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We have scanned the original city directory for Detroit for 1837 and indexed it for your quick search. This book was in fairly rough condition as the pages were covered in mold. The scans of these pages are about as clear as the originals. If you have great difficulty reading information let us know and we'll see if the original for that page is any more legible.

Click on the page number to view the page you are interested in. The residential directory part of this publication has been indexed by surname. To view these listings, click on the letter which corresponds to the first letter of the last name for the person you are seeking. You will be taken to a list of page numbers which correspond to specific surnames. Clicking on the page number should take you to the appropriate page. Again, these pages are scans of the original document which are fairly large files. The average page is about 80K and will download slowly if you are not on a fast connection. Please be patient and let us know if you have problems accessing the pages.

Page #Description / Surnames
Page 1Title Page
Page 2Index
Page 3Preface
Page 4Preface
Page 5History of Detroit
Page 6History of Detroit
Page 7History of Detroit
Page 8History of Detroit
Page 9History of Detroit
Page 10History of Detroit
Page 11History of Detroit
Page 12History of Detroit
Page 13History of Detroit
Page 14History of Detroit
Page 15History of Detroit
Page 16History of Detroit
Page 17Churches
Page 18Churches
Page 19Churches
Page 20Churches
Page 21First Presbyterian Church
Page 22First Presbyterian Church
Page 23First Presbyterian Church / Protestant Episcopal Church
Page 24Protestant Episcopal Church
Page 25Protestant Episcopal Church
Page 26Protestant Episcopal Church / Baptist Church
Page 27Baptist Church / Methodist Episcopal Church / German Lutheran Church
Page 28Public Buildings
Page 29Public Buildings / College Seminaries
Page 30College Seminaries
Page 31College Seminaries
Page 32College Seminaries / Library Institutions, Newspapers, etc.
Page 33Libraries / Newspapers
Page 34Newspapers / Charitable Institutions
Page 35Charitable Institutions / Markets / Navigation & Commerce
Page 36Navigation & Commerce / Rail Roads
Page 37Banks / Water / Population
Page 38Abreviations / Boundaries of the Wards
Page 39List of Streets, Lanes & Alleys
Page 40List of Streets, Lanes & Alleys
Page 41List of Streets, Lanes & Alleys
Page 42List of Streets, Lanes & Alleys / Buildings, Rows etc.
Page 43 - 80Detroit Residential Directory
  A .. D   E .. H   I .. L   M .. P   Q .. T   U - Z
Page 81Municipal Officers
Page 82Municipal Officers / Courts
Page 83Courts / Public Offices / Mails
Page 84Mails / Postage / Newspaper / Periodicals
Page 85Customs / Light Houses / Land Office / Receivers Office
Page 86Land Office / Banks & Insurance
Page 87Banks & Insurance
Page 88Banks & Insurance
Page 89Railroads
Page 90Mayors / County Officials
Page 91County Officials / Associations
Page 92County Officials / Libraries
Page 93Clubs / Associations
Page 94Clubs / Associations / Churches
Page 95Churches
Page 96Churches
Page 97Charitable Institutions
Page 98Charitable Institutions
Page 99Charitable Institutions
Page 100Charitable Institutions
Page 101Newspapers / Periodicals / Vessels Belonging to Detroit
Page 102Vessels Belonging to Detroit
Page 103Vessels Belonging to Detroit
Page 104Vessels Belonging to Detroit / Stages
Page 105Stages / Hotels / Museums, Theatres / Attorneys
Page 106Attorneys / Physicians / Dentists / State Officers
Page 107State Officers / Courts in Michigan
Page 108Courts
Page 109Auctioneers / County Officers
Page 110County Officers
Page 111County Officers
Page 113Corrections - Additional surnames: Amala, Ashley, Barker, Barnes, Bates, Beard, Booth, Boardman, Bowman, Bull, Burtis, Canaen, Curtis, Davis, Ewart, Geradin, Goulder, Greenwood, Higgins, Hinchman, Holmes, Howe, Ingersoll, Lambe, Langly, Latour, Lillibridge, Lowe, Lyons, McCune, Madison, Mormon, Mulloy
Page 114Corrections - Additional surnames: Perkins, Perry, Platt, Sinclair, Smead, Talbot, Tassey, Thompson, Trowbridge, Warner, Watson, Webster, Wendell, Whipple, Weatherly / Errata - Corrections
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