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1821 City Directory for St. Louis, MO - P

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  • Paddock, Gaius boarding house 24 north Main nw corner of north A
  • Page, Daniel D. baker 91 south Main
  • Papin, Joseph grocer sw corner of north Third & north E
  • Papin, Laforce Indian Trader 90 north Main above north D
  • Papin, Leber blacksmith 84 north Main above A
  • Papin, Villeray blacksmith 84 north Main above A
  • Parizien, Victor boatman 22 south Third below Market
  • Park, Mrs. (widow) south D above Main
  • Parks, Arthur south Church below south J
  • Parmele, Sylvanus musician 85 south Church
  • Paul, Gabriel auctioneer and commission merchant 73 north Main above north C
  • Paul, Nathan merchant 17 south Main
  • Paul, Rene 65 north Main ne corner of north C
  • Paxton, John A. inquire 60 north Main
  • Payne, Nathaniel D. coach driver south Church below south I
  • Peck, James H. attorney at law south Fourth below Market
  • Pell, Jonathan drayman 128 south Main below E
  • Peltier, madame (widow) 118 south Main corner of E
  • Pendelton, Joseph student of medicine sw corner of Third and south D
  • Pendelton, Zebulon teacher sw corner of Third and south D
  • Perras, James south Church above south C
  • Peiers, Thomas boatman south Church below south G
  • Peterson, Henry laborer south F above Church
  • Petit, Louis south Third nw corner of south G
  • Philibert, Gabriel tavern keeper north Water nw corner of F
  • Philibert, Joseph 135 north Main ne corner of north F
  • Philipson, Joseph merchant 56 north Main
  • Pitzer, George north Third above north A
  • Porock, Henry ornamental painter south A above south Main
  • Porter, Joseph cabinet maker north C above Main
  • Potter, John C. lumber master and Tyler to the masonic lodge office north Water corner of north E dwelling house 88 north Church
  • Powers, James Market above Main
  • Pratte, Bernard merchant 7 north Main above Market
  • Price, Christopher 12 south Third below Market
  • Price, Risden H. north Church nw corner of B
  • Priman, Paul north Third above north B
  • Primm, Peter tailor 45 south Main dwelling house south B above Church
  • Provanche, John Louis ne corner of north B and Church
  • Provenchere, P. south Church west side, above the Bridge
  • Purden, Francis drayman south Church near Bridge
  • Purdy, James J. carpenter north A above Church

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