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Taunton, Massachusetts 1908 City Directory - L

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Page #Surnames in order they appear. Not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 196LaBar, Labay, Labelle, Labodi, Labonte, LaBounty, Labrie, Lacharite, LaCroix, Ladebouche, Lafaille
Page 197Laffan, Lafleur, Laforest, Lafrance, Lafstrand, Lagace, Lahar, Lahey, Lahrie, Laiene, Laird, Lake, Laliberte, Lamarch, Lambert, Lamb, Lamon, Lamont, Lamoureux
Page 198Lamoureux, Landau, Lane, Lang, Lange, Langley, Languiran, Lanning, Lantz, Lanyon, Lapaline, Lapensee, Laperriere
Page 199Lapham, Laplante, Lapointe, Laporte, Larder, Larence, Larimee, Larkin, Larned, Laroche, Larrabee, Larry, Lassell, Lates, Lathrop, Laughlin, Lautenszlegier, Lauziere, Lauzon, Lavallee, Lavergne, Laverty, Lavigne, Lavoie, Lawlor
Page 200Lawlor, Lawrence, Lawry, Lawson, Lawton, Lazarz, Ldula, Leach, Leahy, Leanues, Learoyd, Leary
Page 201Leary, Leavitt, LeBarge, Leblanc, LeBlond, Lebreque, LeBrun, LeClair, Leclerc, Leclerk, Lecour, Leddy, Lee, Lees, Lefort, Legace, Legreho
Page 202Legrow, Lehan, Lehouillier, Leighton, Lemaire, Leman, Lemay, Lemieux, Lemire, Lenehan, Leney, Lenkievicz, Lennahan, Lennane, Lennon, Lent, Lentowski, Leo
Page 203Leo, Leonard
Page 204Leonard, Lepage, Lepon, Leprohon, LeRoux, Lesage, Leslie, Letcher, Letourneau
Page 205Levansaler, Levasseur, Levesque, Levine, Levitsky, Lecy, Lewis, L'heureux, Lial, Lian, Lima, Lincoln
Page 206Lincoln
Page 207Lincoln, Lind, Lindgren, Lindquist, Lindsey, Lindstrom, Linehan, Ling, Lingham, Linhares, Linnane, Linnehan, Linton, Lippman, Litivin, Littlejohn, Littleton
Page 208Litwin, Lively, Livermore, Livingston, Livingstone, Lizotte, Lock, Locke, Lockhart, Lockwood, Loeski, Logan, Lombard, Long, Longfellow, Loorem, Lopes, Loranger, Lord
Page 209Lord, Lorraine, Lortie, Lothrop, Lott, Louth, Loughran, Loukes, Lounsbury, Louro, Lovell, Lovely, Lovenbury, Lovering, Lowell, Lowney, Lubelczyk, Luby, Lucas
Page 210Luce, Lucey, Lucia, Lucie, Lucey, Luddy, Ludevina, Ludlam, Ludlow, Luis, Luiz, Lujnick, Lumbert, Luna, Lundy, Lunney, Lupton, Luscomb, Lustock, Luther, Lutz, Lydick, Lynch
Page 211Lynch, Lyons

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