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1821 City Directory for St. Louis, MO - B

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  • Bacchus, John inquire north Water corner of north E
  • Baker, Ewel deputy clerk of the circuit court Market above Fifth
  • Barga, Peter carpenter north Church sw corner of A
  • Baribeau, Pierre 126 north Church sw corner of F
  • Barr, William plasterer 67 south Third below B
  • Bartlet, Phineas carpenter north Fourth below Third
  • Bartley, Mary (widow) back of the Steam boat warehouse
  • Barton, David counsellor at law south Fourth below Market
  • Barton, Joshua attorney at law and secretary of state corner of Market and Sixth
  • Bartrand, M. carter 80 north Third
  • Bates, David G. carpenter north A above Church
  • Bates, Edward attorney at law and attorney general for the state nw corner Market and South
  • Bates, Nehemiah bottler north Third above north E
  • Beaugenou, Vital musician nw corner south Third corner of Third and south H
  • Beck, Abraham attorney at law, and land agent se corner of south Third A and Church streets
  • Beck, Lewis C. physician se corner of south A and Church streets
  • Becker, Frederick tailor 49 north Main above north B
  • Beebe, Elijah saddle and harness manufacturer 8 north Main
  • Beebe, Elisha block and pump maker and cooper south C above Church
  • Belcour, J. B. D. 76 south Main nw corner of south C
  • Belfort, Baptiste south Main below I street
  • Bell, John merchant 1 north Main ne corner of Market
  • Bell, William chair maker south C above Main
  • Bellanger, Charles carpenter south Water below B
  • Bellissime, Alexander tavern keeper 90 south Church below south C
  • Benet, Madam (widow) 206 north Main
  • Bennet, William Mansion house hotel ne corner of north Third and E
  • Benoit, Catharine S. (widow) 118 south Main northwest corner of E
  • Benson, William H. printer 51 south Main
  • Bent, John clerk of the county court over the county court room
  • Bent, Silas clerk of the county court office over the county court room Market above Fourth
  • Benton, Thomas H. attorney at law north F above Church near Bennet's
  • Berthold, Bartholomew merchant 11 north Main
  • Biddle, Thomas major US Army 99 south Main se corner of south D
  • Bienvenus, Eugene cabinet maker south Church below H
  • Billon, Charles clock and watch maker 23 north Main ne corner of north A
  • Bissonnet, Ambroise north C above Third
  • Blair, Daniel watch maker 35 south Main
  • Blanchard, George keeper Green Tree Inn 85 south Church below C
  • Block, Eleazer attorney at law north Church ne corner of B
  • Blood, Sullivan deputy constable north Fourth above north C
  • Blotnear, Mathias victualler 7 Market dwelling house south Church below the bridge
  • Bobb, John and William brick makers ne corner of south Seventh and A
  • Bompart, Francois blacksmith south D above Main dwelling house se corner of Third and G
  • Bompart, Louis cashier of the Missouri bank 6 north Main
  • Boss, Daniel C. and co. merchant 68 south Main below south B
  • Bosseron, Charles blacksmith 46 north Main nw corner of north B
  • Bothick, John stone mason 85 north Third se corner of north D
  • Bothick, Thomas grocer 85 north Third se corner of north D
  • Bott, William painter and glazier south C above south Main
  • Bouche, Francois boatman 110 south Church below D
  • Bouis, Andrew Vincent 47 north Main ne corner of north B
  • Bouis, Antoine (widow) 47 north Main ne corner of north B
  • Bouju, Joseph clock and watch maker , silver smith and jeweller 76 north Main
  • Bournes, John grocer "hole in the wall" north Water below north H
  • Bowles, Mary south Church sw corner of D
  • Boyd, Christopher grocer 85 north Church se corner of north D
  • Boyd, John M. Bennet's hotel north Third
  • Boyer, John F. tailor 24 north Main nw corner of north A
  • Brackenridge, Henry M. attorney at law north B above Main
  • Bradbury, Edward turner north Main above the Brewery
  • Bradbury, John potter and farmer inquire south D above Main
  • Bradley, John T. carpenter north Fifth above north C
  • Brady, John commission merchant north Water above the Team boat ferry
  • Braud, James merchant 25 south Main ne corner of south A
  • Brazeau, A. north C east of Main
  • Brazeau, Louis 59 north Main below north C
  • Brazeau, Nicholas boatman south Main below south I
  • Bright, Josiah 54 south Third sw corner of south B
  • Britton, Mrs. (widow) 37 south Main
  • Brown, Mary (widow) back 90 south Main
  • Brown, Edmund deputy sheriff at the office in the jail north Sixth above Market
  • Browne, Edward clerk in the surveyor's office dwelling house Bennet's hotel
  • Brown, George carpenter north A above Church
  • Brown, Joseph C. sheriff of the county of St. Louise office in the jail north Sixth above Market
  • Brown, William pump maker south H above Third
  • Burchmore, George merchant 76 south Main nw corner of south C
  • Burns, Amariah bookbinder south D above Church
  • Burns, Michael grocer north Water above north H

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