Des Moines, IA 1897 City Directory - L Surnames

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 361Labertew, Labour, Lacey, Lacy, Ladd, LaFee, Laffer, Lafferty, Lagerquist, Lahey, Lahman, Lahey, Lahman, Lahr, Lair, Laird
Page 362Laird, Lake, Lakin, Lally, Lamar, Lamb, Lamberg, Lambert, Lambertson, Lamont, Lance, Land, Landaker, Lander, Landers, Landfield, Landfors, Landingham
Page 363Landon, Landre, Landsberry, Lane, Lang, Langan, Langdon, Langford, Langley, Langworthy, Lanigan, Lankford, Lannan, Lansing, Lansley, Lantis, Lantz, Lapham, Lappen, Laray, Large, Larimer, Larison
Page 364Larison, Larkin, Larmon, Larsh, Larson
Page 365Larson, LaRue, Larufsky, Lasalle, Latham, Lathrop, Lathrow, Latimer, Latta, Laub, Laufman, Laughery, Laughlin, Laurall, Laurine, Lauritsen, Lavender, Laverty
Page 366Laverty, Lavine, Law, Lawler, Lawless, Lawr, Lawrence, Lawrenson, Lawrie, Laws
Page 367Laws, Lawson, Lawyer, Lay, Layman, Layton, Lazarus, Leach, Leachman, Leaf, Leager, Lean, Lear, Leary, Leas
Page 368Leasure, Leavengood, Leaverton, LeBosquet, Lecky, LeCompte, Lederer, Ledgerwood, Ledgwick, Ledwich, Ledyard, Lee
Page 369Lee, Leech, Leedon, Leedom, Leehy, Leener, Leffingwell, Legan, Legg, Leggett, Legvold, Lehane, Lehew, Lehman, Lehner, Leichleiter, Leifhelt, Lein, Leinick, Leininger, Leipird, Leisander
Page 370Leiser, Leiserowitz, Leiter, Leland, Leming, Leinke, Lemmel, Lemmon, Lendrum, Lennan, Lennett, Lenox, Lent, Lentz, Leon, Leonard, Lepard, LeRoy, Lesher, Leslie, Lester
Page 371Letcher, Leudan, LeValley, Leveke, Levi, Levich, Levine, Levitch, Levitt, Levy, Lew, Lewan, Lewin, Lewis
Page 372Lewis, Lewton, Lewzader, Lext, Lexvald, Leyman, Leyner, Libby, Lichtnigger, Lichty
Page 373Licklider, Liddle, Lidstrom, Liebbe, Liebson, Lieser, Liggett, Light, Lightfood, Lightner, Likes, Lilly, Lillystrom, Linaberry, Linabury, Lince, Lincoln, Lind, Lindberg, Lindblom
Page 374Linden, Lindfeldt, Lindgren, Lindholm, Lindley, Lindmark, Lindquist, Lindsay, Lindsey, Lindstedt, Lindstohl, Lindstrom, Lingenfelter, Lingo, Link, Linn, Linnan, Linnane, Linnes, Linsdon, Linsted, Lintner
Page 375Linton, Linz, Lipshie, Lisby, Lisle, Lister, Liston, Litchfield, Little, Littler, Littleton, Livensberger, Livermore, Livingston, Ljungren, Llewellyn, Lloyd
Page 376Lloyd, Loarts, Loas, Lobb, Loche, Locke, Lockeden, Lockhart, Lockridge, Lockwood, Loechner, Loeffler, Loehle, Loehr, Loffredo, Lofquist, Loftus, Logan, Logsdon, Lohberger, Lohman
Page 377Lohmer, Loizeaux, Lomack, Lombard, Long, Longden, Longest, Longfellow, Longhenry, Longley, Longman, Longmier, Longmore
Page 378Longmore, Longnecker, Longshore, Longstaff, Longwell, Looby, Looman, Loomis, Loose, Loosey, Looyer, Loper, Loransky, Lord, Lorenz, Lorey, Lorimor, Lorimer, Loring, Lorman, Losh
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