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Boston, Massachusetts 1860 City Directory - F

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 142Faber, Fabery, Fabyan, Fachon, Faden, Fader, Fadgain, Fadlof, Fagan, Fahay, Fahey, Fahy, Faichney, Fairbank, Fairbanks, Fairbrother, Fairchild, Fairfield, Fairweather, Falconer, Fales, Falkenstein, Fall, Fallan, Faller, Fallon, Falls, Falvey, Fanacy, Fancy, Fane, Fanline, Fanning
Page 143Fanning, Fannon, Faour, Fargo, Fario, Faris, Farlen, Farley, Farlow, Farmer, Farnham, Farnsworth, Farnum, Farquhar, Farquharson, Farr, Farran, Farrand, Farrar, Farrarr, Farrell
Page 144Farrell, Farren, Farrie, Farrington, Farrissey, Farron, Farwell, Fasbender, Faucon, Faught, Faul, Faulkington, Faulkner, Faunce, Fauteux, Favor, Fawcett, Fax, Faxon
Page 145Faxon, Fay, Fayerweather, Fearing, Fedderke, Feddis, Federhen, Federstran, Fee, Feeley, Feely, Feenan, Feeney, Fegan, Fegyveresi, Fehmer, Feiffer, Feighn, Felbel, Felch, Felix, Felkin, Felkins, Fellmann, Fellows, Felt, Felton
Page 146Felton, Felvy, Fenby, Fenelon, Fenkanuar, Fenlee, Fenn, Fennelly, Fenner, Fennerty, Fenno, Fenster, Fenton, Fera, Feran, Ferdinand, Fergus, Ferguson, Feriner, Fern, Fernald, Fernandes, Fernandez, Ferner, Ferrier, Ferrin, Ferris, Ferry, Feser, Fessenden
Page 147Fessenden, Fett, Fette, Fettyplace, Feuekter, Feweor, Fey, Feyhl, Fickett, Fiddes, Fiedler, Field, Fielder, Fieldhouse, Fielding, Fields, Fierchen, Fife, Fifield, Figures, Filban, Filene, Filer, Files, Fillebrown, Finan, Findley, Fines, Finger, Fink, Finkeur, Finkin
Page 148Finley, Finn, Finnegan, Finnen, Finnerty, Finney, Finning, Finois, Finson, Finton, Fippard, Fischer, Fish, Fisher
Page 149Fisher, Fishly, Fisk, Fiske, Fista, Fitch, Fitcham, Fitton, Fitts, Fitz, Fitzermyer, Fitzgerald
Page 150Fitzgerald, Fitzgibbon, Fitzgibbons, Fitzpatrick, Fitzsimmons, Flack, Flagg, Flaherty, Flake, Flambard, Flanagan
Page 151Flanagan, Flanders, Flanery, Flannelly, Flannery, Flatleigh, Flatley, Flattery, Flattich, Flatus, Flavin, Fleet, Fleming, Flemming, Fletcher, Flinn, Flint
Page 152Flint, Flitner, Floden, Flood, Florence, Flores, Flowry, Floyd, Fluet, Fluker, Flye, Flynn, Fobes, Fogarty, Fogelsang, Fogerty
Page 153Fogerty, Fogey, Fogg, Foggett, Fohig, Folan, Foley, Folger, Folk, Foljambe, Follansbee, Follen, Follett, Folling, Folsom
Page 154Folsom, Folts, Fontarive, Foohy, Fonteny, Foote, Foque, Foran, Forbes, Forbush, Ford
Page 155Ford, Foreman, Foren, Forman, Forness, Forney, Forrar, Forrest, Forristall, Forrister, Forsaith, Forsey, Forster, Forsyth, Fortenbacher, Fortro, Fortune, Fosberry, Fosdick, Fosgate, Foskett, Foss, Foster
Page 156Foster, Fouhy, Foulds, Fouquet, Fountain, Fowle
Page 157Fowle, Fowler, Fowles, Fox, Foxcroft, Foy, Foye, Fracker, Fraiel, Frail, Frame, Francis, Francois, Franey, Frank, Franklin, Franks, Fraser, Frasier
Page 158Fratas, Frazar, Frazer, Frazier, Freb, Frederic, Frederick, Frederickson, Fredona, Fredson, Freedley, Freedman, Freeland, Freele, Freeley, Freeman, Freemantle, Freen, Freeze, Frehill, Freigang, Frelick, French
Page 159French, Frenzel, Freston, Fretch, Freundligh, Frey, Friary, Fricker, Friedman, Friel, Friend, Fries, Frink, Frissell, Fritz, Fritzell, Frizzell, Frobisher, Frohm, Frost
Page 160Frist, Frothingham, Froud, Fry, Frye, Fryer, Fuchs, Fuery, Fuest, Fullam, Fullarton, Fuller
Page 161Fuller, Fullers, Fullerton, Fullick, Fullonton, Fulmer, Fulton, Fundren, Funk, Funke, Furber, Furbish, Furlong, Furnas, Furneaux, Furness, Fury, Fussell, Futhy, Fyler, Fynen, Fynes

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