1909 - 10 Rural Route Directory of Delaware County, Indiana - L Surnames

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Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 161Laboyteaux, Lacy, Ladd, Lafavor, Lake, Lamar, Lambert, Lampkins, Landis, Landry, Lane, Lang, Langdon, Langsdon
Page 162Langsdon, Langston, Lanich, Lare, Larmore, Larrowe, Larue, Lawhorn, Lawson, Lawrence, Layton, Leach, Leaird, Leath, Leavell, Lecington, Ledbetter, Lee, Leeper, Le Favour, Le Faver, Lefeber
Page 163Leffler, Lefter, Legg, Legros, Leith, Lemond, Lennington, Lennox, Lenox, Lenon, Leonard, Lesh, Leslie, Lester, Lewellen, Lewis
Page 164Lewis, Lietz, Lilly, Limerick, Lindermood, Lindsay, Lindsey, Linn, Linville, Lisby, Liston, Little, Livingston, Locke, Lockhart, Long
Page 165Long, Longfellow, Losh, Lotz, Lounsbury, Louth, Love, Lovett, Lovit, Lowman, Lowe, Loyd, Lucas
Page 166Lucas, Luce, Luick, Lumpkin, Lutz, Luzadder, Lykins, Lykens, Lyons, Lytle