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1821 City Directory for St. Louis, MO - W

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  • Waddle, Henry and James Ramsay grocer north Third above north E
  • Wahrendorff, Charles merchant store 4, and dwelling house north Main
  • Walker, David V. physician office 58 north Main dwelling house on the hill opposite the Bastian
  • Walker, Rev. Jesse south Third below D
  • Walker, John deputy sheriff at the Jail
  • Wallace, James B. merchant 19 south Main
  • Walsh, Hester grocer 70 south Main
  • Walsh, P. auctioneer and commission merchant north Main
  • Ward, Rev. Dr. rector of the episcopal Church south Fourth below F
  • Ward, Amos cordwainer south D above Church
  • Wash, Robert attorney at law 128 south Main dwelling house on the hill nw of the Bastian
  • Warner, Jabez constable of St. Louis township north Fourth above north C
  • Watt, James grocer south Third below A
  • Wetmore, Alphonso paymaster in the US Army north Third opposite the Bastian
  • Wheeler, Asa baker 31 south Main
  • Wherry, Macky register for the corporation office south B above Main dwelling house 124 south Main
  • White, Frederick attorney at law and Notary Public 97 south Main ne corner of south D
  • White, Joseph hatter 39 south Main
  • White, Isaac W. victualler south Third below south G
  • White, Seth cordwainer 57 south Main
  • Wiggins, Samuel proprietor of the Steam Ferry boast, 4 Steam Boat ware house dwelling house 164 north Main
  • Wiggins, Stephen R. exchange broker 4 Steam Boat warehouse dwelling house 164 north Main
  • Willi, Samuel tailor 52 north Main
  • Williams, Joseph physician north B above Main
  • Wilson, Abel clerk in constable's office north Fourth above C
  • Wilson, Moses E. teacher north Third above north Bastian dwelling house 42 north Main
  • Wolford, Ann (widow) 83 south Main
  • Wonderly, David victualler stall 8 market house dwelling house south Church below the Bridge
  • Wordingham, William livery stable keeper north Fourth above Market
  • Wright, B. D. attorney at law 2 Jones' row , Market Street
  • Wright, John J. boarding house 137 north Main ne corner of north F

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