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Aurora, Illinois 1910-11 City Directory - W

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order,
Page 378Wackerlin, Wade, Wadkins, Waegner, Waer, Wagner
Page 379Wagner, Wah, Wahl, Waicokowski, Waidley, Waite, Waitz, Walden
Page 380Waldner, Waldvogel, Walker, Walkinshaw, Walhup, Wall, Wallace, Waller, Wallick, Walloch, Walper, Walsdorf, Walsh
Page 381Walsh, Walt, Walter, Walters, Walther, Walush, Wampach, Wanko, Wantz
Page 382Wante, Ward, Ware, Wareham, Wargo, Warken, Warlich, Warman, Warne, Warner
Page 383Warner, Warney, Warren, Washbish, Washburn, Washington, Wassemer, Wassmer, Wasson, Waterbury, Warterhouse, Waterman, Waters, Waterstraw, Watgen
Page 384Watkins, Watland, Watson, Watts, Way, Weakley, Weaver, Webb
Page 385Webb, Webber, Weber
Page 386Weber, Webster, Weckart, Wedemeier, Wedge, Wedshimer, Weeks, Weese, Wegmann, Weicensang, Weichsel, Weidert
Page 387Weides, Weidman, Weigand, Weigel, Weike, Weihman, Weil, Weiland, Weiler, Weinand
Page 388Weinand, Weinang, Weingart, Weingartner, Weinhold, Weir, Weirich, Weis, Weisbrodt, Weisbrook, Weise, Weisenberger, Weisgerber
Page 389Weishahn, Weisheit, Weismueller, Weiss, Weisse, Weissenborn, Weistroffer, Weiten, Wekerlin, Welch, Weldon
Page 390Welker, Wellfarer, Wellman, Wells, Welsh, Welter, Weltin, Wenger, Wenkoski, Wennmacher, Wentler
Page 391Wentler, Wentzel, Wenz, Werdell, Wermes, Werner, Wernicke, Werrlein, Werrline, Wertman, Wesner, Wessaert, Wessling, West, Westby, Westcott, Westerburg
Page 392Westerman, Westgate, Westling, Westmark, Weston, Westover, Weszo, Wethekam, Wetmore, Wette, Wetz, Weyant, Weydert, Weymouth, Whalen, Whan, Wharton
Page 393Wheatley, Wheaton, Wheeler, Whildin, Whipple, Whitaker, White
Page 394White, Whitfield, Whitlach, Whitmarsh, Whitmeyer, Whitmond, Whitemore, Whitney, Wichert, Wickhorst, Wickmann, Wickstrom, Wickton, Widder, Widdifield, Wideman, Widman, Wielandt, Wienecke, Wieneke, Wiers, Weisbrook, Weisinger, Wiggs, Wight, Wiksue, Wilber
Page 395Wilber, Wilcox, Wilde, Wilder, Wildt, Wiley, Wilferth, Wilford, Wilhelmi, Wilkening, Wilkie, Wilkinson
Page 396Wilkinson, Wilks, Willard, Willerton, Willett, Willey, Williams
Page 397Williams, Williamson, Willis, Willson, Willwerth, Wilmarth, Wilmes, Wilsey, Wilson
Page 398Wilson, Wiltsie, Wiltgen, Winans
Page 399Winans, Winchell, Windett, Windisch, Wing, Winkler, Winn, Winser, Winslow, Winter, Winterfair, Winteringham, Winters, Winther, Winton, Wirsthuft, Wirtz, Wirz, Wise
Page 400Wiskur, Wissmann, Witherell, Witmyer, Witt, Witte, Wittman, Wittry, Witty, Witzke, Wohlgensinger, Wolf
Page 401Wolf, Wolfe, Wolff, Wolfgramm, Wolfort, Wolfram, Wolfsberger, Wolgast, Wolks, Wollenweber, Wollgast, Wollwert, Wolsfeld, Wolsfelt
Page 402Wolsfelt, Wood, Woodard, Woodruff, Woods, Woodward
Page 403Woodward, Woodworth, Woody, Woolf, Woolley, Woolson, Wooton, Worcester, Workman, Worley, Wormley, Wormwood, Worst, Worth, Worthington, Worthley
Page 404Wrate, Wreading, Wright, Wroughton, Wrout, Wubbenhorst, Wulf, Wurtz, Wyatt, Wyeth
Page 405Wylle, Wyllie, Wysocki

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