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LaSalle County Illinois 1917 Farmers Directory - M

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order,
Page 115Maass, Mack, Mackey, Madaus, Madden
Page 116Madden, Magrath, Maher, Mahkovec, Mahle, Mahony, Maier, Maierhofer, Makeever, Malady, Malaise, Maland, Mall, Mallick, Malmfelt, Malone, Mandelco, March, Marchal, Marco
Page 117Marks, Marselus, Marshall, Marston, Marten, Martens, Martensen, Martin
Page 118Martin, Masatte, Mason, Masters, Mathesius, Mathiesen, Mathis, Mattille, Matison, Mauser, May, Mayfield, McAtee, McBride, McCabe, McCann, McCarthy, McClary, McClellan
Page 119McClernon, McClure, McCollem, McColm, McConville, McCormick, McCray, McCullough, McCutchen, McDonald, McDonell, McDonnell, McDowell
Page 120McElroy, McGary, McGinnis, McGough, McGrath, McGraw, McInturf, McIntyre, McKeon, McKernan, McKibben, McKinley, McLachlan, McLaughlin
Page 121McLaughlin, McLean, McManus, McMennain, McMichael, McMillan, McNally, McNeil, McPhedron, McShane, McWilliams, Mead, Meads, Meagher, Mecay, Megaughey, Meling, Melody, Meloy, Melton, Mende, Menk, Mennem
Page 122Merkley, Mers, Mershimer, Mertel, Mertes, Mettille, Metzen, Metzler, Meyer, Meyers, Michelini
Page 123Mickelson, Micor, Middleton, Miller
Page 124Miller, Milliken, Mills, Minke, Mertel, Missal, Missel, Mitchell, Mizyak
Page 125Moe, Moews, Mogee, Mogel, Molan, Moland, Moniot, Monroe, Monson, Montgomery, Moon, Moore
Page 126Moore, Moorehouse, Morel, Morell, Morey, Morgan, Morgensen, Moritz, Morning, Morris, Morrison, Morrissey, Morrow, Morsch
Page 127Mortenson, Mosbach, Mosey, Moss, Mottaz, Mourlam, Moyer, Mudd, Mudge, Mueller, Muffler, Mullen, Mullinix, Mulvihill, Mumper, Munchow, Mundie, Mungi, Munns, Munro, Munson, Murphy
Page 128Murphy, Murry, Murtaugh, Mussatto, Myer, Myers, Mylenbusch

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