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Attleboro, Massachusetts 1911 City Directory - L

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 149LaBe, LaBel, LaBelle, LaBlanc, Labrie, LaChapelle
Page 150Lachapelle, Lacombe, Lacoste, Lacroix, Ladd, Lafayette, Lafleur, LaForest, LaFranze, Lahey, Lake, Lalliberte, Lallouette, LaMarche, Lamb
Page 151Lamb, Lambert, Lamond, Lamore, Lamothe, LaMountain, Lamoureux, Landers, Langdon, Lange, Langley, Langton, Lani, Lanigan, Lanning, Lapalme, Lapierre, Laporte, Lareault, Lariviere, Larkin, Larochelle, Larrose
Page 152Larson, Lathrop, Lau, Laurin, Lauro, Lauzon, Lavallee, Lavelle, Lavigne, Lawlor, Lawrence, Lawson, Lawton, Leach, Leary, Leavitt, LeBaron, Lebeau
Page 153LeBel, Leblanc, Leckie, LeClair, Leclaire, Ledoux, Leduc, Lee, Leedham, LeFavour, Lefevbre, Lefort, Leighton
Page 154Leland, Lemaire, Lemieux, Leonard, Lepage, Lepper, Lessard, Lester, Levin, Levis, Lewis, Libby, Liberty, Lidberg, Light
Page 155Lillibridge, Lilly, Lincoln, Lindberg, Lindsey, Lindsley, Lindstrand, Lindstrom, Lingard, Linkletter, Linnell, Linquist, Linstrom, Litchfield, Livingston, Livsey, Lloyd, Locke, Lofgrenn, Logan
Page 156London, Lonergan, Long, Look, Loon, Lord, Lorenzo, Louini, Louiselle, Lovenbury, Low, Lucas, Lucier, Ludgate, Lund, Lundal, Lundgren, Lusk, Luther, Luttropp, Lyle
Page 157Lynch, Lyon, Lynd, Lyons

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