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St. John, New Brunswick, Canada 1923 City Directory - S

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Page #Surnames in order they appear. Not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 523Saab, Sabb, Sabean, Saban, Sabin, Sabiston, Sadlier, Sadleir, Sadovsky, Sage
Page 524Advertising
Page 525Sage
Page 526Organizations named "St. John ..." to "St. Vincent's ..."
Page 527Salmon, Saltberg, Salterio, Saltzmen, Sampson, Samspon, Sancton, Sandall, Sandal, Sands, Sanford, Sansom, Sanways, Sargent, Sargeant
Page 528Sargent, Sargeson, Saunders, Saunder, Saunderson, Savage, Saville, Sawaya, Sayre, Scallion, Scammell, Scanlon, Scaplen, Scarborough, Scatterly
Page 529Scdovsky, Schell, Scherry, Schmidt, Schofield, Scott
Page 530Scott
Page 531Scott, Scovil, Scoville, Scribner, Scullion, Scully, Scurrah, Seaberry, Seaith, Seamen, Seaman, Semon, Searle
Page 532Searle, Searls, Sears, Sear, Seaton, Secord, Seeds, Seely, Sealy, Seeley
Page 533Seely, Seeley, Sealy, Sefton, Segee, Selby, Seldon, Selfridge, Selick, Selig, Sellen, Selmes, Semple, Senuta
Page 534Senate, Senton, Sereisky, Setchell, Seveff, Seviour, Seward, Sewell, Sexton, Seymour, Shaffer, Shambler, Shafner, Shamper, Shand, Shankle, Shanklin, Shanks, Shannon
Page 535Shannon, Sharkey
Page 536Sharkey, Sharpe, Sharp, Sharple, Shaunanum, Shaw
Page 537Shaw, Shea, Shear, Sheard, Shechter, Sheehan, Sheeran, Sheffield, Shefforth, Sheldon, Shelly, Shephard, Sheppard, Shepherd
Page 538Shephard, Shepherd, Sherrard, Sherard, Sheraton, Shearton, Sherwin, Sherwood, Shevlin, Shiels, Sheilds, Shields, Shimmock, Shipley, Shire, Shonoman, Shonaman, Shonyo, Shoolbred, Short
Page 539Short, Shortcliff, Shortis, Shortie, Shreve, Shultz, Shurett, Shuve, Sibson, Silby, Silliphant, Sime
Page 540Simmons, Simms, Simon, Siminson, Symonds, Simonds, Simpson
Page 541Simpson, Sinclair, Sing, Singer, Sinibaldi, Sinstadt, Sinstead, Sipprell, Sheldon, Skerry, Skillen
Page 542Skinner, Slader, Slater, Slattery, Slaunwhite, Sleep, Sleeth, Sleigh, Slinstead, Sliny, Sliney, Slipp, Sloan, Slocum, Slovit, Small, Smallie, Smiler
Page 543Advertising
Page 544Smith
Page 545Smith
Page 546Advertising
Page 547Smith
Page 548Smith
Page 549Smith
Page 550Smith, Smolivitz, Snell, Snider, Snodgrass, Snow, Solome, Sollows, Solomon, Somers, Somerville
Page 551Somerville, Sommerville, Sopier, Sopher, Soulis, South, Southers, Southard, Southouse, Southwick, Sowsink, Sowery, Spangler, Sparks, Sparling, Spears, Speer, Spear
Page 552Spears, Spearman, Spearn, Speedy, Speight, Spelvin, Spellman, Spence, Spencer, Spicer, Spiddle, Spinney, Spirriel, Spittell, Spittel
Page 553Splane, Spragg, Sprague, Springer
Page 554Springer, Sproul, Sproule, Spurrell, Squires, Stacey, Stack, Stackhouse
Page 555Stackhouse, Staddon, Stafford, Stahl, Staines, Stamers, Stamp
Page 556Standring, Stanhope, Stanley, Stanton, Staples, Stapp, Starke, Stark, Starkie, Starkey, Starr
Page 557Starr, Stay, Stead, Stears, Steele, Steel, Steen, Steep, Steeves
Page 558Steeves, Steves, Stegman, Steiper, Stekolsky, Stentiford, Stevens, Stephens
Page 559Advertising
Page 560Stevens, Stephens
Page 561Stephen, Stevens, Steven, Stevenson, Stephenson, Stirlong, Sterlong, Stirling, Sterling
Page 562Sterling, Stirling, Stearn, Stern, Stewart, Stetson, Stuart
Page 563Stewart, Stickney, Stilwell, Stinson, Stirlchuk, Stocker, Stockford, Stockton, Stocks, Stokes, Stone
Page 564Stone, Stonehouse, Stopp, Storey, Storms, Stothart, Stotter, Stout, Strachan, Straight, Strain, Strange
Page 565Strang, Strange, Stratton, Strayhorn, Streeter, Stringer, Strong, Strople, Stroiud, Stubbs, Stults, Sturdee, Styles, Suddard, Sudsbear
Page 566Sudsbear, Sugrue, Suiter, Sulis, Sullivan
Page 567Sullivan
Page 568Sullivan, Sum, Summers, Summer, Sunburger, Surrette
Page 569Sutherland, Southerland, Suthers, Suttis, Sutton, Swain, Swanton, Sweeney, Sweeny, Sweet
Page 570Swetman, Sweetman, Swetka, Swetsky, Swett, Swim, Sydney, Syers, Synott

  Fairville   Kingsville, Milford, Pleasant Point, and Randolph

St. John

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New Brunswick, Canada City Directories

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