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Baltimore County, Maryland Farmer's 1915 Directory - B

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 22Babikow, Bach, Bachmann, Bacon, Badders
Page 23Badgley, Baer, Baetjer, Bagby, Bagg, Bagley, Bahn, Bahr, Bailey, Baird, Baker
Page 24Baker, Baldwin, Baley, Ball, Ballestedd, Ballman, Balls, Baltimore, Baltzell, Bamberger, Bandel, Baney, Bankard, Banks, Banner, Barber, Barker, Barbour, Bardonfelter, Bareham, Barensky, Barett, Bargar, Barker, Barkowski, Barnes
Page 25Barnes, Barnett, Barnhart, Barnsley, Barrett, Barrish, Barron, Barry, Bartell, Bartels, Bartholow, Bartkowski, Bartleson, Bartlett
Page 26Bartlett, Bartols, Barton, Baseman, Basley, Basse, Bassler, Batchelor, Bates, Batter, Battey, Batton, Batty, Baublitts, Baublitz, Bauer, Bauermann, Bauernfeind, Bauernschmidt, Bauers, Baugher, Baughman, Baumann, Baumer
Page 27Baumgartner, Baxter, Bay, Bayer, Bayley, Baylies, Baylor, Bayne, Beach, Beachman, Beachum, Beale, Beall, Beamer, Beans, Beansack, Beard, Beares, Beatty, Beck, Becker, Beckley, Beckman
Page 28Becraft, Beddoe, Bedicker, Bedrunka, Beebe, Beed, Beehler, Beeli, Beeler, Beers, Beetem, Beetham, Beitler, Belada, Bell, Bellinger, Bellingsley, Belt, Belts, Belvin, Belz, Bena, Bender, Benisch, Benmead, Bennanzer, Benner, Bennett, Benson
Page 29Benson, Bentley, Bentz, Benzel, Benzinger, Berger, Berk, Berkemeier, Berkowski, Berlin, Berlinicke, Bermondy, Berney, Bernheim, Berry, Berryman, Bertram, Besley, Besold, Bethke, Betts, Betz, Betzold, Bevan, Bevans
Page 30Bevans, Beverly, Bewley, Beyer, Bezot, Bians, Biays, Bibson, Biby, Biddison, Biddisson, Bidwell, Bieber, Biehl, Biemiller, Biggs, Bigler, Bilerrusity, Billet, Billingslea, Billingsly, Billingsley, Biluresty, Binford, Birchett, Birckhead, Birmingham, Bishop, Bismarck, Bitter, Bittner, Bitzer, Bivens, Black
Page 31Black, Blackburn, Blackford, Blacklock, Blackshere, Blair, Blake, Blakeley, Blakeney, Blakenship, Blakeslee, Blakistone, Blakley, Blaklay, Blanchard, Blanck, Bland, Blaser, Bleakley, Blearsley, Bledsoe, Blei, Blenkner, Bless, Blickenstaff, Block, Bloide, Blome, Blomer, Blondheim, Bloom, Bloudell, Blucher
Page 32Blum, Blume, Blunt, Blynine, Boblits, Boblitz, Bockelmann, Bockmiller, Bode, Bodley, Boehm, Boerner, Boettcher, Bohanan, Bohn, Bohne, Bokee, Boland, Bolden, Bolgiano, Bolling, Bollinger, Bolte, Bolton, Bonaparte, Bond
Page 33Bond, Bondersmith, Bonham, Bonkol, Bonsal, Bonsall, Boone, Booth, Booze, Bopp, Bopst, Borenski, Borgmann, Boring, Bork, Borneman, Borst, Bortner, Bosley
Page 34Bosley, Bosse, Bossom, Bosson, Boswell, Botterill, Boucher, Boughner, Bouis, Bouldin, Boullemet, Bourquin, Bouton, Bowairs, Bowan, Bowdoin, Bowen
Page 35Bowen, Bower, Bowerman, Bowers, Bowersox, Bowes, Bowie, Bowles, Bowling, Bowls, Bowman, Bowser, Boyce, Boyd, Boyer, Boykin, Boylan, Boyle, Bradenbaugh, Bradey, Bradfield, Bradley
Page 36Bradley, Brady, Brager, Bragg, Bralley, Brakeley, Brandenbaugh, Brandenburg, Brandt, Brandy, Brannan, Bransfield, Brasel, Brashears, Brasler, Brass, Brathuhn, Brawner, Braxton, Brazier, Breadenbaugh, Bready, Breant, Breeback, Breidenbaugh, Breidensbaugh, Breidenstein, Breme, Brendel, Breneman, Brennan, Brennen, Brenner, Brennan, Brent, Brewer
Page 37Brewer, Brewster, Brickman, Bridge, Bridgman, Briegleb, Briggs, Brillhart, Brink, Brinkmann, Brocato, Brockbank, Brockman, Brockmeyer, Brockmyer, Broderick, Brodie, Brodgel, Broemer, Broening, Brogden, Bromebsick, Brook, Brookhart, Brookheart, Brooks
Page 38Brooks, Brown
Page 39Brown, Browne, Browning, Brownley, Bruce, Bruchey, Brueckmann, Bruehl, Bruff, Brumbaugh, Brundige, Brush, Bruton, Bryan, Bryant, Bubb, Bubert, Buchannan, Buchanan, Bucher, Buchta, Buchwald, Buck, Buckham, Buckheimer, Buckingham
Page 40Buckley, Buckman, Buckmaster, Budeke, Buechler, Buehler, Buell, Buerly, Buffington, Buhner, Buhrman, Buisenhart, Bujac, Bull, Bullinger, Bullock, Bunce, Bunco, Bunham, Bunnell, Bupbert, Buppert, Burall, Burch, Burchall, Burdorf, Burgan
Page 41Burger, Burges, Burgess, Burgunder, Burk, Burke
Page 42Burke, Burker, Burkhardt, Burkhart, Burks, Burlingham, Burnett, Burnette, Burnham, Burns, Burrough, Burrow, Burrows, Burs, Bursick, Burt
Page 43Burton, Bury, Busch, Buschmann, Buschmiller, Busey, Bush, Bushey, Busick, Busse, Bussey, Butcher, Buterbaugh, Butke, Butler, Butsch, Butschky, Butt, Buxton
Page 44Buzby, Byer, Byers, Byington, Byrd, Byrne

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