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Wilmington, Delaware 1889 City Directory - W

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 573Waddington, Wade, Wadman, Wadsley
Page 574Wadsworth, Wagner, Wah, Wahl, Wahler, Waibel, Wainwright, Wakenhut, Walburg, Waldman, Waldreth, Waldron, Waldschmidt, Waldy, Walls, Wales, Walker
Page 575Walker
Page 576Walker, Wall, Wallace, Waller, Walls
Page 577Walls, Wallschmidt, Wallsmith, Walmsley, Waln, Walrath, Walraven, Walsh, Walter
Page 578Walter, Walther, Waltman, Walton, Wann, Waples, Waram, Ward
Page 579Ward
Page 580Ward, Wardell, Warder, Wardlow, Ware, Warfield, Warner
Page 581Warner, Warren, Warrick, Wart, Warwick, Washington, Waterhouse, Waterman, Waters, Waterson, Watkins, Watmaugh
Page 582Watson
Page 583Watters, Watts, Wattson, Way, Wayman, Wayne, Wearl, Weatherby, Weaver, Webb, Webber, Weber
Page 584Weber, Webster, Weccacoe, Wedler, Weeks, Weer, Weil, Weir, Weirheim, Weiser
Page 585Weisman, Weissheir, Weiss, Weitenmann, Weitzel, Welch, Welde, Weldie, Welden, Weldin, Weldon
Page 586Weller, Wellington, Wellman, Wells, Welsh
Page 587Welsh, Wenboske, Wence, Wendell, Wenboske, Wence, Wendell, Wendler, Wenger, Wennberg, Wenninger, Wentz, Wentzell, Werkhiser, Werkheiser, Werlun, Wertz, Wesle, Wesley, West
Page 588West, Westbrook, Westcott, Wester, Weston, Wetherell, Wetzel, Weyl
Page 589Wezen, Whaley, Whann, Wharton, Whartonberry, Wheat, Wheatley, Wheeler, Whelan, Wheny, Whibbley, Whip, Whitaker, Whitcraft
Page 590White
Page 591White
Page 592White, Whitehead, Whitehouse, Whiteley, Whitelock, Whitely, Whiteman, Whitesell, Whiteside, Whitford
Page 593Whitford, Whitlock, Whitnack, Whitney, Whitsell, Whitson, Whittaker, Whitten, Whittingham, Whittington, Whitworth, Why, Wickersham, Wickes
Page 594Wicklein, Widdoes, Wiedenmann, Wiedersheim, Weingarten, Wier, Wieser, Wiggins, Wigglesworth, Wilber, Wilcox, Wilde, Wildenstein, Wilder, Wilding, Wile, Wiley
Page 595Wiley, Wilhelm, Wilkins, Wilkinson
Page 596Wilkinson, Wilks, Willard, Willey, Williams
Page 597Williams
Page 598Williams, Williamson, Willing
Page 599Willing, Willis, Willits, Wills, Wilmans
Page 600Wilmer
Page 601Wilson
Page 602Wilson
Page 603Wilson
Page 604Wilson, Wiltbank, Winant, Winchester, Windal, Windett, Windish, Windle, Windlph
Page 605Windsor, Winford, Wing, Wingate, Wingert, Winkelman, Winkler, Winks, Winner, Winnington, Winslow, Winston, Winters, Wintrup, Wirt
Page 606Wirt, Wise, Wiser, Wisher, Wiswell, Withers, Witsil, Witt, Witten, Wittenberg, Witworth, Witzel, Witzenburg, Wivel, Wiz, Wode, Woerl, Woerner, Wogan, Wokatsch, Wolf
Page 607Wolf, Wolfe, Wolff, Wolfson, Wolhar, Wollaston, Wallaston, Woller, Wolling, Wolraven, Wolskey, Wolstenholme, Wolters, Wonderling, Wonn
Page 608Wood
Page 609Woodall, Woodbury, Woodcock, Woodcox, Woodito, Woodland, Woodley, Woodlyn, Woodman, Woodmansey, Woodnutt, Woodbridge, Woodrow, Woodruff, Woods, Woodside, Woodson, Woodward
Page 610Woodward, Wooldridge, Woolery, Woolford, Woolley, Woolman, Woolsey
Page 611Wooters, Work, Workman, Worl, Worm, Wormald, Worrall, Worrell, Worrilow, Wort, Worth, Wray
Page 612Wright
Page 613Wright, Wrightington, Wrightson, Wroblewski, Wuest, Wurnst, Wyatt
Page 614Wyatt, Wyman, Wynands, Wynans, Wynn, Wyre

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