Detroit City and Wayne County 1893-4 Business Directory - M Surnames

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 178McAllister, McAlpine, McArthur, McAulay, McAvoy, McBayne, McBrearty, McBride, McCabe, McCaffery, McCaffrey, McCain, McCallum, McCann, McCardle, McCarroll, McCarron, McCarthy, McCaul, McCauley, McCausland, McClellan, McCloskey, McCloud, McClure, McConachie, McConnell, McConville, McCool, McCorkle, McCormick, McCowan, McCoy, McCracken, McCreery, McCullough, McCune, McCutchion, McDermott, McDonagh, McDonald, McDonnell
Page 179McDonnell, McDonough, McDougall, McDowell, McDuff, McEachran, McEldowney, McEnally, McEnhill, McEvers, McEvoy, McEwan, McFadden, McFall, McFarland, McFarlane, McFarline, McGann, McGee, McGibbon, McGill, McGinnis, McGlone, McGoldrick, McGinegal, McGough, McGowan, McGrath, McGraw, McGregor, McGriffin, McGuire, McGuirl, McHugh, McIlvane, McInerney, McInnes, McIntosh, McIntyre, McKaig, McKay, McKee, McKendree, McKenney, McKenzie, McKeown, McKerchey, McKillop, McKinlay, McKinley, McKinney, McKinstry, McKinzie, McKittrick, McLachlin, McLain, McLaren, McLaughlin, McLean, LcLellan, McLennan, McLeod
Page 180McLeod, LcLerie, McLoughlin, McLogan, McMahon, McManus, McMaster, McMath, McMichael, McMillan, McMillen, McMullen, McNamara, McNaughton, McNeff, McNeil, McNutt, McPharlin, McPherson, McQueen, McRae, McSween, McVeigh, McWhorter, McWilliams, Maas, Mably, Macauley, Macbeth, Macdonald, Macfarlane, Machen, Machris, Maciejewski, Macier, MacInnes, Macintosh, Mack, Mackey, MacKimmie, Macklem, Mackrodt, MacLaren, Maclean, MacLeod, Macnair, MacQuisten
Page 181Maday, Madden, Medeicky, Maedler, Magdalener, Magee, Maguire, Maher, Mahlet, Mahler, Mahnke, Mahoney, Maier, Major, Maire, Maitland, Maiula, Major, Makoski, Malatesta, Malburg, Malcho, Malchow, Malcolm, Malcomson, Malcouronne, Malicki, Malikowski, Mallon, Mallory, Maloney, Malott, Malow, Malski, Maltz, Mamer, Manchester, Mancini, Mandell, Manley, Mann, Mannausa, Manndawatt, Mannebach, Manning, Manquen, Manthey, Manton, Manuel, Manzelmann, Mapes, Marantette, Maratzki, Marble, Marcaurell, Marcon, Marcott, Mardian, Marek, Marentette, Margah, Maricione, Marine, Marion, Markey, Marks
Page 182Marks, Marlborough, Marling, Marratt, Marriott, Marsarello, Marschner, Marsh, Marshall, Marshick, Martell, Marten, Martens, Martin, Martinack, Martinck, Martindale, Martinz, Martyn, Martz, Marvin, Marwilsky, Marx, Masa, Masacek, Maslen, Mason, Massnick, Masson, Masterton, Mathauer, Mathes, Matheson, Mathews, Mathewson, Matson, Matteson, Matthael, Matthews, Mattice, Mattis, Matyn, Mauer, Maul, Maule, Maurer, Mawhinney, Max, Maxon, May
Page 183May, Mayberry, Maybury, Mayer, Mayhew, Maynard, Mayville, Mazurette, Meabrod, Mead, Meakin, Meals, Meech, Meany, Meath, Medbury, Meddaugh, Meder, Medlin, Medesker, Meek, Meeker, Meginnity, Mehan, Mehling, Meld, Meler, Meier, Meike, Meinard, Meinkoth, Meiser, Meisner, Meissner, Melchers, Melin, Mellen, Meloche, Melvin, Melzer, Menke, Menschenfreund, Mera, Merbach, Mercer, Mercier, Merckenich, Merdian, Meredith, Merker, Merkle, Merline, Mero, Merrell, Merritt, Merrow, Mersino, Mertens, Mertsch, Merwin, Merz, Meserve, Messacar, Messerschmidt, Messiahs, Metayea, Metcalf, Methner, Mette, Metty, Metzger, Meyer
Page 184Meyer, Meyers, Meyfarth, Meyn, Michael, Michaud, Michel, Michell, Michels, Michelsen, Michelson, Michenfelder, Michie
Page 185Mickel, Mickey, Micus, Middel, Middlemiss, Middleton, Midgley, Mieczkowski, Miehm
Page 186Mielke, Miesch, Miesel, Mignault, Milburn, Miles, Millar, Millard, Millen, Millenbach, Miller, Millewski, Milligan, Millross, Mills, Milner, Miloch, Milward, Minahan, Mincel, Minchener, Mincher, Miner, Mink, Minne, Minock, Mintefering, Mintony, Minturn, Mirault, Mirowsky, Mischkeir, Misener,
Page 187Misner, Mistersky, Mitchell, Mitte, Mittenthal, Miula, Mizer, Mizner, Mlinarsky, Moczadio, Modlinski, Moebs, Moehl, Moeller, Moesta, Moffat, Moffett, Mogridge, Mohn, Mohring, Mohrmann, Mok, Molaskey, Moldenhauer, Moletz, Molitor, Moll, Moloney, Molter, Monaghan, Moncrieff, Monette, Monk, Monkman, Monroe, Monteith, Montgomery, Moodie, Mooers, Mooney, Moore, Moorhouse, Moorland, Moral
Page 188Moral, Moran, Morawski, Morehead, Moreland, Moreton, Morgan, Morgenstern, Moriarty, Morison, Morley, Moroni, Moroski, Moross, Morrell, Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Morse, Morton, Mosher, Mothersill, Motor, Mott, Mouat, Moutier, Mowat, Moyer, Moynahan, Moynihan, Mrockowski, Mudlaff, Muehlbauer, Muehlke, Muehlmann, Muehring, Mueller, Muenz, Muer, Muffat, Muhme, Muirhead, Mulcahey, Mulcare, Mulheron, Mullany, Mullin, Mulvey, Mulvihill, Mumaw
Page 189Mumford, Mundt, Munk, Munro, Munroe, Munson, Murdle, Murdock, Murphy, Murray, Murrell, Murrer, Musall, Mushcovich, Mussey, Musson, Muszkowski, Muth, Mutti, Myers, Myll, Myr, Myrick