1918 Farm Journal Illus. Directory of Ottawa County, Michigan - T Surnames

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 151Tacoma, Talsma, Tambke, Tanis, Tasch
Page 152Tate, Tatroe, Tayler, Taylor, Teerman, Telgenhoff, Ten Boch, Ten Brink, Ten Broeke, Tenckinck, Ten Hagen, Ten Have, Ten Hover, Ter Avest, Ter Beek
Page 153Ter Haar, TerHorst, Terpsma, Terpstra, Terry, Teunis, Thaga, Thatcher
Page 154Thayer, Theberath, Thiel, Thomas, Thompson, Thrall, Thrasher, Thurkettle, Thurston, Tibbet, Tickler, Tien, Tieneyer, Tiesinga, Tietgens, Tigelaar, Tikkenen, Timmer
Page 155Timmer, Timmerman, Tinholt, Titus, Tobaison
Page 156Tolsma, Toogood, Top, Topp, Towler, Townsend, Tracy, Triick, Trimpe, Tripp, Troost, Trute, Tubergan, Tucker, Tuesink, Tuffs, Tuls, Tunis, Turkettle, Turner, Tusink, Tuttle, Twinstra, Tyink, Tynan