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Minneapolis, Minnesota 1909 City Directory - A

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Page #Surnames in order they appear. Not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 132Aabel, Aaby, Aack, Aadland, Aagaard, Aahjem, Aaker, Aakim, Aaklus, Aaland, Aalbu, Aalto, Aalvik, Aambak, Aamodt, Aamot, Aanensen, Aanenson, Aanes, Aanrud, Aargaard, Aarness, Aarnio, Aarnt, Aaron, Aaronson, Aarseth, Aarstad, Aarvold, Aas, Aase, Aasen
Page 133Aasen, Aasgaard, Aasielewski, Aasland, Aasnes, Aastad, Aasum, Abar, Abbett, Abbey, Abbott, Abear, Abel, Abele, Abeles, Abeli, Abell, Abels, Abelsate, Abelson, Abendroth, Aber, Aberg, Aberle
Page 134Aberlee, Aberman, Abernethy, Ablin, Abood, Abraham, Abrahams, Abrahamsen, Abrahamson, Abram, Abramovitz, Abrams
Page 135Abrams, Abramson, Abros, Absher, Abt, Acers, Achard, Achenbach, Achterkirch, Achuff, Acken, Acker, Ackeret, Ackerland, Ackerle, Ackerman, Ackerson, Ackerwold, Ackley, Acklund, Ackman
Page 136Acomb, Acraft, Acres, Adair, Adam, Adamczyak, Adamiak, Adams
Page 137Adams
Page 138Adams, Adamson, Adancourt, Adath, Adcock, Addington, Addis, Addison, Addiss, Addy, Adee, Adeikel, Adeline, Adelman, Adelmann, Adelmeyer, Adelsheim, Ader, Aderman, Adkel, Adkins
Page 139Adkins, Adkinson, Adler, Adlin, Adolfson, Adolph, Adolphson, Adrian, Adsem, Adsersen, Adsif, Aede, Aeschliman, Afdahl, Affeld, Affeldt, Affleck, Afstad, Aftreith
Page 140Aftreth, Agate, Agee, Ager, Agersborg, Agerskov, Aghidas, Agincourt, Aginnsen, Agline, Agnew, Aguston, Ahern, Ahl, Ahlberg, Ahlen, Ahlgren, Ahlm, Ahlman, Ahlmark, Ahlquist
Page 141Ahlquist, Ahlson, Ahlstrom, Ahlstrup, Ahnmark, Aho, Ahr, Ahrend, Ahrens, Aich, Aicher, Aidem, Aidian, Aigner, Aiken, Ailslieger, Ailts, Ainger, Ainsworth, Aird, Airhart, Aitken, Aiton, Ake, Akeley, Akenson, Aker, Akerberg, Akerley, Akerlund, Akermark, Akers
Page 142Akers, Akersberg, Akerson, Akervold, Akesdal, Akeson, Akin, Akinson, Aklund, Akola, Akre, Aksdahl, Aksdal, Akselsen, Akutsu, Ala, Alander, Albee, Alberg, Albert, Alberti, Alberts, Albertson, Albietz, Albin, Albinson, Albinius, Albrant, Albrecht
Page 143Albrecht, Albright, Albrightson, Albro, Album, Alcock, Alcott, Aldala, Alden, Aldenderfer, Alder, Alders, Alderson, Aldren, Aldrich, Aldrick, Aldridge, Aldritt
Page 144Aldworth, Aleckson, Alek, Aletz, Alevisos, Alexander, Alexis, Alexson, Alf, Alfano, Alfred, Alfredson, Alfson, Alger, Algoren, Algren, Alin, Aling, Alinger, Alitz, Allain, Allaire, Allairs, Allan
Page 145Allan, Allander, Allanson, Allard, Allardyce, Allars, Allason, Allay, Allbright, Allee, Alleman, Allen
Page 146Allen
Page 147Allen, Allenberg, Allendorf, Allenfall, Allenson, Allert, Alletzhaeusser, Alley, Allford, Allick, Allie
Page 148Allin, Allinder, Allington, Allinson, Allis, Allison, Allman, Allroggen, Allworth, Allyn, Alm, Almars, Almen, Almendinger, Almgeren, Almgren, Almich, Almont, Almonte, Almos, Almour, Almquist
Page 149Almquist, Almstad, Almstrom, Almundson, Alnes, Alney, Alord, Alquist, Alrick, Alsberg, Alsdat, Alsdorf, Alseen, Alseth, Alstad, Alstead, Alsterberg, Alstrom, Alstrup, Alsworth, Altagen, Altagen, Altenberg, Altenburg, Alter, Altermatt, Alterton, Alther, Althoff, Althouse, Altland, Altman, Altmeyer, Altnow, Alto, Altogan, Alton, Altrowitz, Altschwager
Page 150Alstadt, Altwein, Alvegren, Alverdes, Alverson, Alvestad, Alvin, Alvis, Alvord, Alwin, Alyea, Aman, Amber, Amberson, Amblad, Amblard, Amble, Ambley, Ambrose, Ambrosius, Ambuhl, Amer, Ameraud
Page 151Organizations named "American ..."
Page 152Amerland, Ames
Page 153Ames, Amesbury, Amick, Amidon, Amireault, Amland, Amluxen, Ammann, Ammend, Ammon, Ammons, Amo, Amonsen, Amonson, Amor
Page 154Amor, Amoroso, Amos, Amoth, Amren, Amsden, Amstoplos, Amundrud, Amundson, Amundstad, Amy, Anacker, Andberg, Andeen, Andell
Page 155Anden, Anderberg, Andereck, Anderitch, Anders, Andersch, Andersen, Anderson
Page 156Anderson
Page 157Anderson
Page 158Anderson
Page 159Anderson
Page 160Anderson
Page 161Anderson
Page 162Anderson
Page 163Anderson
Page 164Anderson
Page 165Anderson
Page 166Anderson
Page 167Anderson
Page 168Anderson
Page 169Anderson
Page 170Anderson
Page 171Anderson
Page 172Anderson
Page 173Anderson
Page 174Anderson
Page 175Anderson
Page 176Anderson
Page 177Anderson
Page 178Anderson
Page 179Anderson, Andert, Anding, Andra, Andrajsyk
Page 180Andre, Andreas, Andreasen, Andreassen, Andree, Andreen, Andrell, Andren, Andres, Andresen, Andrew, Andrews
Page 181Andrews, Andrewson, Andrick, Andrioser, Andrist, Andritch, Andro, Andrus, Andrusko, Andrzejewski, Anez, Anfinsen, Angel, Angell, Angelov, Angen
Page 182Angevine, Angfeith, Angier, Angiletti, Angldile, Angle, Angleen, Anglesey, Anglin, Angove, Angresen, Angst, Angus, Angvall, Anheier, Aniba, Ankel, Ankeney, Ankeny, Anker, Anklam, Ankrum, Ankunding, Annable, Annala, Annan, Annen, Annett, Annis, Anon, Anonby, Anquist, Anschutz
Page 183Ansel, Ansell, Anselman, Anshei, Anshus, Ansley, Anson, Anstett, Anstrom, Antczak, Antell, Antes, Anthes, Anthony, Antinozzi, Antletz, Antoin, Antolak, Anton, Antoni, Antonson, Antonynak, Antos, Antosski, Anttila, Anunson, Anyon, Anzenhoff, Aos, Apall, Apalsta, Apel, Apelt, Apfeld, Aphelin, Apland, Aplin, Aposolakos, Appel, Appelbe, Appelgren, Appelholm, Appelon
Page 184Appleard, Applebaum, Applebee, Appleby, Applegarth, Applegate, Applegren, Applequist, Appleton, Applin, Apt, Arata, Arbeiter, Arbo, Arbogast, Arbour, Arbury, Archambault, Archambo, Archer
Page 185Archer, Archibald, Arck, Arckmann, Arctander, Arden, Ardos, Ardrey, Ardverson, Arens, Arensohn, Arenson, Arent, Arenton, Aretz, Arf, Argent, Argersinger, Argetsinger, Argot, Argue, Arheth, Arian, Arine, Aristo, Arizkowski, Arkland, Arlund, Armagost, Armatage, Armbruster, Armeau, Armes, Armfield, Armistead
Page 186Armistead, Armitage, Armon, Armonies, Arms, Armstrong
Page 187Armstrong, Arn, Arnds, Arndt, Arne, Arnell, Arnes, Arnesen, Arneson, Arness, Arnett, Arnlund, Arno, Arnold
Page 188Arnold, Arnoldy, Arnott, Arnquist, Arnson, Arntsen, Arntson, Arntzen, Arnup, Aro, Aroggie, Arones, Arons, Aronski, Aronson, Arosin, Arper, Arrell, Arren, Arrick, Arsenault, Arseth
Page 189Arseth, Arsnieau, Arsnult, Artenstone, Arthon, Arthur, Arthurs, Artley, Artman, Arundel, Arup, Arvan, Arvidson, Arvold, Aryman, Asak, Asbeck, Asbjeld, Asbjornsen, Asbury, Ascheim, Aschenbach, Aschenbeck, Ascher, Ascherman, Aschleman, Aselin, Asfalt, Asgard, Ash
Page 190Ash, Ashbaugh, Ashbrenner, Ashby, Ashcroft, Ashelman, Ashelrude, Ashenden, Asher, Ashey, Ashla, Ashland, Ashley, Ashmead, Ashmore, Ashton, Ashwill, Ashworth, Askeland, Askeman, Asker, Askerman, Askerooth, Askew, Askier, Askin, Asklund, Aslakson, Aslesen, Asleson, Asmussen, Asp, Aspaas, Aspel, Aspelin, Aspell, Aspelund, Aspenbach
Page 191Asper, Aspervig, Aspilin, Aspinwall, Asplin, Asplind, Asplund, Assad, Asselin, Asserson, Ast, Asterlin, Ashlund, Astrinsky, Asvestas, Atchison, Atherton, Atkin, Atkins, Atkinson
Page 192Atkinson, Atland, Atlas, Atlee, Attadin, Atterbec, Atwater, Atwell, Atwood, Aubart, Aubert, Auble, Aubrecht
Page 193Aubrecht, Aubrey, Aude, Audus, Auel, Auer, Aufderheide, Auge, Auger, Augsburg, August, Augustine, Aukland, Auld, Aulie, Aultman, Aulwes, Aune
Page 194Aune, Auran, Aurand, Aurdahl, Aurness, Aus, Ausbourne, Auser, Auslander, Aust, Austad, Austenson, Austin
Page 195Austin, Austr, Authier, Autumn, Auvinen, Aved, Avelsgard, Averill, Avery, Avis, Awrey, Awsumb, Axberg, Axe, Axel, Axell, Axelmaker, Axelson, Axen, Axford, Axler, Axman
Page 196Axner, Axness, Axsen, Axtell, Aya, Ayars, Aydt, Ayer, Ayers, Aylmer, Aylor, Aylesworth, Ayres

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