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Peoria, Illinois 1883 - 84 City Directory - L

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order,
Page 298Laaties, Laaxoll, Lackman, Laclede, La Dew
Page 299Laehr, Laidley, Lake, La May, Lamay, Lamb, Lambert, Lamke, Lammers, Lamper, Lamping, Lampton, Lamson, Lancaster, Lance, Landauer, Landers, Landis, Landwehr, Landy, Lane, Lang
Page 300Lang, Lange, Langenberg, Langhoff, Langjahr, Langley, Langton, Lannin, Lanning, Lanski, Lantz, Lanstrom, Lanze, La Page, Lapensee, Lapgan, Lapp, Laraqsh, Largent
Page 301Larkin, Larson, Lasher, Lashley, Lasswell, Latecia, Lathan, Lathrop, LaTour, Latterner, Latten, Lattin, Laubuske, Lauder, Lauren, Lavan, LaVeille, Law, Lawder, Lawler, Lawless
Page 302Lawra, Lawrason, Lawrence, Laws, Lawson, Laycock, Layman, Layton, Lazelle, Lazenty, Lea, League, Leahy, Leary, Leashier, Leaven
Page 303Leavens, Le Baron, Leber, Lebo, Lebold, Lebur, Lechke, Lechthaler, Lederle, Lee, Leean, Leech, Leen, Leerhoff
Page 304Leers, Lefler, Leffler, Le"Gault, Legros, Lehman, Lehne, Lehr, Leighton, Leipheimer, Leiten, Leitner, Leitzell, Leiwele, Lemay, Lemke, Lemon, Lenenger, Lennon, Lennox, Lensburg, Lenz, Leonard
Page 305Leonard, Leonhard, Leonnart, Leoni, Leslie, Lestare, Lester, Letisser, Lettenmeyer, Leu, Leuallen, Leuboldt, Leuder, Leuenberger, Leuter, Leuthner, Levansaler, Leveley
Page 306Leversidge, Levine, Levinson, Lewis, Lex, Ley, Liars, Liddell, Liddy, Lidle, Lidwinosky
Page 307Liebenstein, Liehr, Lietz, Lietzau, Liggard, Lighthall, Lightle, Lightner, Lillie, Lilly, Lincoln
Page 308Lincoln, Lind, Lindbland, Lindeburg, Lindenfelser, Linder, Lindgren, Lindig, Lindroth, Lindsay, Lindstrom, Line, Lineback, Lines
Page 309Lines, Linga, Lingo, Lingrom, Lings, Link, Linnemann, Lins, Linsley, Linton, Lipp, Lippirt, Lippinas, Lippman, Lisdell, List, Liston, Litterst, Little, Littlefield, Litzan, Litzelschwab, Livers
Page 310Livingston, Lloyd, Loascher, Lobaugh, Lobdell, Lochbaum, Lochmann, Lock, Locke, Lodge, Loeffel, Loeffelbein, Loehman, Loescher, Loewenthal, Loffler, Lofgreen, Lofgren, Logan
Page 311Logan, Lohmar, Lohnes, Lohr, Loker, Lolling, Lombard, Londergan, Long, Longberger, Longmire, Loock, Loofbourrow, Look, Loomis, Loosley
Page 312Loquist, Lorentz, Lorenz, Loresch, Lorin, Lorron, Losey, Loth, Lottmann, Lotz, Lotze, Loucheim, Loucks, Louderback, Loughlin
Page 313Loughlin, Loughridge, Louis, Love, Loveitt, Lovejoy, Lovely, Lovett, Lowe, Lowell, Lowinsky, Lowry, Loy, Lucas
Page 314Lucas, Luckey, Ludwig, Luebben, Lueder, Luedtke, Luenz, Lufkin, Lukasus, Luke, Lukens, Lulay
Page 315Lulay, Lumpen, Lunkenheimer, Lunn, Lupton, Luther, Luthy, Lutthoff, Luttmann, Lutz, Lydon, Lyle, Lyman, Lynal, Lynch
Page 316Lynch, Lyon, Lyons
Page 317Lyons, Lyles

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