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Wilmington, Delaware 1889 City Directory - T

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 548Tabb, Tabram
Page 549Tadman, Tagert, Taggart, Tait, Talbot, Talley, Tallowell, Tammany, Tanguy, Tanner
Page 550Tantum, Tarburton, Tarman, Tascott, Tate, Tatem, Tatman, Tatnall, Tawresey, Taylor
Page 551Taylor
Page 552Taylor
Page 553Taylor, Tazewell
Page 554Tazewell, Teas, Tebo, Temel, Temple, Tennery, Ten Weeges, Terranova, Terrell, Terry, Tharp, Tharsen, Thatcher, Thawley
Page 555Thiel, Thielman, Thielmann, Thom, Thomas
Page 556Thomas, Thompson
Page 557Thompson
Page 558Thompson, Thomson, Thorkell, Thorn, Thorne, Thorney, Thornton, Thorp
Page 559Thorp, Thorpe, Thorsen, Tibbitt, Tidmarsh, Tierney, Tigner, Tilden, Tileston, Tilghman, Till, Tiller, Tillison, Tillman
Page 560Timmons, Tinan, Tindall, Tiney, Tinges, Tingle, Tinsman, Tipka, Tippitt, Titus, Tobias, Tobin, Todbin, Todd
Page 561Todd, Toft, Tolmie, Tolover, Tomany, Tomkinson, Tomlinson, Tomney, Tomkins, Toner, Toney, Tong, Tonne, Tonner, Toomes, Toomey
Page 562Topkis, Toppin, Toralsky, Torbert, Torman, Tornai, Torrens, Toster, Toulson, Toumey, Tournea, Towdski, Townsend
Page 563Townsend, Townsley, Toy, Trabold, Tracy, Traub, Travis
Page 564Traynor, Treadaway, Treibler, Tresidder, Trexler, Tribbet, Tribbett, Tribit, Trice, Triebler, Tried, Tried, Trigg, Triggs, Tripp, Trisler, Trotter, Trought, Truitt
Page 565Truitt, Truman, Trump, Trusty, Tschan, Tubbs, Tuchton, Tucker
Page 566Tucker, Tudor, Tufts, Tull, Tulley, Tully, Tumlin, Tunnison, Turk, Turlington, Turner
Page 567Turner, Turton, Tussey, Tulser, Tutchton, Tuxbury, Twaddell, Tweed, Tweedy, Twells
Page 568Twigg, Twilley, Twitchell, Twohey, Twormer, Tyne, Tyre, Tyson

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