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Wilmington, Delaware 1889 City Directory - P

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 443Paddon, Page, Pagen, Paget, Painter, Palfrey, Palmatary, Palmer
Page 444Palmer, Pancoast, Pancosky, Pappermann, Paradee, Pardee, Paris, Parker
Page 445Parker
Page 446Parker, Parks, Parkus, Parm, Parmelee, Parr, Parrish, Parriss, Parry, Parsons, Partridge, Parvin, Parvis, Pasey, Pass, Paszottee, Patchell
Page 447Patchett, Patrick, Patterson, Pattinson, Patton
Page 448Patton, Pattusi, Patty, Paul, Pauley, Pawley, Paydey, Payne, Paynter, Payton, Peabody, Peace, Peach, Peacock, Peak, Peapar, Pearce, Pearl, Pearson, Pearthree, Peckworth, Pecote, Pedrick
Page 449Pedrick, Peeky, Peeney, Peirce, Peleski, Pemrick, Penington, Pennell
Page 450Pennell, Pennewill, Pennington, Pennock, Pennypacker, Penrose, Peo, Peoples
Page 451Peoples, Pepper, Percival, Percy, Perego, Peregoy, Perkins, Permar, Pernet, Pernsley, Perrott
Page 452Perry, Peters
Page 453Peterson, Pettigrew, Pettijohn, Petty, Peyton, Pfeiffer, Pfrommer, Phalen, Phelps, Philbeam
Page 454Philips, Phillips
Page 455Advertising only
Page 456Pick, Pickels, Pickens, Pickering, Pickett, Pickey, Pickle, Piellisch, Piepenbring, Pier, Pierce
Page 457Pierce
Page 458Pierce, Pierotti, Pierson
Page 459Pierson, Pike
Page 460Pilbeam, Pim, Pinder, Pine, Piner, Pinkerton, Pinket, Pinkham, Pinkstone, Piper, Pipino, Pippin, Pitchell, Pitt, Pittman, Pizor, Plant, Platt, Please, Ploesser, Ploucker, Plowman, Plum, Plumley, Plumline, Plummer
Page 461Plunkett, Podalski, Podger, Poe, Pogue, Poinsett, Point, Pointer, Poist, Pole, Polk, Pollock, Polombo, Poneski, Ponsley, Poole
Page 462Popp, Port, Porter
Page 463Porter, Portlock, Posey, Postles, Pote, Pothwell, Potter, Potts
Page 464Powdermaker, Powell, Powers, Powick, Powman, Poynter, Pratt, Preece, Pregizer, Prentiss, Prescott, Preston
Page 465Preston, Prettyman, Price
Page 466Price, Prickett, Pride, Priest, Priestley, Primrose, Prince, Pringle, Printer
Page 467Pritchard, Pritchett, Probst, Prochnow, Proctor, Proud, Preven, Provost, Pruitt, Prutzman, Pryor, Puelson, Pufahl, Pugh, Puhl
Page 468Purcell, Purdon, Purdy, Purnell, Purvis, Pusey
Page 469Pusey, Pyle
Page 470Pyle
Page 471Pyle, Pyner

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