooth, Ropolo, Rosa, Roscow, Rose, Rosen, Rosenbaum, Rosenberg, Rosenhe, Rosenstein, Rosetti, Roshell, Roskilly, Roskovich, Roslosnick, Roslyn, Ross, Rossberg, Rossebo, Rossel, Rosselet, Rossetto, Rossi
Page 365Rossi, Rossiter, Rosskopf, Rossland, Rossman, Rost, Rostad, Rotar, Rotegard, Rotering, Rothe, Rothwell, Rottmal, Rouland, Rouleau, Roun, Roundels, Rouse, Roux, Rova, Rovano, Rowand, Rowden, Rowe
Page 366Rowe, Rowell, Rowland, Rowling, Rowse, Roy, Royce, Roxbury, Rozag, Rozek, Rozewski, Rozich, Rozman, Rozsa, Ruaho, Ruati, Rubbatto, Ruch, Rucker, Ruckwardt, Rudd, Ruddy, Rude, Rudman, Rudolfson, Rudolph, Ruedin, Ruegamer, Rueter, Ruff
Page 367Ruffatto, Rugg, Ruggioli, Ruhle, Ruho, Ruland, Rule, Rummel, Rumsey, Runberg, Rundblade, Rundell, Rundle, Runer, Runsat, Ruoho, Ruona, Ruonbera, Rupert, Rush, Rusk, Russel, Russell, Russert
Page 368Russos, Rutan, Ruter, Rutledge, Ryan, Ryburn, Ryerson
Page 369Ryneke, Ryno, Ryssini

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