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Boston, Massachusetts 1860 City Directory - Q .. R

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 333Quant, Quarmby, Quayle, Queeney, Quick, Quigley, Quilke, Quilty, Quimby, Quincy, Quinlan
Page 334Quinless, Quinlin, Quinlivan, Quinn, Quirin, Quirk, Rabuske, Race, Rachel, Raczeskie, Raddin, Radford, Radigan, Rae, Raffello, Raeburn, Rafferty, Rafter, Raftry, Ragan/td>
Page 335Ragan, Rahl, Ralis, Ralph, Raleigh, Rametti, Ramhofer, Ramisch, Ramsay, Ramsdell, Ramsell, Ramsey, Ramseyer, Ranaff, Rance, Rand, Randall, Randolph, Rankin, Ranlett, Rann, Ranney, Ransom, Ranstead, Raphael, Raphel, Rapp
Page 336Rashley, Ratchford, Ratcliffe, Rateau, Rathbun, Ratican, Raue, Rausch, Rawley, Rawson, Ray, Raycroft, Raymond, Rayner, Raynes, Rea, Read, Readdy, Readle, Reardon
Page 337Reardon, Rebisso, Redding, Reddington, Redfern, Redman, Redmond, Reed
Page 338Reed, Reen, Reese, Reeves, Regal, Regally, Regan, Regestein, Reggio, Rehm, Reiber, Reichardt, Reid, Reilly, Rein, Reinhart, Reinholdt, Reinsberg, Reinstein, Reiser, Reisert, Reistle, Reiter, Remele, Remich, Remick, Remington, Remmes, Rendahl, Renehan, Renfrew, Renny, Renouf, Renton, Renwick, Renzi, Restell, Restieaux, Retch, Revaleon, Revalion, Revell, Revere, Rextrow
Page 339Reyen, Reyno, Reynolds, Rhendoll, Rhoades, Rhodes, Rhoner, Rice
Page 340Rice, Rich, Richardet, Richards
Page 341Richards, Richardson
Page 342Richardson, Richmond, Richter, Rick, Rickard, Ricker, Rickerby, Ricketson, Rickter, Riddel, Riddell, Riddle, Rideout, Rider, Ridgway, Riding, Ridler, Ridley, Ridlon, Rieber, Riecke, Riedel
Page 343Riedel, Riedell, Riedeman, Rigen, Riggs, Rigney, Riley, Rimbach, Rimker, Rinardo, Rindge, Ring, Rinn, Riordan, Ripley
Page 344Ripley, Rising, Rist, Risteen, Ritcher, Ritchie, Ritter, Ritterbush, Ritz, Rivers, Roach, Roaf, Roan, Roark, Roath, Robb, Robbins, Roberts
Page 345Roberts, Robertson, Robie, Robins, Robinson
Page 346Robinson
Page 347Robinson, Robley, Roby, Roccofort, Roch, Roche, Rochford, Rock, Rockwell, Rockwood, Roddan, Roddick, Roden, Rodenmayer, Roderick, Rodger, Rodgers, Rodney, Rodocanachi, Rodolph, Roe, Roers, Roessle, Roeth, Rogan, Roger, Rogers
Page 348Rogers, Rogerson, Rohan, Rohrer, Rolf, Rolfe, Rolland, Rollins
Page 349Rollins, Rollo, Romney, Ronan, Roney, Rondel, Rondinner, Ronimus, Rook, Room, Roome, Rooney, Roop, Root, Rooth, Roper, Ropes, Roraback, Rosbo, Rose, Rosenburg, Rosendahl, Rosenfeld, Rosengarten, Rosenmoller, Rosenstein, Ross, Rossen, Rossi, Rossiter, Roster, Rotch, Rotchford, Roth, Rothe, Rothkopf, Rothwell, Roulstone, Roundey, Rounds
Page 350Rounds, Roundy, Rountry, Rourke, Rouse, Rousmaniere, Rowan, Rowe, Rowean, Rowell, Rowen, Rower, Rowin, Rowland, Rowley, Rowse, Roy, Royal, Royce, Roynane, Roys, Ruby, Rudd, Ruddick, Ruddle, Rudebusch, Rueter, Ruff, Ruffin, Rugg, Ruggles
Page 351Ruggles, Ruhl, Ruhler, Rull, Rumery, Rumney, Rumrell, Rumrill, Rumsey, Runciman, Rundlet, Rundlett, Runels, Runnells, Runnels, Rupert, Rupp, Ruppaner, Rush, Russ, Russell
Page 352Russell, Rust, Ruth, Rutherford, Ruthven, Rutledge, Rutter, Rutz, Ryan
Page 353Ryan, Ryder, Ryerson, Ryland, Rymers, Rymill, Rynex, Rynn

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